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09-08-2006, 12:43 PM
First of all... A big hello to everyone.. I'm a returning member from a few years ago. Not necessarily new to this stuff.

I was big into lifting and the whole weight training scene, had some decent gains. Then I went away to school and let it all go to ****. I'm in the beginning stages of recouping what I lost. I'm a little older and my goals are a little different.

My question:

My goals now are not so much monsterous size, I'm looking to get lean, increase flexibility and stamina. I still want to increase muscle mass, but doesnt have to be enormous. I started weight training two weeks ago and everything is going good. My workout consists of weight training only, no cardio or stretching or calisthenics. I came back here, and stumbled across the CrossFit stuff located in the Sticky. It sounds pretty interesting and something new, so I would like to incorporate it into my workouts. They say that ROUTINE is the enemy, and these weight training excercises are useless and what not. While they may be useless for the purposes of CrossFit's definition of fitness, they are helpful for increasing size (part of my goal). I'm looking for some advice on COMBINING the two, maybe Cross fit style training on my off days, or including crossfit everday. Or do you think I would be better off following a workout routine consisting of entirely CrossFit Interval training type stuff and nix the traditional weight training for now? Or vice versa. Any advice considered helpful!!

09-08-2006, 01:05 PM
Here is what I do: two days a week (monday and friday) I work the regular lifts:monday deadlift and rowing type excercises, friday is squating and pressing excercises. I train them hard, heavy, and with low reps. Do this and eat like a madman and you can probably make some great gains.

Wendsday, however, I do a routine that is only sandbag training. Look this up. I'll do a 5 singles with a 120 lb bag for clean and press, 4 singles (one each shoulder) with 165 lbs, this time simply lifting the bag to one or the other shoulder, 2 x 5 curls with a 100 lb bag, and then I carry a 100-110 lb bag around the block. With the singles take as much rest as needed, its not meant ot be a circuit. The sandbag carry, however, will work muscle endurance and I try and carry it up a hill or around the block for distance. I'll maybe do this twice. Bear hug it and carry it or carry it on your shoulder - either way it is EXHAUSTING. usually afterwards I'll lay on the ground for a good 15 minutes.

Monday and Friday (especially if you lift on a powerlifting esque routine or 5 x 5) will get you good gains on the regular gym lifts. Wendsday will develope your all around body strength, e.g. real world strength.

You don't have to do sandbag training on wendsday, you can do whatever crossfit stuff you want. Regardless, I do recommend building one (costs bout 12 bucks for a hundred pound bag - much cheaper than regular weights) you can find directions on this site or others. It is ADDICTING, and will unlock levels of strength you never knew you had. I got htis routine out of the book "DINOSUAR TRAINING," a great read by the way.

Alternatively, you could train the squat and related excercises one day, the bench/rowing another, and on the third day the deadlift and related excercises. After your regular workout, throw in some sort of crossfitt or sandbag training, i.e. sandbag carry, clean and press a sandbag, *insert strange crossfit excercise,* whatever. You might also want to start training your grip - this is fun!

Also if you want more flexibility I wouldn't recommend static stretching (what you usually do in gym class). look into dynamic stretches, learn to squat A2G, learn some olympic lifts (you can go light), search around on this stuff.

09-08-2006, 01:20 PM
Check Anthony's journal and you'll see what you are looking for. I got me looking into Crossfit and you can see how well it has treated Anthony.

09-08-2006, 03:00 PM
Thanks for your responses fellas, I'll check out the sandbags and PM sent to Anthony!!

~Hazerboy - Dinosaur Training outlines the principles of your sandbag routines? Available in any bookstore?