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11-06-2006, 08:13 PM
Stats as of this date 10/20/06
weight 190
height 5'9"
Bench 200x1
Squat 225x1
Dead 275x7

Stats as of this date 11/05/06
weight 193
height (still 5'9") :p
Bench 200x1
Squat 220x5
Dead 295x7

I guess I will have to start putting my notebook info on this journal as well. Hopefully I will become just a little extra motivated by writing in this. I currently workout alone and find that to work for me. (at a public gym) I am looking for more home equipment and my hopes are to get enough to be able to complete my routines at home!

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11-07-2006, 08:27 AM
try a site called photobucket to host them, never posted pictures here but a lot of people use photobucket because it's a free picture hosting site.

11-07-2006, 09:12 AM
Dude...I love V8 its the shizzle!

11-07-2006, 06:46 PM
VITA: thanks I'll go check it out.

HARDGAINER: Really? I can't stand it...but hey like he said "You gotta.....Get big"!

11-10-2006, 07:52 AM

Catching up a little here.

Weight (w/o shoes) 193 at 7am. This is the most I have ever weighed.
I work nights 6pm-6am I only weigh in at my workouts occasionally. Last night I worked and went to the gym in the AM

WBB #1 Shoulder & Arm

Standing Millitary 1x7/115 1x6/120
Seated Dumbell 1x7/60 1x7.5/60
Upright rows (BB) 1x10/90 1x10/90

Close grip bench 1x8/135 1x8/135
Standing French Press 1x8/80 1x6/80
Standing Barbell Curls 1x8/90 1x4.5/100
Hammers 1x5/45 1x7/45

4x10/BW crunches

11-10-2006, 08:06 AM

Had this day off. I have not felt great at the gym lately so I wanted to really push this workout to try to break through my issues I guess.

WBB #1 Chest & Back

Bench 1x7/175 1x5/175 1x2/175
Incline dumbell press 1x9/65 1x8/65 *
Dips 1x8/BW 1x8/bw

Lat pulls 1x8/120 1x7/150 **
Deads 1x6/305 1x6/305 1x3/315
Incline T-Bar rows 1x8/105 1x8/110
Shrugs 1x10/225 1x10/235

After that I warmed up a little more with some light squats working up to a PR attempt
Squats 1x1/135 1x2/185 1x1/225 and then "1x1/245 PR"
Finished the squating off with 1x3/225 1x10/135

Finally some extra bench work
1x7/165 1x3/175 1x10/135

I am hoping the extra work on squatting and bech will help my next visit at the gym.

* Attempted to use 70lb dumbell and could not get my left arm up in the press form. My last workout was similar. I got the 70lb up for a set of 5 but had to go back to the 65lb dumbell for my second set as I could'nt getthe 70lbs up with my left arm. I'm not sure why the initial movement into the incline press form is giving me problems. I guess I'll stick with the 65lb dumbs until I can get like 10-12 reps and then re-try the 70?

** I have started doing lat pull downs instead of pull ups because I can only do about 3 legit pull ups. Not sure if it's better to do 6-8 lower weight pull downs or 2-3 BW(higher weight in this case) pull ups?

11-10-2006, 08:08 AM
I had some issues at the gym the other day with old ladies yapping it up at the barbell curl station and getting in my way. I gotta change gyms....this one is $45 a month anyway and that's a rip off!

11-10-2006, 08:27 AM
making progress man! and just tell grandma to screw next time shes curlin, ha.

11-10-2006, 09:35 AM
I had some issues at the gym the other day with old ladies yapping it up at the barbell curl station and getting in my way. I gotta change gyms....this one is $45 a month anyway and that's a rip off!

Gotta get some pictures up so I can refer back to them with disgust! hahaha

wishing my gym was any cheaper. cheapest decent gym in the area at $50/month, but they've also got locations near my school, my work, and my home.

stick to it WS, sometimes getting in that extra work will really help up the motivation for you, i've done the same in the past too.

11-10-2006, 10:08 AM
WoW, I feel really good about my $25/month for my gym (24hourfitness.com) And yes, some of the gyms are actually open 24 hours a day, which was perfect since I can goto any of them and didnt get to the gym til 12:20am last night.

Don't you have a chain of gyms around you like Bally's or something? I know some people prefer the smaller more personal type gyms. But as long as they have the equipment, who cares.

11-10-2006, 10:12 AM
WoW, I feel really good about my $25/month for my gym (24hourfitness.com) And yes, some of the gyms are actually open 24 hours a day, which was perfect since I can goto any of them and didnt get to the gym til 12:20am last night.

Don't you have a chain of gyms around you like Bally's or something? I know some people prefer the smaller more personal type gyms. But as long as they have the equipment, who cares.

