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10-31-2006, 07:52 PM
*some background*

i was really fat (320 lbs), then got into running and lifting, visiting this forum frequently to get educated. i dropped to around 190 in a little over a year, then went on a bulk. well........ i met a girl, graduated from school (no more free and convenient gym), had to live in the real world, and got married. during that time i slowly stopped going to the gym and stopped exercising, but continued to eat like i was bulking. 2 years later im fat again (250 lbs), and looking to cut. ive been dieting the past 1.5 months, and running (jogging) 5 days a week. i plan to be on a cut for a while, to get around 180ish (im 6'3). i am not lifting, and do not plan on lifting until i get pretty close to what i would consider lean. i really just want to focus my time and energy on a single task, and it makes it easy that i can just come home and run after work. at this point, i only care about being skinny. lifting will come later when i feel i can really make gains at it.

my diet has been fairly protein heavy, consisting much of chicken, tuna, eggs, etc, as im trying to help maintain what little lean body mass i have left. still, its hard to get that protein in for some meals (especially with the wife). i went to the ALN site to check out their whey (nitrean), remembering that it was supposed to be some of the best stuff out there. i previously had used ON because the 10lb bags were so cheap per serving and i was broke, but i now want to give ALN a try.

so im browsing the site, and see the fat loss stack. i am very interested in trying out the ETS and thermocin, as they look like they could give a little extra advantage to go along with my solid diet and training routine.

*some questions*

1. Like I said above, I am not lifting, and do not plan on doing so for quite some time. My training routine will consist of jogging, hiit, mountain biking, and skiing. Is there any benefit to taking creatine at this time? From what I know about creatine, it wont hurt or hinder me in any way, but will it be beneficial for the things I am doing? I really would rather not purchase a product I do not need.

2. I have a standard mens 1 a day vitamin. is there an advantage to ALNs multi-plus over what i currently have? if not, like said above, i dont want to purchase things i dont need.

after looking at the serving sizes (and how often I will use the product), it seems i will for sure need roughly 1 bottle of nitrean/ETS/thermocin per month. if needed, the creatine will last 3 months, and the multi-plus will last 1 month. obviously, I plan on being a repeat customer, after reading the stunning reviews of these products (and even more so once i experience their effects first hand).

3. if taking creatine (while not lifting) will benefit me, and the multi-plus IS better than what I have now, I have no problem simply ordering the fat loss stack. but what should i do after that, when i no longer need a bottle of creatine? can i substitue it for something? or maybe just order 2 or 3 of everything i do need to get the savings bonus?

4. if i do not need the creatine and/or do not need the multi-plus, what is the best way to go about ordering this every month? can i substitute for something, or should i just buy 2 or 3 of everything i do need and get the savings benefit that way?

either way im ordering stuff, just trying to get an honest opinion about what would work best for my situation. i cant wait to get my hands on this stuff!

chris mason
11-01-2006, 06:14 AM
First, you should train with weights from the get-go but I will say no more as that is your decision.

If you are only running creatine will offer no benefit for you. When you buy the Fat Loss stack you save a significant amount of money vs. the normal price of the items. To that end you could look at it as getting the Creatine 500 for free. The Creatine will keep for a long time if unopened so you could keep it until you are ready to train with weights.

Multi-Plus has more of specific vitamins and minerals that support intense training than the other product you mentioned and that is what we feel makes it superior.

One last thing, if you mention it in the "comments" section we would be happy to substitute an extra Multi-Plus for the Creatine 500. We don't normally do this but would make an exception for you.


11-01-2006, 07:24 AM
thanks for the fast response. i will place my order today :)