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10-25-2006, 06:08 PM
hey every1,

this is my first post - great site! Basically Im a lacrosse player, I'm 5'11 165. Last yr was my first year on a serious weight lifting program I saw fair improvements in my lifting numbers. I've recently started the same lifting program again. I take a nitrotech shake post work out i work out about 2-3 sometimes 4 days a week. My problem, I cannot put weight on if my life depended on it. I eat like there's not enough food in the world so its not like im not eating. I dont eat crap either i eat pretty healthy but I just can't gain. I have just started looking into a weight gainer supplement but some1 told me taht they don't do much and you usually defacate what u're taking in. Can some1 tell me their experiences with weight gainers and any other advice. thanks a lot


10-25-2006, 06:27 PM

This link should help as for what you should be eating. If you want to get big you have to eat big (and of course train hard)

You can track your daily intake here:

As for weight gainers, I had the same question when I started my bulk and someone gave me good advice. The only time weight gainers should be used is it you are trying to eat 5000+ cals a day. If you are aiming for 2500-3500 it should be pretty easy with food. Hope that helps.