Bally's are in horrible locations for me, not sure on price either. there's one other one with cheaper rates, but also in horrible spots and not open when i need to train (lame...). i could use that $25 for food though...

edit: got me thinking and found a location of a gym with a $20 membership that's by the condo we just bought. sweet...

11-11-2006, 09:24 AM

STUMP That's what was the most annoying...she was just gabbing with another grandma and not actually working out! lol

ONEBADUNIT/VITA Yeah I went on an all out gym search yesterday. Found one called total fitness. They are open 24 hours during the week and it's only $16 a month but you gotta make a year commitment.

I also went looking for some more equipment to add to my home gym. I have a decent half cage but I would like a regular style bench and I need multiple dumbells. The local Air Force base is opening up a new gym on base. My wife's in the AF so I could go there for free.....although it was suppossed to open in November but now it's been pushed back to January and who knows after that. I think I'll switch gyms for now and at only $16 a month I guess you can't go wrong.

11-11-2006, 09:25 AM

Well I was gonna go to the gym for leg day but I think I might just use my own equipment and save the drive! $45 a month and I don't even use it! lol oh well...:bash:

11-11-2006, 11:08 AM

Leg Day

Squats 1x5/185 1x5/215 1x5/220 1x5/225

Incase you are wondering why I am doing 4 sets of squats on the WBB #1 this is the reason. I have no hack squat machine at home and I worked out at home today. Also I hate hack squats! So I have decided to just do 4 sets of squats and no hacks from now on.

Good Mornings 1x8/115 1x8/125
SLDL 1x4/185 1x5/185 1x5/185

I went back to the drawing board on the SLDL's. I was begining to turn them into regular deads as the weight increased in the past couple of weeks. (was up to 295) I checked the eXrX page and now I believe I have my form down tight. So I went back to some lighter weight on these and am going to work my way up with only the best form.

Calf raisers (standing barbell) 1x10/185 1x10/235 1x12/280

I ussually do my calf raisers on a smith machine with a step thingy. Since I have no smith machine at home I just used a ten pound plate to raise me up a little and just put the barbell on my shoulders (squat form) and did the best I could. It's harder to balance so it would appear I am working harder but I can't go down as far without the step thingy.

Lastly....I am not happy with the size of my legs so I am going to keep throwing in some extra squat work as often as possible (rest wise). On that note since I was woarmed up I decided to try a personal record squat.....Nailed it! 250lb! Lifting kicks ass! hahaha:nod:

11-14-2006, 01:46 AM

Well I'm working right now and it's about 4am. I'm going to the gym after work for my shoulder/arm portion of the WBB 1. I'm also canceling my membership today. Apparently when I signed up I agreed to give a 30 day notice when I decide to cancel. I guess the new gym will have to wait another month. Oh well. I hate going on weekday mornings. I don't get into the place until 7am and by then it's packed with people working out before they go to work! It's not so much the weights that are busy but the locker room gets packed. I'm as opened minded as the next guy but too much of the naked male body is enough to gross anyone out. Now if only they would allow me in the ladies locker room? hmmmmm

11-14-2006, 06:03 PM

Well today was shoulder/arm day for WBB 1

7am workout after work
weight 195.4

MIllitary press 1x8/115 1x7/120
Seated Dumbell 1x8/60 1x7/60
Upright rows(bb) 1x10/90 1x7/100
Close grip bench 1x8/140 1x6/145
Inside of hands on the outer edge of smooth part on olympic barbell
French press 1x8/80 1x8/80
Barbell curls 1x6/100 1x6/100
Hammer curls 1x5/50 1x7/45

2x 10/hanging BW crunchs

As stated before I will try to do some extra leg and chest work when my time allows.

1x8/BW dips
1x8/BW dips

Squats 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/225

I had to kill a bunch of time before my squats as the power rack was in use (only second time I have ever seen someone use it!) so that's when I did the dips.

11-16-2006, 10:28 PM

My weight was at 193 lbs today

11-16-2006, 10:35 PM
Your militaries will be creeping up soon. Good increase on the CG Bench. Welcome to journal land.

11-18-2006, 05:01 AM

OK I had to rush through this workout and did not complete all the exercises and reps associated with it. Also because I was rushing I hurt my lower back doing deads with what i believe was improper form. My log book is in my car and it's cold outside so I'll post the workout later. Just wanted to make a note of hurting my back.

I had my first basketball game of the year today. We lost the game by 14 points.:bang: I was 3-4 for 7 points with 1 three pointer.

