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10-20-2006, 03:47 AM
Well, finally i decided i will start an online journal. Its been literally years of humming and harring about doing on, so here goes. I'll start with a little about me and my goals etc..

I have been a member of this site for about 3 years, but forgot my previous user name, so i started a new one. I live in Australia, i am 25 and have been lifting on and off for about 8 years. I have always mostly done martial arts, and compete in MMA and BJJ tournaments and am planning to do a Boxing or Kickboxing tourny soon.

My goals at the moment are to get to about 80kgs/175lbs, and to be ripped and very capable of going 12 rounds in a Boxing bout. I alos have lifting expectations, and plan to bench 160kgs/350lbs for a 1rm by the end of the year.

Currently i am weighing 75kgs/165lbs and im 5/9".
Bench: 300lbs/ 135kgs 1rm
Dead: 265lbs/ 120kgs 1rm
Squat: 225/ 100kgs 1rm
Shoulder press: (Dumbell) 32.5kgs/71lbs 7rm.
Weighted chins: 30kgs/65lbs + BW x 3rm (Although, holding a dumbell between my feet :confused: )

A few years back, i had a fairly serious ankle injury and then i hurt it again doing MMA. This has prevented me from doing substantial Squat and Deadlift work without getting hurt again, and until recently you could say that i have never really done decent leg work. HOPEFULLY my ankle is all good now, and i can finally start getting some good numbers for squats and deads down!

10-20-2006, 03:52 AM
Today i did Shoulders and lower back.

Ate well today, and felt good for it. Plenty of water too, but lacked in sleep last night..

I tried something different in my pre workout shake today, and i like it!
Usually i will have a potatoe and some sultanas or a banana before my workout, but today i had half a scoop of Whey, and 1 3 quarters of a scoop of Fructose with water. Great workout intensity, and stamina. (potential, given that i didnt go that hard.)

Started of with my normal 15 mins of shoulder warmups, light weight mimicking lifting actions and agression etc..

Standing Military press: (never did these alot before so fairly new to them)
3 sets of 55kgs/120lbs x 8-9 reps. I feel it significantly in my lats for some reason..
I dont have a rack yet, so i am forced to clean and press the weight to start with.

Seated shoulder press: 3 sets 32.5kgs/70lbs x 5-8 reps. Plus 1 set 27.5kgs x 9. Last one felt GREAT!

Bent legged Deads: (Obviously not experienced at these ATM, and my second week of doing them at all for 10 months.)
1 set of 80kgs/175lbs x 10 followed by 1RM trying. Ended up getting 130kgs/285lbs, higher than my estimated 1rm.
finished off with 1 set of 100kgs/220lbs x 7 with discomfort in my lower back. I lowered the weight given my inexperience,
and did 1 set 80kgs/175lbs x 5, stopping due to slight pain cringe.

Shoulder flies dumbell: 3 sets 17.5kgs/38lbs x 7-9

Upright row dumbells: 2 sets 17.5kgs/38lbs x 10

Lower back feels a little odd, so i called it quits for today.

My training lacked intensity today, from about half way in. Usually im gasping for air, and really going for it, but today i was just cruisin...
I dont feel as good, plus my back feels strange. Hopefully i can rest it, and wont have any probs tomorrow.

Clifford Gillmore
10-20-2006, 03:56 AM
Thats a hell of a bench man! Best of luck with your goals.

Where is the Kick/Boxing tourney being held?

10-20-2006, 04:16 AM
Thanks Risk. I worked pretty hard on my bench, and used to have a PR of 145 kgs at 78kgs.
The tourny will be in Perth, and im not sure where yet. When i feel ready, i will just find one and go in it. I may go to my mates gym a month or so before.

10-20-2006, 04:17 AM
Oh, can someone please tell me how to make a link say something other than the URL. Like in Risks sig.

Clifford Gillmore
10-20-2006, 04:40 AM
[***URL="http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=76989"]...Are We Alive, Or Just Breathing?...."[/URL***]

Remove the "***" on either side of URL, link in the first [ ] and then text in the code area :)

10-20-2006, 04:47 AM
[***URL="http://www.wannabebigforums.com/showthread.php?t=76989"]...Are We Alive, Or Just Breathing?...."[/URL***]

Remove the "***" on either side of URL, link in the first [ ] and then text in the code area :)

Sweet, thanks mate! Most sites give you the option when you click insert link.. :thumbup:

10-21-2006, 11:40 PM
Had a scheduled rest day yesterday, and it came just in time! I spent most of the day looking after my back, hoping it wasnt going to get worse.
Anyway, todya it feels ok. A bit of a niggle, but pretty good. PHEW!
Ate a bit rough last night due to a dinner party and an awards festival..

