View Full Version : FREE AtLarge Nutrition mass gain guide!

Joe Black
06-21-2006, 02:32 PM
We are pleased to announce that we are now giving away a FREE AtLarge Nutrition mass gain guide with each purchase of the Maximum Mass Stack (http://atlargenutrition.com/nutrition_detail.php?products_id=9).

Note - All previous customers of the Maximum Mass stack will shortly receive an email with a download link!


Below is just some of the wealth of information contained in the guide:

How to eat for mass - the best mass producing foods and how to structure your diet around them
Two high calorie super shake recipes - Nitrean Blitz and Opticen Annilhation!
How to specifically train for mass - the big mass building exercises and sample routines
Master the supplements in the stack and learn how to use them optimally.

So, if you are serious about packing on the mass, get the Maximum Mass Stack (http://atlargenutrition.com/nutrition_detail.php?products_id=9) and the Mass Gain guide will be yours! (FREE with your purchase of the stack!!!)


Daniel Clough