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08-18-2006, 07:21 PM
1 Packet Instant Sugar Free Vanil. Pudding
1 C. Oatmeal (I use Quaker 1-minute)
2 Tbsp. Natural PB
5 Scoops Vanilla Whey
3/5-4/5 C. Skim Milk

Mix the dry ingredients together then add the PB. Mix it as much as can with just the peanut butter. It should end up a dry mixture with an even distribution of the peanutbutter. Slowly add the milk (I did it 1/5 cup at a time) until you get a moist mixture. How moist you let it get will depend on how you plan on finishing it somewhere between 3/5 and 4/5 I found to be the sweet spot for me.

You can refrigerate / freeze these and cut and eat them that way (may I suggest using something to coat them after they are cut so they don't stick to the fingers? Personally I use unprocessed wheat bran to get low calorie fiber and a kinda insulating layer between me and the bar) I pre-formed the bars and rolled them. A smarter strategy may be to let them set in the fridge or freezer, cut them, and then roll them. I am going to experiment with putting them in the oven at low temperatures to frim them up a bit and see how they manage on the commute to work and whatnot.

The reason I really like them is that they are sweet. And in all honesty, it is the craving for sweets that causes the most trouble for me in terms of cutting diets. Incorporating a sweet tasting bar into the diet is the best way to be able to stick to plan without a lot of difficulty.

In terms of macros, the recipe makes 5 good size bars with the following:

253 calories / 6.4 g fat / 23.75 g carbs / 25.15 g protien

(9.09/33.74/35.75 percent respectively).

*Disclaimer* this is not my recipe. I got it off the net, but they turned out very very very good.

When you mix in the peanut butter at first it will be in one big clump, just keep working it for a couple of minutes and it will break down into smaller parts. I also had to use 8oz of milk to get it to mix right, I started little by little like it stated but even after 5oz it wasn't enough.

After I made mine I let them sit in the fridge over night. They are very soft, It was hard to get it off the pan ( I used a 9x9 glass pan ) without it clumping up. Im thinking that I make take some gram crackers and crumble them up, then use that to coat the bars.

You can make this with chocolate as well, supposed to be like a peanut butter cup.

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08-21-2006, 06:40 PM

Ok this shows you what they look like if you crust them in graham crackers. I did this kind of quick, so I didn't grind the graham crackers as much as I should have. It took about 3 crackers to cover 7 bars ( I ate one already ).

I put the bars once mixed in a 9x9 pan, then cut them into 8 parts. The deck of cards just shows you size wise how they could turn out.

08-22-2006, 05:36 AM
nicenice ! ty i will try these

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08-22-2006, 06:04 PM
nicenice ! ty i will try these

Let me know how they turn out.

I am going to try chocolate next, I didn't pick it up at the store today, but I saw chessecake flavored pudding, so I may mix that with the vanilla next time. If you mix and match the pudding you could come up with alot of different flavors.

09-19-2006, 10:52 PM
After making about 10 different variations of chocolate flavoured bars this is quite a refreshing concept.

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09-20-2006, 09:04 PM
A little up date to make them eaiser to handle.

1. Buy pre ground up graham crackers.

2. Cover the bottem of the 9x9 pan with the graham crackers.

3. Mix all ingredients in separate bowl then spread over top of the graham crackers.

4. Coat the top woth more graham crackers.

5. Place in fridge for a couple of hours for them to harden up a little.

This way when you go to cut them you can handle them. I found this the eastiest way, trust me without the graham cracker coating there just to gooey.

@Holto I tried the chocolate and did not like them, the vanilla had more flavor. I may try the chocolate again, but I will add more peanut butter next time.

09-23-2006, 11:08 PM
Did u try chocolate whey with chocolate pudding? That sounds like it would be real good. Strawberry whey with vanilla sounds good too, I like this recipe thanks.