10-21-2006, 11:46 PM
Back and Abs.

Started off with the Fructose again today, and instantly i was pumping ready to lift! (i never drink coffee or anything so i get an extra boost maybe..)

Did the usual warmups etc and started out...

Weighted chins wide grip: 6 x 20kg/45lbs +BW, 16 x non weighted.
8 x 10kg/22lbs +BW, 13 x " ".
10 non weighted.

Lat pulldown, 2 x narrow 1 x wide grip: 3 x 8-10 x 75kg. 1 x 10 60kg.

Horizontal row: 3 x 8-10 x 75kg.

Bent over dumbeel row: 3 x 8-10 x 37.5kg.

At this point my session was going well, and i was puffed after every set but not exhausted like i prefer it. I would have thrown some Good Mornings in there, or some bent over barbell rows, but didnt want to test my lower back out.

I jumped back on the chinup bar and pumped out 12, slow and controlled chins.... :boring: Should not have been able to do that many, that easily. Left me feeling as though i hadnt worked hard enough.. I blame the Fructose, and might go without in future.. Although, maybe im not going hard..


Weighted situps: 3 x 17.5kg x 20, supersetted with 20 crunches each.

Overall, wasnt thrilled at my session today but at least my lower back is ok for tomorrow.

Clifford Gillmore
10-22-2006, 12:31 AM
Nice chins! Nice lat day :)

10-22-2006, 01:03 AM
Nice chins! Nice lat day :)

Cheers Risk.. Just didnt feel that good. Not really sure why, and i feel i could do the full session again with no real dramas... (probably couldnt though)

Im definately going to have to revise my Back day.. Add some more to it etc..

10-23-2006, 05:16 AM
Today was legs day, and given that i havn't built my squat rack yet, i had to go to the gym. I haven't entered a gym for about a year, and i forgot how bad some personal trainers are. OMG!!!!

Started off with some squats and shakes for warmups, and a couple of laps up and down the stairs.

Squats: 1 x 70kg/155lbs x 10.
3 x 90kgs/200lbs x 8-10.
These were quite easy considering the weight and my current level, but didnt want to push it just yet.

Calf raises: Was a machine, so weights arent really relevant i prefer the ones i do at home.

4 x 40kgs/88lbs x 8-10

Felt uncomfortable in the gym, and i didnt know where anything was. I couldnt think of what else to do, so i jumped back on the squat rack..

Squats: Sumo 2 x 70kgs/155 x 10

Leg extension: 2 x ??? x 8-10

Straight legged deads:
I didnt plan to do these because i wanted to rest my back, but went for them anyway. NEVER EVER done them before, but know they should target the Hams and Glutes. Didnt feel it there much, but felt it in my lower back. (a good feel, like a warmup.) Might "Youtube" see if i can pick up some tips from some vids.

1 x 40kgs/88lbs x 10
2 x 50kgs/110lbs x 10

These felt alright, and i had a burn to try some bent deads.

Bent legged deads:
3 x 70kgs/155lbs x 8-10
These felt SOOO good, and i was puffing like a sprinter! I love that!

Felt a bit wobbly walking down the stairs, so i did a 15 minute warmdown and stretches, just to help my legs a bit for work tommorrow.

Overall, i was very happy with the session, but i think it definately needs some revision. When my legs become a bit more "experienced" i will increase the intensity a bit.

10-23-2006, 05:16 AM
Looking forward to my FAVOURITE day tomorrow!
Chest! Yipppee! I will have a spotter, so i'm going to try and beat 130kgs!!!! :strong: :strong: :strong: :strong:

Clifford Gillmore
10-23-2006, 06:00 AM
Nice leggies day bro. Which gym did you hit up?

130kg bench?! You bastard :P

10-23-2006, 07:05 AM
Nice leggies day bro. Which gym did you hit up?

130kg bench?! You bastard :P

I gather that your from Australia Risk, but where abouts mate?
Im in Perth, and i went down to Waves in Bayswater.. :thumbup:

10-23-2006, 07:10 AM
130kg bench?! You bastard :P

heheh, well my sig says 135, so im gonna have to beat that...
Actually i have no idea why it says 135? Maybe it is suppose to be 135....
We will see tomorrow! Im going to down a full scoop of my new mate Fructose.. lol :bow:

10-23-2006, 07:14 AM
Aggh, hang on... I remember now....

