View Full Version : 13 Weeks down 3 to go!! (Cutting pics)

09-19-2006, 08:26 AM
Hi Guys,

I haven't posted for a while because I've been too busy. Just an update from my last set of pics from 13 weeks ago. I'm down about 25 pounds so far. I've got 3 weeks till i go to australia so this is when i get serious!!!

I've been on a SPMF for the last 3 weeks. I've got used to it now but its seriously hindering my workouts. I've got to the point now where i just need to lose the last few pounds even if i do lose whatever muscle i've got left!!

I reckon i'm about 15% but suggestions are welcome. I reckon another 6lbs in the next 3 weeks will be about all i can do in this short time.

For your convenience i've put before and after pics next to each other. Looking at it now i'm fairly happy but i know i could have done better. I've had 3 weekends of drinking and eating sh1t in the 13 week timespan. Also i've been really struggling with my workouts because i'm so depleted.

All photos are cold, and i'm completely depleted of glycogen so i'm hoping to fill out a bit when i get back to the carbs.

Any suggestions or criticisms welcome. Any tips on how to lose the last few pounds in the next 3 weeks (without killing myself)!

Anyway i'll post some more pics before i go to show the final stages. Can i thank everyone for all their support and advice the last few weeks. Its been a great help.

Cheers guys,


09-19-2006, 08:28 AM
PS. Sorry the photo quality isn't great

09-19-2006, 08:28 AM
great progress man, very obvious

keep it up!

09-19-2006, 08:29 AM
PPS - I know i need a tan but i'm hoping i'llmanage that in Australia:nod:

09-19-2006, 10:27 AM
You look much better. Enjoy your well deserved vacation.

09-19-2006, 02:18 PM
excellent work!!

09-19-2006, 03:54 PM
major improvement, congratulations and well done on all your hard work.

09-19-2006, 04:23 PM
Thanks for the comments, really appreciated.

I'm still not satified and i don't think i will be until i can't grab handfuls of fat off my back and stomach!!

Any ideas on bodyfat %?? I'm also thinking of reducing my PSMF to around 140 grams of protein on about 600 cals a day. Drastic I know but i think i can survive through it. Any one with any comments good or bad?? I just want to shift the rest of this fat even if it is detrimental to muscle mass.


09-19-2006, 04:49 PM
Why not stick the regular cut out till the end, hell after 13 weeks, another month and a half should yield some good results.

But then again im not speaking from experience, more from trying to be logical.

Anyway nice progress, and gl doing w/e you decide.

09-19-2006, 05:08 PM
Con, Thanks for the advice but i only have 3 weeks left!!!
I'm flying out on the 15th Oct so i need to see maximum fat loss before then. I'm accounting for a final bender with friends and family:burger: :whazzup: , and also a few days to carb back up and slowly start to ramp up my calories.

09-19-2006, 05:55 PM
Definitely very noticeable. Great work man.

09-20-2006, 02:54 AM
Looking noticeably leaner than before! Enjoy the time out in Australia ;) The girls will much appreciate the tan + cut

09-20-2006, 04:42 AM
Excellent progress! I believe in getting lean and cut, and STAYING lean and cut! Good luck with your progress, you will get shredded in no time!..;)