View Full Version : Help for my cousin (Combining BB & MMA Question)

10-26-2006, 08:18 AM
My cousin does a lot of mma (muay-thai, ju jitsu, wrestling) training, well over 16 hours a week but wants to put on some decent mass aswell, ive said doing 16 hours mma training combined with weights will be overtraining. Could anyone help with a routine for him to get into shape (hes got a belly too) that combines some good strength/hypertrophy training with his fight training, ill post his exact days/seminars/lessons etc in a bit. (Meant to start this as a new thread in the first place but somehow manged to post is as a reply in a different thread)

10-26-2006, 08:29 AM
If he's averaging over 2.5 hours of training per day (based on a 6 day week), he's going to find it very difficult to gain size by adding more work. And that's IF he doesn't burn out.

Two suggestions

1) clean up his diet - this is the most important. If he's doing that much activity and has a belly, chances are his diet is lacking. Most people are happy with being lean, even if they aren't as big as they originally envisioned.

2) if he absolutely wants to get bigger, cut back on some of the other training, add weight lifting, and eat more. He won't get bigger without progressive overload, but don't be surprised if he gains some fat too.

Isaac Wilkins
10-26-2006, 11:51 AM
If he's training that much with the intensity required for good MMA work and he's still carrying a belly then something is going very wrong (or he was very overweight to begin with and is on his way down).

As Anthony said, look at his diet and get that in line. He's going to need food to sustain that level of training, but obviously not so much food that he stops leaning out or starts to gain more fat.

Any weight training he would do at this point would be minimal with his current training load. Without being able to guage his recovery ability he'd be best served with 1-2 brief, fairly intense weight sessions per week focusing primarily on strength. If he's in the weight room for more than 45 minutes at a time it's too long. Also try to seperate MMA training and weight training by several hours if at all possible.

Growth is going to be tough with that much of a MMA load, but give us some more specifics about him.

In the weight room he should always be thinking "less is more" when it comes to volume and consistantly trying to progress in weight (with good form, obviously).

He'd also better be sleeping 10-12 hours a day if possible!