Maida Vale.. Duh... :bang:

10-23-2006, 11:47 PM
I haven't entered a gym for about a year, and i forgot how bad some personal trainers are.

Aint that the truth....:nod:

We are also in Perth, up north from you......Its unfortunate when you are working out beside the owner of a gym who is personally training some newbies....showing them bad form....its an absolute disgrace....these poor unsuspecting people are an impingement in the making....:rolleyes:

Hope your ankle keeps getting better...its awful when an injury prevents you from doing squats...bummer !!!

10-24-2006, 12:27 AM
Thanks for the support Franj..
More Perthites eh? What a small world..

One trainer in particular was one of the fattest, unhealthiest looking women i have ever seen in a gym! I kid you not! She was showing some poor old woman, one of the most bizzare excercises i have ever seen! Plus she had WAYY too much weight on there, and then told the woman to do 15! She would be lucky to get 3!!!!

10-24-2006, 02:32 AM
A horrible day in the gym for me today!!!

Busy for a couple of hours, but will be back later. :(

10-24-2006, 04:35 AM

Well, i had a heavy and hard day at work today and hurt my arm lifting some steel. I was pumping for my bench though, so i soldiered on!
I felt ok when i finished so thought i was going to be capable.


Started off a few warmups etc.. nothing straining. A few rotator cuff warmups and was ready!

Flat BB bench: 1set x 70kgs/155lbs x 10reps

Went for my big 130kg, as my spotter couldnt stay long. I unracked the thing, and felt the weight to be more than i was expecting. (maybe psyched myself up too much..) I lowered it down slowly, but that was it. I couldnt get it up, and my spotter had to take a heap of weight!
Man was i shattered! I was sooo dissapointed, and couldnt believe it, i had no chance at it today! :bang:

I changed the weight to 120kg/265lbs and had my spotter on standby. I lowered it slowly, and juuuuust managed to rep the weight! I was sooo pissed! Not to mention, my Bench bar is becoming slipperyer by the day! This is so frustrating too! :bang:
Angry, and VERY dissapointed i continued with my session.

1set x 90kgs/198lbs x 8reps
1 x 100kg/220lbs x 4
1 x 90kg/198lbs x 8
1 x 90kg/198lbs x 5

Still upset and angry, i carried on..

Weighted dips.
3 x BW+10kg/22lbs x 8-10 all supersetted immediately with 4-5 BW dips.

Incline DB press:

2 x 45'skg/100'slbs x 5-6 (this to me was strange.. can dumbell that much and felt ok at the time, but bench was similar! My bar must suck sooo bad!)
1 x 40'skg/88'slbs x 7

DB flies:

1 x 30'skg/65'slbs x 7
2 x 25'skg/55'slbs x 10

i was still dissapointed, and wanted to cut grooves in my bar, but decided to rep out on it instead.

Flat BB bench: 1 x 55kg/120lbs x 16. thought i would get more, but had a hard day, so whatever.... :bang:

I am changing my sig to reflect this current PR..

Clifford Gillmore
10-24-2006, 04:52 AM
I know how you are feeling on the bench big guy, some days I get frustrated that I cant even match my last PR.

very nice dipping too!

10-24-2006, 06:51 AM
I know how you are feeling on the bench big guy, some days I get frustrated that I cant even match my last PR.

very nice dipping too!

Thanks for your constant support Risk, its good to have an extra voice in the corner..
I have been looking for your journal, but couldn't find it until now. Watch out for my post mate.. :hello:
You should put it in your sig...

Clifford Gillmore
10-24-2006, 07:05 AM
It is lol, its the last line of my quote.

I love having people comment on my journal so I try to keep up with as many peoples as I can, I learn so much out of them!

10-24-2006, 07:54 AM
It is lol, its the last line of my quote.

I love having people comment on my journal so I try to keep up with as many peoples as I can, I learn so much out of them!

DUH!!!!!! :eek:

10-25-2006, 02:43 AM
Wow, nice bench weights, I hope to be there within a year or so. I'll be watching!

10-25-2006, 04:59 AM
Cheers K1M, if only my deads would hurry up and reflect what they should... All in good time... :p

10-26-2006, 05:42 AM
Much needed rest day yesterday, and i definately should have rested the day before and trained chest yesterday. I really need to make some training revisions, especially because im going to start wrestling and boxing more.

