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07-17-2006, 06:49 AM
and no, i'm not some 14yr old kid who skips school to play counter strike.

i used to post on this forum under another username, had some good results with UD2, started a new job about a year ago and i've been sloppy with my training ever since.

mandatory journal starting background info

age: 23
weight: 92kg (yes, i measure stuff using kilograms, not pounds, so if my lifts look piss weak to you then multiply them by 2.2, if they still look weak then once i hulk up i promise i will kick your ass and make you feel like a girly man.
bodyfat: im too scared to measure (who's the girly man now?) i'm guessing it's probably around 18%

short-term goal (1 month): get to 88kg, be consistent with my training and stop eating so much take out.
long-term goal: look like david hasselhoff.

training plan:
upper body split 2x a week
lower body split 1x a week
2-3 cardio sessions (i'll try and get some sprint training in here, but it's in the middle of winter here and it's raining a hell of alot)
basketball 1-2x a week

diet plan:
about 2000 calories? i'm playing it by ear depending on what my body tells me, i'll just aim for 160-170g of protein a day and eat carbs and fats depending on the kind of training i've done / am doing that day (more carbs on weight training day etc.)

other stuff:
i'll be easing my way into things this week, so my diet / routine wont be spot on for the first few days (mandatory excuse if i slacken off)

07-17-2006, 08:36 AM

lol, your plan sounds good, good luck with pwning t3h f4t c3l1s

07-18-2006, 06:56 AM

lol, your plan sounds good, good luck with pwning t3h f4t c3l1s

if i dont pwn them by summer then i'm going to throw away one of my computers (meh, i'll still have 3 left).

07-18-2006, 07:14 AM
18 July 2006

meal one 2 museli (apricot and almond) bars
meal two (snack) 20g whey
meal three roast chicken wrap
meal four 150g rice, 100g beef cutlet
meal five 150g rice, 100g beef cutlet

fat 40.5g (18%)
protein 127.7g (25%)
carbs 295.8g (57%)

weights i lifted
flat barbell bench: 8@60kg 8@80kg 6@90kg
cable row: 10@110lbs 10@140lbs
lat pulldown: 10@100lbs 10@100lbs
barbell shoulder raise: 8@30kg 8@30kg
barbell bicep curl: 10@30kg 6@30kg
tricep pushdown (rope): 10@45kg 10@55kg

thank god for muscle memory, here's hoping my strength comes back soon.

07-18-2006, 03:24 PM
Awesome bench work, Joey. I say do yourself a hyuuuuuuge favor and throw away the CS. That sorta crap is just like crack and does nothing for you. Props for making the first step to breaking the addiction! :thumbup: