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10-18-2006, 12:49 PM
I tried to fit all the most cliche journal titles in to one so it could be super inspiring.

I am starting this pretty much just to have a place to write down my gym sessions and keep track of my diet...and bitch about everyone on this forum.

For all of you that will eventually come to start checking this 8 times a day in hopes I will complete you life and mention your name...well...just PM me for my paypal and i'll speed it up for you on the hush hush.

I'm going to edit my daily posts with my diet training as the day goes on, so don't bother responding saying "zomg eat more" until a day after..lets just be safe and say 2 days. Uhh I'm a poor college kid and I eat alot of frozen ****..well really only frozen burritos and spaghetti+meatball frozen dinners. I use them as filler snacks when I don't want to cook or am broke.

No Training
7:30AM - Wake up, eat frozen burrito and ~8oz skim milk. ~440 cal, 20g protein
7:35AM - Go back to sleep
11:00AM - Wake up again, hungry
11:30AM - Make WBB Journal
12:00PM - microwave dinner + ~16oz skim milk. ~580cal, 39g protein.
2:00PM - can o tuna + 8oz milke - 240cal, 40g protein
5:00PM - go to work
5:55PM - get t-boned on delivery
7:55PM - hungry, headach, sore neck.
Had some chicken curry and a bunch of rice, milk, some cookies. Cleared atleast another 1k cals and 70+g protein before I went to sleep.

10-18-2006, 01:08 PM
Welcome to journal land. The best place to be on the net. Good luck.