Ate well, and drank well. I also feel like i have a fair bit of extra muscle mass today. A good feeling, so it was a great rest day.

Went for a light walk, and did stretches..

10-26-2006, 05:47 AM
What a sweet workout!
Started off with a very long and hard yakka day, 29 degress C. Got home, and knew it was shoulders, i still haven't made my rack so i decided i would throw something together. I cut it all up and welded it together, took WAAYYYY longer than i thought, but was better than i thought...

Anyway, thought my workout was going to suck because of my hard day..

Shoulders, RDL, Traps: Duration 1hr 10 mins.

Warmup yadda yadda****************

Standing Mil Press:
1 set 30kg/66lbs x 10 reps
1 set 55kg/120lbs x 8 reps
2 sets 60kg/132lbs x 6-7 reps (PR)

Seated Dum Press:
1 set 35'skg/77'slbs x 6 reps (PR)
2 sets 32.5'skg/72'slbs x 7 reps
1 set 27.5'skg/60lbs x 10 reps..

Seated shoulder flies:
1 set 17.5kg/40lbs x 8 reps
form was average so....
2 sets 15kg/33lbs x 8-9 reps

R Dead Lifts! These were heaps of fun today, and i've decided that they are my second favourite excercise!!!!!!!

1 set 70kg/155lbs x 10
1 set 90 kg/200lbs x 9
2 sets 110kg/240lbs x 8 (PR)

BB shrugs:

3 sets 90kg/200lbs x 10-12

Felt overworked today at the end of my session, and there is no possible chance my calorie intake would be even close to what i burnt... Oh well, i was VERY happy with the workout today.

10-28-2006, 06:39 AM
Mostly a rest day yesterday, did some sprints and a few squats etc...

Trained my girlfreind with some circuit training this morning, i joined in with light weights... Was pretty good.

Back and Lats:

Normal warmups etc..
5 chins.

Weighted chins:
5 reps x 20kg/44lbs SS 5 reps BW
5 reps x 20kg/44lbs SS 4 reps BW
4 reps x 20kg/44lbs SS 4 reps BW

Lat pulldown:
6 reps x 80kg/176lbs
6 reps x 80kg/176lbs
8 reps x 70kg/155lbs
7 reps x 70kg/155lbs

Seated row:
7 reps x 80kg176/lbs
8 reps x 80kg/176lbs
10 reps x 70kg/155lbs

Bent over BB row:
8 reps x 70kg/155lbs
8 reps x 70kg/155lbs
8 reps x 70kg/155lbs(PR)

Bent over DB row:
8 reps x 37.5/82lbs
8 reps x 37.5/82lbs

Felt pretty good throughout my workout. Started off feeling weak, but turned out ok in the end. Overall, happy with session.

Clifford Gillmore
10-28-2006, 09:59 AM
Very solid looking back session, nice work :)

10-29-2006, 03:26 AM
Felt good today, but had the worste sleep last night! Maybe 4 - 5 solid hours..
Missed Breakfast and second meal because of it too!


Warmups etc.....

Squats ATF:
10 reps 50kg/110lbs
10 reps 70kg/155lbs
8 reps 115kg/255lbs
8 reps 115kg/255lbs
6 reps 115kg/255lbs
5 reps 90kg/200lbs

Alot of volume here i know, but im still noobing squats, so i dont want to go heavier yet, and i just didnt feel quenched..

Calf raises: (Free weight against wall)
12 reps 50kg/110lbs
10 reps 70kg/155lbs
10 reps 90kg/200lbs
10 reps 90kg/200lbs
10 reps 70kg/155lbs

Again, alot of volume, but still noob at this too and testing the weight.

10 reps 50kg/110lbs
10 reps 70kg/155lbs
8 reps 100kg/220lbs
8 reps 100kg/220lbs
Felt a slight twitch at the eighth, so stopped here..

Front squats:
Never done these before, so i gave them a shot.
5 reps 70kg/155lbs
I had no shirt, and the bar was slipping so i quit here.

Finishing off with some warmups, i decided to do some cleans for practice. Also some clean and jerk, or whatever they are called...

5 reps 70kg/155lbs

Decent warmdown and stretch. Felt good when i was done, not depleted like i usually am, but quenched anyway.
I may start lowering the volume of my other excercises, and trying to increase the intensity (if i can). If i dont have as much fun, i'll swap back..