11-18-2006, 05:06 AM

Well 2 days later and my back is still a little sore. It's not so much that it is keeping me from doing my normal day to day stuff or even hurting all that bad. It's that I want it to heel ASAP so I can keep up with my workouts. My basketball league starts tonight at 5pm and it's now 7am. I'm gonna spend that day moving my gym equipment up from my basement to a room upstairs where it will be warm. It's gives me 0 motivation to workout in the cold basement. Since my gym is still 15 minutes from my house I don't want to waste time driving there (on leg day) just to find out my back is still too weak for squats and good mornings! The pain is such that I think I could muddle through, but anyone that has hurt themselves will understand that it's the weakness and possibility of reinjury that makes me so nervous.

11-18-2006, 08:00 AM
yeah dude. I know what you mean. If you take it slow and recover now, you'll thank yourself when you avoid a serious injury that requiries surgery. Maybe you could still lift now if you add more warmup sets and don't yet go for new PRs?

11-22-2006, 08:07 PM

Well it's time to update my journal.


Squats 1x5/185 1x5/215 1x5/220 1x5/225

Good Mornings 1x8/125 1x8/130

SLDL 1x5/185 1x5/185 1x5/225

Calf Raises 1x10/225 1x10/275 1x10/315

Crunchs 1x10 1x10 1x8

(Tried the machine seated style crunchs next 1x10/90 1x10/110)

As I said already I was feeling like crap this day because of my back. It was definately weak today but I was able to get through the workout without reinjuring. Hopefully I will only get better from here.


Game 2 on the young basketball season was today. We crushed the team weplayed by 35 points. With 9 mins left in the first half we were up 22-0! ouch! I scored 13 points with no 3 pointers and was 1-2 from the line.

11-22-2006, 08:18 PM

Either it's the cold weather or I am getting sick. I just feel really tired. I only worked 2 days this week due to the death of my uncle. Thanksgiving is tommorow. I finally set up my power rack upstairs and was able to muddle through a workout at home today. With just a few adjustments as you will see.

Standing Millitary 1x8/115 1x6/120 1x4/125 1x3/125
(I don't have the required dumbells to do the seated dumbell press so I did 4 sets of millitary instead)

Upright rows 1x10/100 1x10/105

Close Grip Bench 1x8/145 1x6/145

Lateral dips 1x15 1x15
(again no dumbells so could'nt do french press)

BB curls 1x5/95 1x6/95
(I think the amount of weight went down because I used a straight bar instead of a eazy curl bar)

Hammer curl 1x10/35
( I went down on the weight and upon the reps cause I only have the 35lb dumbells...I working on getting more dumbells.)

11-28-2006, 10:40 PM

Journal update time again.

Yes I worked out on Thanksgiving. However my workout was modified as I only have so much equipment at home. so there were no dips or pull downs, pull ups or chins. Also no DB inclines.

BB Bench 1x7/175 1x5/180 1x3/185 1x3/185 1x2/190 1x1/190
Deads 1x4/300 1x6/300 1x5/275 (I only have 300lbs)
Bent over Rows (bb) 1x5/135 1x8/135
BB shrugs 1x10/235 1x10/235

I either need to change my routine or get more equipment for days like this.

11-28-2006, 10:43 PM

Squats 1x5/185 1x5/185 1x5/215 1x5/225 1x5/235

"PR" 1x1/265 squat "PR"

Good Mornings 1x8/135 1x8/135

SLDL 1x5/185 1x5/185 1x5/235

Standing calf raise 1x10/185 1x10/235 1x10/275


Game three was a great game. We beat Teddy bear Pools by 20 points and I scored 19. I hit 4 three point baskets in a row in the second half!

11-28-2006, 10:46 PM

Weight 197

Millitary Press 1x7/120 1x6/120
Seated DB press 1x7/60 1x7/60
Upright rows 1x10/105 1x7/105
Close Grip Bench 1x8/145 1x5/150
French Press 1x6/80 1x9/80
BB curls 1x6/100 1x6/100
DB hammer curls 1x5/50

(Extra work)
Seated rows 1x10/100 1x10/130
Hanging crunchs 1x10/bw 1x10/bw 1x10/bw

11-29-2006, 10:11 PM

Bench 1x8/175 1x5/180 1x3/185 1x2/190

Deads 1x5/275 1x5/300 1x4/300

Bent over rows 1x7/135 1x8/135 1x6/135

Worked out at home today and I still don't have any dumbells, pull up bar or dip station.

11-29-2006, 10:26 PM
Technically it's the 30th since it's after midnight. I have been reading alot on this forum and one thought always seems to pop into my mind. The need for a goal. As I stated in my opening post I do not have a goal. As of this point I still do not have an ultimate goal in mind. Not a tangible goal anyway. Does evryone on this forum have goals? The only goal I thought I ever had was to be able to bench 225. Now my bench seems to be moving along so slowly I feel like it that goal could be years away! Well as I write this I am seeing that I do have a goal. Small though it may be.

