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06-14-2006, 02:12 PM
Here are some pictures I just took today, hope they turn out good.

Let me know what ya'll think

06-14-2006, 02:12 PM
You're fat...

I mean, nice lat spread

06-14-2006, 02:13 PM
nice work and lean, how the legs?

06-14-2006, 02:15 PM
Some More pictures...

06-14-2006, 02:16 PM
you've done great, legs look good

06-14-2006, 02:16 PM
Out of 100% curiosity.

What are those i circled? Does everybody have these? I see some people have these and some don't... Are they something you work for or is it something to lose? I have no idea....

and you should shave that happy trail + nipples.

06-14-2006, 02:29 PM
External abdominal obliques. Everyone has them.


06-14-2006, 02:34 PM
BTW, you look good, T+P. Only thing I see is that your traps don't look as developed in the back relaxed photo.

Saint Patrick
06-14-2006, 02:45 PM
looking good. what's your height/weight in those pics?

06-14-2006, 03:03 PM
you look super super good dude, stats?

06-14-2006, 03:08 PM
Looking great TP... real lean...
What are your goals? and stats?
And then we'll be able to give you a better critique...
b/c there are a lot of folks that would love to look like you..

Good luck on the continued progress...

06-14-2006, 03:31 PM
Current stats roughly in those pics....

HT- 5'9
Wt- 187ish
Bodyfat ??? stopped worrying about it years ago.
A rough guess as to what I could Max Out now...
Squat- 405x1
Bench- 255x1
Deadlift- 445x1

Goals for 2007
Wt- 207-212
Squat- 485x3
Deadlift- 525x1
Bench- 305x1

I plan on bulking up around September so I assume that should get my weight up there. I've never really stuck with Bulking up during the winter, I liked staying lean, but now I don't give a damn.

I want to stay consistent for a whole year, I've been working out for about 7 years now, and have never been consistent for more than 6 months.

I'd like to enter a Powerlifting Comp again, it's been 3 years since my last one, and I'm not near the numbers I was doing then.

Beast- I'm trying to focus on my shoulders, the Delts are coming along nicely, but I need to work my traps more and my rear delts.

Esk- about those hairy nipples it looks like they grew in a few minutes, need the week wacker for that

Maki Riddington
06-14-2006, 03:45 PM
Looking great!

06-14-2006, 04:01 PM
T&P.. if you want to gain 20 lbs.. and if most of that is muscle.. then you should be able to hit your totals easily...

Looking at your frame and leanness.. I think I agree with the rest of the guys above.. if you want to PL, then looks like your traps could use more bulking then the rest.. but with heavier DLs and heavy Shrugs that should be easy.

with your leanness.. if you gain 15 lbs of muscle and 5 lbs of fat.. you'll still be quite lean..

Good luck..

06-14-2006, 05:03 PM
Wow, nice work. Big and lean

06-14-2006, 06:54 PM
Looking really excellent all around. Great work.

06-14-2006, 06:58 PM
You look great! Nice, lean, muscular, balanced physique - quads look amazing, so do your arms.

Nice work.

06-14-2006, 07:09 PM
Looks like the result of a great deal of effort. Very well done.

06-15-2006, 06:16 AM
you look good but it seems like your chest is lagging behind your other bodyparts. Maybe its just me.

Try some dumbell work with a good range of motion to thicken it up a little.

Very lean though.:thumbup:

06-16-2006, 09:55 AM
Bear- I'm starting off with some Rack Deads for today's workout!! I've never been a fan of shrugs, but maybe I'll try to force feed my Traps some shrugs.

Built- thanks man, I've always felt my arms were a weak point, they must have been trying to show off. :strong: I used to actually love to squat, and my legs took well to it, I'm trying to get that love for Squats back!!

Bigassd- my chest might be lagging, I actually took some time off of doing anything other than 5 sets of flat BB, my chest actually used to overpower the rest of my body. And then I also don't have anything other than a BB and 85 LB DB's at the house with a flat bench. Still waiting to buy an incline bench.

Want to say thanks again 2 all the positive comments, I wasn't expecting that, so that's very encouraging. Hopefully the next pics ya'll see will show some good progression!!

06-16-2006, 10:35 AM
Built- thanks man



06-16-2006, 01:32 PM

lol, awesome.

06-16-2006, 03:23 PM
real nice lats i need to get mine goin like those, id say some direct work to those traps and delts wouldnt hurt you but you got some nice size goin and you're lookin lean.

06-16-2006, 08:28 PM

Isn't this what you always wanted? :windup:

T+P: Built is the sexiest man in a skirt you'll ever see!

06-17-2006, 07:03 AM
legs are nice and ripped, some nice veins coming through too!

12-16-2006, 11:56 PM
respect for being a nas fan

12-17-2006, 03:57 AM
Looking great!

12-17-2006, 08:58 AM
Out of 100% curiosity.

What are those i circled? Does everybody have these? I see some people have these and some don't... Are they something you work for or is it something to lose? I have no idea....

and you should shave that happy trail + nipples.

If It's the same thing I have then It's the upper hip bone on each side correct? I have the same distinguished area you circled and mine is definatley a bone and not a muscle

12-17-2006, 10:23 AM
respect for being a nas fan

Please don't pull up old threads like this. He hasn't posted on this site in a long time.