Risk: Thanks buddy, back and Lats feel ready to rock today.:whip:

Some help on a few extra leg day workouts would be appreciated. Looking for freeweight suggestions if anyone has any ideas. Thanks

10-31-2006, 02:39 AM
Good easy day at work today, and started a cycle of Creatine last night.
Havn't used the stuff for about 2 years, so im hoping it still works as well...

Chest, Bis, Abs

Rotator Warmups##########

Light skipping, boxing pushups etc...

BB Bench:

Warmup sets etc.......

5 reps 90kg/200lbs
3 reps 100kg/220lbs
3 reps 110kg/240lbs
3 reps 100kg/220lbs
5 reps 90kg/200lbs

These felt ok, but i just habitually lower the weight too slow with a full ROM making the rep so much harder.. (work on speed)

Incline DB press:
8 reps 37.5/82lbs
8 reps 37.5/82lbs
6 reps 37.5/82lbs Could have made easy 8, but reduced set ready for dips.

Weighted Dips:
10 reps 20kg/45lbs + BW (Way too easy, usually im drained after bench..)
10 reps 25kg/55lbs +BW (Again, way too easy, and should have thrown alot more to start with..)
8 reps 30kg/66lbs + BW (Will start with at least 30/66 next chest day.)

Bicep curls, EZY bar:
8 reps 50kg/110lbs (form was average from 4th on, but didnt couldnt be bothered changing the weight.)
8 reps 50kg/110lbs
6reps 50kg/110lbs

Weighted situps:
20 reps 20kg/45lbs +BW
10 reps 40kg/88lbs +BW (form was a bit off, but thought it would be hard to balance 2 dif size weights.)
20 reps 20kg/45lbs +BW

Warmdown, stretches etc....

Overall, workout was ok, but deliberately lacked intensity and volume.. :boring: Will up the intensity with lower volume next workout..


:confused: :confused: :hello:

10-31-2006, 02:50 AM
Nice dips and benching man. May I ask what happened to your ankle to render it FUBAR?

11-02-2006, 03:20 AM
Shoulders, RDL, Traps: Duration 1hr 10 mins.

Lacked energy today, not sure why exactly but have been trying to ponder what i have done differently.
Almost didnt do weights today, but was feeling weak so i HAD to do it!

Did some warmups, less than usual because i was feeling slack..

Standing Mil Press:
1 set 30kg/66lbs x 10 reps
1 set 55kg/120lbs x 8 reps
2 sets 60kg/132lbs x 6 (reps equalled PR, but wasnt impressed..)

Seated Dum Press:
2 sets 32.5'skg/72'slbs x 6 reps (weak as anything here, no idea why.....)
2 sets 27.5'skg/60'slbs x 7-8 reps (very much below par, """" """ """ """...)

R Dead Lifts!

Hmmmmm, last session these were king... This session i HATED them.... (note to self: If feeling dodgey, do Deads first.......)

1 set 70kg/155lbs x 10
3 sets 100kg/220lbs x 8 (under my lame PR, but did 3 sets that really did their job... No pain either...)

Seated shoulder flies:
1 set 12.5kg/lbs x 12 reps
2 sets 15kg/33lbs x 8-9 reps (same as last session....... Felt good though.)

BB shrugs:

1 set 90kg/200lbs x 12
3 sets 110kg/245lbs x 8-10

Feeling a bit dizzy and a fair bit tired... Huh HA!!!! Hang on, i have been realllly lacking in sleep lately! That must be it for sure... Phew~
I am getting a new bed and setting tomorrow arfternoon which cost $5500! So hopefully this bed is the key....
Overall, not happy with the session but given my average of 5 hours every night for the last week.... Ill live with it..

K1M: Thanks Buddy... i do try... :burger:
Oh yeah... my ankle...... Hard to explain without showing, but it got stood on the side of bending my foot sideways, Fracturing the ankle and badly tearing ligaments.. A few months after it healed, i did the other ankle but not as bad... A few months after that, i re did the first one, and it was never quite the same again. I re did it one more time, and then after about 2 years of trouble free, i got heal hooked in an MMA fight! This was bad bad news for it, and i had months of Physio.. Its been about a year or so now with no trouble at all, so hoping its all good...

Clifford Gillmore
01-26-2007, 06:10 AM
1mmortal did some deads today, he should be complaing in here soon ..... :P

Hell, I'll be complaining soon. Post up more stuff!

01-08-2008, 08:32 AM
Did u stop lifting immortal?