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06-21-2006, 10:34 PM
Alright, I am back in the saddle again. Have been gone awhile, life has changed. Rather than post right after I started back up working out, I decided to wait until at least four weeks had gone by of consistent gym time. Worked out a routine, feels like newbie gains all over again, very psyched up about the whole ordeal. Its amazing how quickly we fall off so to speak.

Ok, so I haven't pushed myself, rather I have tried to use proper form, check my ego at the door, and get the feel for things. I am hitting the gym 5-6 times a week, but that is more to build a routine, and shed rust.

a few particulars. 34, 6ft 1 and around 200lbs which could stand to lose a pinch or two in the love handles... I think you get the drift...

goal is to get bigger, stronger, while maintaining symmetry.

Here we go with day 1, diet to follow.

Flat bench 155lbs x8 reps x4 sets
incline bench 155 x8 reps x4 sets
decline bench 155 x8 reps x3 sets 6 reps x1 set
cable crossovers 90lbs x6 reps x3 sets

chins 8 reps x4 sets (with help)
One armed dumbbell rows 55lbs x8 reps x3 sets
shrugs 120lbs x8 reps x3 sets
Seated Row 110lbs x8 reps x4 sets

no deadlifts today..... back was a smidge tender.


according to fiday, as per the custom labels for the brands I eat, etc etc...

1 avocado
4 slices flax bread
2 cups of brocoli
4oz altlantic salmon
1 cup fat free cottage cheese
1 cup dry oats
3 cups skim milk
3 tbsp olive oil
1 cup frozen blueberries
9oz of chicken breast
2 scoops glyco carb
2 HB eggs
1 multi vitamin
1000mg vitamin c

cals 2969, fat 110g, carbs 291g, and protein 204g

feel free to commment ;)

06-21-2006, 11:01 PM
Goodluck with all your goals, u will get some great input from everyone here!

06-22-2006, 08:26 PM
Goodluck with all your goals, u will get some great input from everyone here!
Cheers, thanks for the kind words.....

Legs today

Smith machine squat 180lbs x6 reps x5 sets
Hack squat machine 200lbs x8 reps x5 sets
leg extensions 100lbs x8 reps x4 sets
leg curls 100lbs x8 reps x3 sets 7 reps x1, and 6 reps x1 (got tired)
standing calf raise machine 260 x8 reps x3 set , 300lbs x6 reps x2 sets

Shoulders as well.

lateral raises 20lb dumbbells x8 reps x3 sets
Smith machine shoulder press 150lbs x8 reps x4 sets
dumbbell military press sitting 40lbs per side x10 reps x5 sets (big pussy here)

well, I was in and out of there pretty quick...drenched in sweat, nothing makes me sweat harder than squats (er...well something else does too)

diet....errrr not so great today....was late so un prepared.

2 everything bagels with herb and garlic creamcheese from Tim Hortons.
1 Large iced capuccino
I large burger and fries from shark club while watching world cup
1/2 a pitcher of beer
2 servings of honey nut cheerios
1.5 cups of skim milk
2 banana's

about to slam down a couple of chicken breasts, does anyone else just eat them plain????

I will eat more later, so I will add to this entry....

tomorrow I plan to take a day off, but will record my diet.

06-23-2006, 10:42 PM
alright, well i didn't take a day off, instead i am working out every day till the long weekend, which will earn me a three day reprieve.

flat bench 155lbs x6 reps x4 sets
incline bench 135lbs x7 reps x4 sets weak!
decline bench 165lbs x8 reps x4 sets better
cable crossovers 70lbs x5 reps x3 sets weak!
Assisted dips 5reps x4 sets

assisted chins 8 reps x5 sets
seated row 8 reps x3 sets
pulldowns 8 reps x4 sets
bent over rows 8 reps x4 sets

that was it too tired


two timmy ho bagels with creamcheese
med ice cappucino
1 cup dry oats
1cup blueberries
3 tbsp olive oil
4 cups skim milk
two servings of cheerios
2 handfulls of peanuts
2 cups brocoli
two chicken breasts