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09-26-2006, 08:30 AM
I realize that there is a very low chance of any of these supplements showing up on a drug test, however I'm going to be taking a very important drug test for a high paying job soon and I'd like to be 100% sure that none of the AtLarge supplements will show up on it.

Again, would any of the atlarge supplements show up on a drug test? I'm specifically worried about thermocin showing up as a stimulant. Thanks for any clarification.

09-26-2006, 09:15 AM
They won't test for anything in thermocin....

09-26-2006, 11:36 AM
nothing in thermocin will look like a stimulant. its just caffine, herbal asprin, and synephrine, which is neither opiate nor amphetamine...or remotely like XTC or anything else for that matter.