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07-21-2006, 07:07 PM
Mike how do you like the 2-ply F6 (thats what it looks like in the pic) I figure a guy really needs to be strong as hell to use one thats why I ask. For me to get the support/feel I like I would need to bench 600+ single ply to get much out of a 2 ply. I thought about a custom as they make the arms to small on the shirts (or maybe I need a bigger chest).

I also post this to get some debate going on here:strong:


07-21-2006, 10:05 PM
OK first off let me state this, I have been a DENIM guy since my first shirt back in 95. It is all I have ever used until the BB4C last November and 3 weeks out I switched to a RAGE X Double ply. OK with that being said I love denim but seeing some of the numbers being produced with poly's I decided to give them another run. My first run in Chicago at BB4C was not very productive(BOMBED). Not that the Rage X is a bad shirt it was just not for me.

So like I said seeing all these numbers I decide to give a super poly a try. I get the Titan F6 Double ply with new NXG Plus material. GREAT shirt, seems to go good with my technique. So I take 2 lifts in it, a 765 off a 2 board and a 800 off of a half board. BOOM both fly upto a lockout like nothing. So I'm like yeah this is my shirt. WEll then I was 395 and the shirt was great in Columbus I was 416 and it was no so great, way to tight.

So for me to sit here and debate about the F6 really would not be a very good debate seeing as how I have only used it 2 times. I did not want a repeat of BB4C so I switched back to the Inzer and hit a good number. I will work the Titan and I am 110% sure it will workout to be one onf the best shirts I have ever owned.

I do like it and plan on using it again soon.


07-22-2006, 09:03 PM
Ok thanks. I used the denims in the past with good results but changed to the polys in 04. I have thought about getting back into a denim just to see how I like it. I really like the Titan poly shirts and am working with the Katana some now but I don't think I am man enough for a tight 2 ply. i am thinking about selling my 2 ply 48 F6. It was only used once after I blew my old one out.

And the debate thing was for everyone. I just think you need a big bench to get much out of a 2 ply poly or maybe i am just weak


07-23-2006, 08:30 AM
I just did 380 off 2bd in a double Rage x that is 2 sizes bigger than my f6, and i can only do about 360 with the f6, and the pop only gets better the lower you go in the double. So i dont think you need to be that strong to use one you just need the right size. I tightened the sleeves on the rage x as they were way to loose before and i still got more out of it, I had used the f6 for over a year and threw the double x on loved it right away , I am sure the dbl F6 is just as good if not better.

07-23-2006, 08:34 PM
My best gym lift is 585 @ 202lbs in 05 with comands best comp is 512 @ 214 in 04 (the only one I count). When I did the 585 my raw bench (close grip) was about 405 maybe so 180 lbs out of a single F6. Best in a double F6 555 @ 220+. What I am saying is to get a shirt tight enough to get good support the entire lift a 2 ply F6 is to much shirt for me at that strength. I wear a 44 in a single and a 48 in a double I need a custom in both really 42/44 single 46/48 in a double. I guess what I am saying is to get the full use of the shirt they need to be tight and a single is about all I can handle right now.