View Full Version : need advice for future goals AAS included

07-22-2006, 01:57 AM
k guys, here are a couple pics from tonight, i just want your advice because i have two choices, and my goal is to big and ripped for next summer. i got behind this year and now its to late because i got in an motorcycle accident and that messed me all up with a shattered collar bone and other things. i am 6'00 and weighed in today at 215, about 2 years ago i was 155 lbs and had ripped abbs naturally, now they are getting covered up on the bottom by a nice layer of fat due to gaining so much weight, anyway

with only two bottles of test e 250 im wanting to do a cycle just not sure which way i should approach, esp after seeing how RBB turned out (im jelous), but here are my options

1. start bulking right now and gain as much lean muscle that i can from now till say jan 1, bye then with the help of this cycle i will be apprx 240 lbs with a 10 week cycles help, then i can start in jan to get cut for summer that will give me about 4 months to be ready for boatin season.. OR

2. use the cycle for cutting up using more cardio, a much smaller diet than one would normally do on a bulk, lower cals etc, and pretty much stay at or about the same weight i am now but have a little more mass and much less bf%,

i guess what im saying is would i turn out better gaining as much possible weight than shedding it off afterwards, or just stay clost to where i am now and just clean everything up?? i know some of you have been in the same shoes as me before so what did you do and how did it turn out? also can anyone give me a guestimate of what my BF% is currently?? im guessing about 14% what do you guys think? thanks in advance for any usefull info:angel:

07-22-2006, 10:37 AM
your bodyfat doesn't look that bad right now. only reason i cycled on this cut was because i had so much to lose and i wanted to do it quickly without losing any muscle. i'd much rather save my gear for something more productive like putting on some mass. if i were you i would start cutting right now naturally. shouldn't be too bad for you to get down to about 8% or so. then in the spring run the test, throw a bit of tren in and just go for some quality lean mass with no fat gain. you'd look great for next summer.

07-22-2006, 12:56 PM
From reading your post, it sounded like you had turned into a fat mess. I agree with RBB. Your body fat right now is looking more than respectable and you've already got a lot of size. I guess it all comes down to how big you want to be. Personally I would say cut now and take it from there. If you feel too "small" (you won't be) then consider doing what RBB said and add more lean mass to your frame before the summer.

07-23-2006, 08:51 PM
awesome, i think you guys have a great point, i guess its time to start the cut, wheew im gonna be hungry