View Full Version : the road to 150 and the blast to 185

10-05-2006, 02:24 AM
hey ive seen how you guys are so helpful and supportive to other members on this board, so ive decided to ask for your help on acheiving my goals...over the summer i stopped working out for 2 1/2 months and gained lost A LOT of muscle which was all ironically after i broke my ankle while squatting long story short trying to do a workout before work my idiotic self wore some boots and it got worse from there...so now im back to 162 (soft around 14.5-15% bf)...and im gonna cut to 150 then do a nice bulk to 185 hopefully by next september...so i hope you guys will help me with all of this im gonna try to get me some soldier stripes on this board lol...keep in mind, i started lifting consistently 3 weeks ago eating at a maintenance caloric diet
...here are my starting stats

5 foot 6 (just learned the other day im an inch shorther than i thought!)
162 lbs
chest:41 inches
arms:14 inches
waist:30.5 inches (soft looking) hate that

tomorrow ill start the journal entries