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Fat Man
06-14-2006, 02:09 PM
After finishing school last year I was on the quest to be stronger then anyone I knew.

I started working out as heavy as possible, bulking over last summer and had a training partner who was taller and stronger which helped me.

Within a few months I was up to 215-220 and the strongest I had ever been. Only working with Dumbells I was putting up 110's in bech press, and 95's in shoulder press. Skullcrushers were up to 50 on each side of a EZ bar, and I was preachering 50 pounds on each side as well. Working out this much I really felt like I was losing body fat yet I still had a stomach. I decided I was going to continue bulking until after christmas where I would begin cutting and losing weight.

Well late August, early September my partner was on all types of creatine and debol's and wanted to keep going up. To try to stay on pace we were trying to put up 120's dumbells for bench press when my right arm just went out and I couldnt do anymore.

It hurt like crazy to the point I couldnt do anything for weeks. Since I just had graduated and not having insurance I wasnt able to pay for an MRI for any type of test so I hoped to let it heal. I had isolated to either the rotator cuff, or the underlying muscles around the rotator cuff based on the movements in which it hurt.

Well that pain, and the inability to go any excercise lasted 8 months. All the muscle I had started turning to fat and the depression of all I had worked for made me not want to go out or do anything. Within those eight months I had gained another 20 pounds and it was mostly fat. So in the begining of May 2006 I was about 5'9/5'10 and 240 pounds. Even though I didnt look that weight I still looked for the first time in my life noticeable fat. I had went up to new pants sizes I had never worn before, and lead to only wearing black t-shirts. Truly an embarring chain of events that I wouldnt wish on anyone.

Well May came and my shoulder had some slight pain but it was clearly going away. I started going to a school gym that had little equipment but I knew I was basically starting from scratch. Now 50 pound dumbells were hard for me, and I was to afraid to even bring them down all the way. The entire month of may was dedicated to getting some strength back, and some confidence. Just from leaving the house and playing some raquetball without any diet I lost 5 pounds, but Im sure with some of my strength returning I had lost more then that.

So that leaves my June. I signed up to a local gym that specialized in treadmills and eliptical machines. In reality I signed up there because my school gym closed, but the gym and this time of my life made me realize somthing.......

I dont have to lift more, and be stronger then everyone else. I just need to look and feel better. I need to diet, run, and be disciplined.

So thats what I decided, I wanted to change the habits I always did aim to look better and I have one goal---Lower my body fat.

So in the past two weeks I have been just trying to learn everything new with an open mind. I used to have that meat mentality that "I know all", but not any more. I ended up searching for bodybuilding forums on google and found myself at "Bodybuildingforyou" but all I read was meat-heads.....Exactly what I dont want. Then I came here, and read some women "Built"'s post and she seemed to know what she was talking about. In her profile, and in many post from people here I learned ALOT and this looks like my first true month's schedule.

Due to my inactivity over a long time this month I have simple goals of boosting my metabolism, Using great form, counting calories at Fitday, writing down everything I do at the gym and learning as much as possible for month two.

Here is my split, I know it is elementary and I might be losing some muscle but My main goal is to have my metaboilsm up. Im a endomorph and never have a problem gaining bulk.

Day 1
Bench Press machine x 4--I usually hate machines, but love this one.
Incline Barbell press x 3
Cable crossover x3
Dips inverted to work mostly chest(Mostly inferior chest)

Pushdown x 3
Skullcrushers x 3
Indivual reverse grip pull downs

Day 2
Pulldowns x 3
Row Machine x 3
Seated Cable row x3
Pullup weight assisted x 3
Hyper extensions x 4

Preacher x 3
Concentration x 3
Cable crossover high x 3

Wrist curls
Reverse barbell curl

Day 3
Barbell press x 4
Machine press x 3
Side raises x 3
Front raises x 3
Machine upright rows x 3
Shrugs x 6(barbell and dumbell)

Extension x 3
Flexion x 3
Sitting Calf raise x 3
Standing calf raise x 3

--Two more goals this month is to introduce Squats, and deadlifts back into my routine. Both are slightly difficult because my gym only has Smith machines.

--After every workout I run 30- 40 minutes on an eliptical machine.

--My diet goals are to eat 2300-2500 calories a day, and over 300 grams of protein. Most importantly get out all the simple sugars out of my life including soda.

--Every 3 days I alternate and take 1 or 2 days off. Every other morning I either play a sport or do cardio.

So again, basically my routine is made to get my metabolism up as much as possible. I only expect to do it for a month or so and this month I plan to learn as much as possible. I want to learn more about carb cycling(Which I am attempting this month), working planes instead of muscle groups like "Built does", and for the first time in my life track my calories. This is all being done so in month two I can have a new plan.

another note are I just ordered 2 cycles or Ephedrine HCL.

Lastly, today is June 14th and my current weight is 233 pounds. My goal is to weigh around 215 by July 15th.

Also the vitamins I have and will be taking
E and C
B complex
Green tea
Omega 3 fish oil
Glucosomine Chondroitin
Glutamine pills
Amino Acid

Im starting this journal for myself, and dont expect anyone to read it. Im sure there are tons of mistakes in my frequency of training, sets of training, cardio, wanting to lose too much weight in a month..etc. If you are reading it, I would appreciate any help as I have alot to learn.

Fat Man
06-14-2006, 02:13 PM
June 14th
Played raquetball before eating.

For breakfast (Protein and Fat)--I had 2 cups of egg whites and 4 peices of low fat cheese. Drank 3 glasses of crystal light.

3 pm. Breakfast according to fitday-- 367 calories, 1g fat, 15g carbs, 70g protein. Took Multi, B complex, Glucosamin chrondroitin, glutamine, and omega 3 fatty acid.

06-17-2006, 07:45 PM
Hell of a story man. It's good to hear you are back in the gym again. Did you ever find out what happened to the shoulder? And is it healed completly now? Be careful with it especially after an injury like that!!!

I am about the same hiegth as you but have never been able to add the weight (tying to break 200 still). I am adding it slow because I like my shape and want to keep it for the most part.

Best of luck with the new program and the diet!