View Full Version : Would anyone like to help me with a diet??

10-11-2006, 09:32 PM
I know its quite the question to ask, but i was wondering if someone would actually like to spend the time to help me understand the right way of eating and put together a daily eating schedule I guess.

About 2 1/2 Years ago I weighed 242 lbs of pure laziness lol. Then I decided I wanted to lose weight and knew my mother had plans on going back to weight watchers so I asked her if I could come. So in about 6 months time I lost 60lbs and weighed in at 182. I was happy being the thinest i've ever been but now I want to change. About a month and a half ago my roomate and I decided we both wanted to goto the gym. Both him and I go 5 days a week and have been for the month and a half so far. I've noticed a lot more results then I ever thought I would in such a short amount of time. Now I want to maximize each workout and make sure what I'm eating is whats best for my body. I really don't know a lot about working out and know nothing about nutrition and was hoping someone would like to take the time to answer all my questions and hopefully get me going. I've also read the stickys and am still lost lol.

Please feel free to IM me on AOL Instant Messanger if you'd like to help. My Screenname is Evyllchyld


dan adams
10-12-2006, 06:06 AM
Well i can't pick your point what you want to ask. Would you please explain in more detail.