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10-11-2006, 07:59 AM
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Hey thanks for your motivation guys I really appreciate your advice and taking your valuable time to respond. "Go hard or don't bother" I love that, I'm going to write that down.

Well guys I’ve thought about it and here is my plan so far, let me know if this sounds about right. I have my first set of goals I've started completing this week. One of my first goals is to get my food system organized before I start, I'm doing that along with a few other tasks to be ready for the weekend as a start date. By this weekend I should be ready to do that REAL "EATING" haha. Once that's complete I'll set my next set of goals for the week.

Once I get systems for every little thing, I know I can get focused and make this happen, I just need my steps in a row so I can lay out a master plain of daily events. Getting huge is an insane feat said all by itself, but following steps I think anyone can do, so I'm going to shoot for that to make sure I’m idiot proof.

So is that the normal way people pull this? If so what kind of routines do people rotate???

{For example, working out how many different workout routine variations do professionals have in a year, and how often do you rotate those routines to keep the body guessing? Also other lifestyle routines etc?}

Also, most importantly, thanks to everyone who reads these for your time and patience with a new guy. Thanks a million..


10-11-2006, 09:03 AM
Eat a lot, plenty of rest, and lift heavy and hard. Don't overdo it, though. When going high intensity, training frequency needs to be less. I do a 3 or sometimes 4 day split. I spend probably 1-2 hours in the gym, but I also take a lot of rest between sets (1-3 minutes). Always do light warmup sets of the movement you are going to do, at least on your bread and butter movements like squat, bench, and deadlift. My split is something like this:

Monday - Legs

Squat & variations (ATF, box squats, rack squats, etc. Pick two.)
Hamstring exercise (Glute Ham Raises, SLDL's, Straight Legged Deads, etc.)
Calf Raises

Wednesday - Chest/Tri's

Bench & variations (Flat bench, close grips, board presses, rack presses etc. Pick two)
Incline DB's or Floor Presses
Tricep or Chest Dips (weighted)
Tricep Pressdowns or Overhead Extensions or Standing Military Press

Friday - Back/Bi's
Deadlift & variations (Rack Pulls, deads off blocks, or good mornings)
Rows (bentover barbell row or seated cable or t-bar rows. Pick one)
Lat Pulldowns or Weighted Pullups
Barbell Curl or DB Hammer Curls (only 2 sets since they'll be worked anyway)

Saturday or Sunday (sometimes)
Strongman events (tire flips, atlas stone, log clean and press), grip work (farmer's holds, plate pinches, etc.), or olympic lifts (one-arm db or bb snatches, regular bb snatches, power cleans)

That's it. I will workout on one of the weekend days depending on how I feel after Friday's back workout or as schedule allows. I also will sometimes go in during an off day and do some HIIT for cardio, or just swim for a bit. This split has worked very well for me in the past, though I've changed rep schemes, periodizations, etc. in the past to keep it fresh and keep growing and getting stronger.

10-11-2006, 09:28 AM
BTW, here's my training program I am using right now. This might help you on your way. I did one for all 3 members of my crew. They are basically all the same except the weights are different. You can adjust the weights by taking a percentage depending on where your strengths and weaknesses lie. Take care.

(BTW, you will need excel to open.)

10-11-2006, 05:52 PM
Right on, thanks for your routines man. The names of exercises are still alien to me though, where can I translate the meanings? I bought a couple of books today on body building to try but a lot of the workout names I read on here (the site in general) arenít listed. I need to learn the body building slang haha.

This may sound dumb too, but where should you measure? Iím having a hard time with it with no muscles, for example where do you use the tape to measure a shoulder? Do you guys just do what seems right or is there a scientific method I should know about?

10-11-2006, 11:07 PM
As for my comment "Go hard, or dont bother!" well, seriously man, you gotta think like that! Dont be one of these dudes at the gym that are cruising around the gym for two hours doing a weight here and there, caring more about how they are walking than lifting etc..
Soooo many people at gyms, make little to no progress in months of going, and they wonder what they are doing wrong. Well, they dont live by that saying.

The way i work out is hard and strict! I am literally puffing and panting during the entire weights session. People look at me funny thinking im killing myself, but i dont care! I know what i do works well, and i love going like a dog!

Depending on your current level, its really hard to set you on the right track to start with.. I would definately recommend getting a personal trainer for at least a week or two, just to get the basics down. Look at others in the gym (ones that are focussed on their training, and actually have results.) and take note of the finer details that they do.. Things like speed of movement, consistency, number of reps, and range of movement.

I might also recommend that after your time with the PT. Do 2 - 3 days per week of a full body workout, with cardio days in between. Rest is VERY important! I find that this system may help snap your body into the right gear, and after 2-3 weeks you can start to do specific parts on one day etc.. This doesnt really matter, but it can help with getting your whole body ready in one..

You sound keen man, keep up the attitude you will be huge in no time!

10-12-2006, 09:34 PM
You look like I can take your word on the truth to that mindset so Iíll do the same.. Tomorrow my plan is to head to the gym with my pencil and paper only. Iím going to do all that ďwalkingĒ in one night! Iím going to go around and figure out a whole routine and figure out what about 70-80% of my max is on each so I know how to set up my sets. That way I can be on a mission when Iím there without any second guesses.. So far Iíve bought my huge lunch cooler, a half gallon water bottle to start my 1.5 Gallons a day, and a measuring tape. Iíve started my FitDay - eating normal (until this weekend) to try and get a few days of base cal. intake to compare against. And Iíve been reading my ass off on this stuff.. Next stop the weekend - a gym plan - and EAT EAT EAT! You guys are awesome, thanks for all the support, I wont let ya down~

Goiní Hard~ :strong:

11-11-2006, 12:07 AM
I've recently got back into it all, and I'm doing a full body program 3 x a week to get back into it. I didn't have more than 6 weeks off I'd say, but i'm lookin to get back into things properly, and after I've got good basics, then i'll work specific parts. I'm in week 2, i'll be doing three weeks of it.

I've always read about rest, but never done it, but it's the truth. You gotta rest properly, or you'll get no where. Articles on here and http://www.t-nation.com are pretty good.