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10-16-2006, 06:11 AM
Ive looked at all the other articles i can find but they all seem to have conflicting views. When taking in carbs should i have a low enough amount to stay in ketosis(20-30g) or should i have a normal amount(50-80g) and then resume high fat intake all my meals after to put me back in ketosis. Also if i have carbs post-workout should i not have them pre-workout. Lastly, would it be a bad idea to combine TKD & CKD eg Carb up on Monday and do a heavy HIT style workout on this day and then mainly go back to regular TKD the rest of the week and do a 2-day upper/lower split? Thanks


10-16-2006, 05:11 PM
Keep all carb consumption to pre/post workout. I think splitting the carbs between pre and post workout rather than just post workout would be better as it would give you more energy.

Re: TKD vs CKD and combination of the two, personally I would scrap the TKD idea and just go for a cyclical approach, namely UD2.0.

10-17-2006, 05:45 AM
So what, 25g pre-workout and the same after? Cant get UD 2.0 yet as i use the works internet so i cant get the pdf and i wouldnt be able to do the Thursday PM workout due to the hours i work, i can only train in the AM

10-17-2006, 09:49 AM
25g pre/post workout seems a little low. Where are you getting these numbers from?

10-19-2006, 03:38 AM
Thats what it says on a lot of the articles ive read but i think im gonna follow Severed Ties advice on the 'TKD vs CKD & Taurine' article on WBB and go for 25g pre-workout and 50g post-workout, i can manage to train with no carbs but thats probably due to the 50mg ephedrine and stupid amounts of black coffee i drink before hand