View Full Version : What is My maintenece?

10-17-2006, 07:15 PM
How do I figure out my maintenance calories? Ill tell you a bit about myself. Im 5'9.5", and the scale says 239, Monday I was 226:( . Oh Well, I wheighed myself at different times of the days. I'm guessing about 30% body fat. When I get a chance, Ill post some pics. A few years ago I was 205 and looking much better but for some reason I let it all go tho the craper. Well, I'm back and using fitday and have been consuming about 2300-2500 calloris a day. been eating clean again for about 10 days. It was hard to get to that point again, and Im doing the weights as well. I know how much protien and fat I should be eating, but I'm not sure what my maintenece or how to figure it out; err a rough estimate. I would like to cut, or loose the fat.. THanks

10-17-2006, 07:18 PM
Don't change you're diet for several days and track everything you eat at www.fitday.com for a week. Make sure to be honest. Then find you're average intake for those days (it's a function on the site) and that will be about your maintenance. Don't try to use any calculators or anything - they are designed with the average population in mind, not a particular individual.