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09-17-2006, 08:13 PM
Well tomarrow will be the first day of lifting. I've taken my measurments and been tracking my food intake on fitday. It's been a while since I've lifted, but being a general metal fabractor keeps me in pretty good shape. My biggest challenges will be, trying to eat better and getting my lazy but up early in the morning to hit the gym. I'll probabally try to update weekly. Thanks for looking and if you have any suggestions, feel free to leave feedback, as long as it pertains to my lifting or eating. Thanks

Here's the stats
Male 31
5' 6"
150 lbs
Chest 40" Natural
Bies 14.5" Flexed
Forarms 12.5" Flexed
Neck 16.25" Natural
Waist 32.5" Natural
Not messuring legs at this time as I'v been pretty much on Cruches for 2.5 months due to droping a 600lb pipe on my foot.
Will be starting out on the W>W>B routine #1
My fitday Journal

09-19-2006, 04:39 PM
Forgot about the sorness, Well its not to bad as I didn't hit it real hard. I took today off to rest and will be doing legs tomarrow, They will be real light as my foot is still jacked up. Here is what I did on Monday.

Bench Press 135x8 155x8 180x8
Low Incline Dumbell press 35x8 55x8
Dips Body wight 2x8
Chin ups Body wight 2x8
Machine rows 105x8 150x8
Shrugs 115x8 Front and back no puase inbetween

09-19-2006, 04:45 PM
Gj startin a journal, and workout looks good. People here can be real motivating so def keep this up

At 150 im guessin you are bulkin?

Gl man

09-19-2006, 04:49 PM
Good luck with the journal homefry!

09-20-2006, 05:30 PM
well my leg routine will have to wait till the docter oks me to lift, Well guess I'll be getting a good upper body workout. Not really tring to bulk. Just wanting to get back to lifting and get in better shape in gereral.

10-06-2006, 04:52 PM
Well I've not been on top of my journal, but have been lifting pretty good. Keeping busy with work, wife and kids, almost in that order. I've been hitting it now for 3wks, and here is my progress
Bench 135x8 160x8 225x7
incline Dumbbell press 35x8 60x8
Dips My body lbs 152 2x8
Chin ups My body lbs 152 2x8
Deadlifts 115x8 160x8 Not much cause of my foot
Rows 105x8 160x8
Shrugs front then back as a supperset 115 2x10

Military press not sure the actule lbs its in a machine power rack type thing. I put 25s on each side 2x8
incline Dumbbell press same as above
standing lat raises right into front raises as a super set 25 2.8
narrow grip bench 135x8 135x8 155x8
Skull crusers 70x8 90x8
Strick curls 70x8 90x8 115x1
Hammer curls 25x8 25x8
Preacher curls 40x8 70x8

Let me know what I should change add or delete. Also what is a french press? Thanks

10-08-2006, 04:19 PM
Everything looks good, no replys, Thanks I'll keep up the good work than.:strong:

10-12-2006, 05:56 PM
Todays workout

Millitary press in Rack 50x8 70x8
Seated dumbell press 40x8 70x8
Standing lat raises 25x8 30x8 back to back side to front
Narrow grip bench 135x8 150x8 160x8
Skull Crushers 70x8 100x8
E-z curl 70x8 100x8
preacher curl 40x8 80x8
Hammer curl 25x8 30x8

10-22-2006, 11:29 AM
Well been doing a version of wbb#1 and no going to do a version of Bill Stars 5x5

Here is what I did last week on wbb#1
Bench 140x8 165x8 230x8
Dumbbell press 35x8 70x8
press downs 65x8 100x8
Deads 135x8 155x8
cable row 105x8 165x8
shrugs 135x8 225x8

Millitary press rack 95x8 125x8
dumbell press 45x8 80x8
lat raises 25-30x8 40-35x8 Side to front back to back
narrow grip bench 155x8 160x8
skull crusher 70x8 100x8
e-z curl 70x8 100x8
hammer 25x8 30x8
preacher 40x8 80x8

Squat 135x8 185x8
leg press 3 plt per sidex8 4 per side x8
leg curl 115x8 145x8
back leg curl 60x8 70x8
deads 115x8 155x8

Converting all of the above to this
sqaut 135 150 160 180 200 all x5
bench 165 180 200 225 250 " "
row 100 120 140 160 190 " "
Hammer curl 45 x6
Shrug 225x10

Squat 135 150 160 160 x4
incline 45 65 75 90 " "
Military 15 35 40 15 " "
Deadlift 135 145 155 170 " "
E-z Curl 155x6

Squat 135 150 160 180 185x1 160x8
Bench 165 180 200 225 230x1 200x8
row 100 120 140 155 160x1 140x8
pull down 2x10 not sure on lbs yet
Skull Crush 115x6

What do you think? I know my squat is more but my foot has not completly healed yet, and will take a lot more time. Going to do this for 3 weeks then go to a 1x6 routine for pure strenght for the up comeing meet. Does this sound good or what should I add or change. THanks

10-30-2006, 06:59 PM
Chest 41 3/8
Bies 15 1/8
Forarm No change
Neck 16 1/2
Waist 33 1/5

I just ate and 162.8

10-30-2006, 07:05 PM
This was from my workout on Sunday

Sqaut 135 150 170 190 235 all X5
Bench 165 180 200 225 270
row 100 120 150 165 210
Pull dn 120 135 x10
Dead lft 135 155 175 255 X5
Skull Crush 110x8
Try press down 80x8 90x18