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01-31-2002, 11:22 PM
What kind of a diet should i eat for muscle size.
Right now my diet consists of
Protein.......90 - 120(I'm trying to eat as much as i can but its really hard with school and all. Mainly on weekends is when i eat around 160 - 200 grams of protein a day.)

And i also would like to know how much protein i should eat a day. I weigh at 117. I've read on WannaBeBig site that i should eat 1 gram per of goal bodyweight so should i eat 160 - 180 grams of protein a day

Severed Ties
02-01-2002, 12:07 AM
You need more protein flat out, it's a pain but we all have to work around life be it school, work, or both.

Since your bulking and I'm guessing from your bodyweight your a naturally lean guy what I've recommended in the past to students or guys working a sales floor is either-

buy a decent MRP like Myoplex, Leanbody or whatever you like and bring two with you everyday and don't forget the shaker cup. adding around 80 grams of protein puts you right on target and it keeps you from having to go more than 3 hours without eating. Only problem with this is it's expensive for some people I've worked with this isn't a problem but for many it is...so....

option #2- make your own MRP

First go to the proteinfactory or wherever whey is cheap, I recommend whey isolate in chocolate...you'll see why.. Next get a small insulated lunch bag with some ice packs. Finally go to the store and get some chocolate frozen yogert and some natural peanutbutter.

Every morning before you leave for school make yourself a nice big chocolate peanutbutter smoothie and take it with you. Make as many servings as you need and drink about 8oz of it every 2 hours. If your still not gaining weight and your obviously not lactose you can add some skim milk as well. Not only is this tasty but it's very easy to manipulate both the total calories and the macronutrients.