Also along the bench press number line I do have a question. What would a person that is considered to have a balanced physique be able to bench, squat, deadlift in terms of eachother? For example if one could bench 200 then should you be able to squat 200 and deadlift 200 as well or is one lift often times stronger than the other's? I don't know if anyone will understand the way I just asked that question but give it a try.

12-01-2006, 06:07 PM

I wanted to post a before and after reps and weight comparison for my WBB #1 routine. However I am a little short on my first couple of weeks info because i was not keeping track on paper of my stats. I do have some number of the begining but cannot be 100% sure of the dates so I am just starting from the first time I actually starting writing my stats down on 10/20/06. Anyway here they are...the results of my WBB # 1 routine of approx 7 weeks (short the first 2 weeks stats)

Stats as of 11/30/06
Weight 197.5

Bench 205 x 1
Squat 265 x 1
Dead 315 x 5

Stats as of 10/20/06
weight 190

Bench 200x1
Squat 225x1
Dead 275x7

So those are my increases I guess. At least now when I start my new 5x5 routine I will have a better idea of where I am starting from now, than I had back then.

Everyone please let me know what you think about these numbers. Just curious if I am increasing my weights and my body weight at a good pace. Thanks

12-05-2006, 06:27 PM

OK I am starting my new routine this week. Bill Starr 5 x 5. I am currently between gyms until the Air Force base gym opens in Feb. so I am only at my house and this limits slightly some of the exercises I am doing (or willing to do some would say). I also got my first shippment of Nitrean in today. I wonder if I will look back at this point and say if my change of routine helped my keep prgressing or my change of protein supplement! lol

Bill Starr 5 x 5 day #1

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/160 1x5/185 1x5/210 1x5/235
Bench 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/150 1x5/165 1x5/180
Bent over Barbell Row 1x5/95 1x5/105 1x5/115 1x5/130 1x6/140

I can tell this routine is gonna kick my ass in the begining!

It asks you to do weighted sit ups and weighted hypers as "assistance work" but I didn't do anything on this day.

12-05-2006, 06:34 PM

Bill Starr 5 x 5 Day #2

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/160 1x5/185 1x5/185

The next set is your choice of incline or millitary and since I am at home I will be doing the millitary's because my set up makes those easier for now until I get my seperate bench and another olympic bar.

Millitary 1x5/95 1x5/100 1x5/110 1x5/120

Deadlifts 1x5/210 1x5/240 1x5/270 1x5/300
315 is actually my top weight for deads but I only have 300lbs of weight at the moment. That will go up to 600 when I get my olympic barbell set soon.

Assistance work: Dumbell curls 1x10/35 (I only have one set of dumbells and they are 35lbs. Again, that will change as I add more equipment to my home gym.

Game 4 of my basketball season was today. I forget the name of the team we played but we won big again. I am begining to think we have a real shot at winning alot of games this year! Should be great fun.

12-05-2006, 06:45 PM

Bill Starr 5 x 5 Day #3

Well the prgram says to do it on Mon-Wed-Fri but my work schedule is a rotating 4 days on 4 days off so my workout schedule changes week to week. I thought I could do this day 3 the next day after I did Day #2, however that was yesterday and my body is telling me now that perhaps I should take at least 1 day off between workouts! ouch.


Squat 1x5/135 1x5/160 1x5/185 1x5/210 1x3/240 1x8/185

Bench 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/150 1x5/165 1x3/185 1x8/150

Barbell row 1x5/95 1x5/105 1x5/115 1x5/130 1x3/145 1x8/135
Technically I should have done my last set of 8 barbell rows at 115lbs but I was too lazy to take off my 45 plates and replace them with the correct amnount to make the 115lbs so I just did the 135 x 8.

Assistance: Good Mornings 1x8/135 1x8/135

Day #3 calls for weighted dips, curls, and tricep extensions. However since I don't have a dip station, and the curls were done on Day#1 I decided to replace the weighted hypers that are called for on day one with Good Mornings.

I got the impression from reading the routine that the assistance work could be done anytime. Either way I think I will continue to just mix it up alittle as far as that aspect goes too see what works best for me. All in all the first 3 days of this kicked my ass. It's now the day after day #3 workout and my chest, back, and legs are all a little sore. I am hoping that as I get used to this routine the soreness will subside. Very happy at this point though.

12-07-2006, 04:08 PM

Well the plan was to get up today at 2pm and lift prior to work. However the wife didn't wake me until 3pm (which is odd because she was suppossed to be at work at 230:scratch: ). So no lifting today. I plan on lifting in the AM after I get out of work I really like this new 5 x 5 routine.

12-09-2006, 12:48 AM

5 x 5 Routine #1

Squats 1x5/135 1x5/165 1x5/185 1x5/215 1x5/240

bench 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/150 1x5/170 1x5/185

Barbell rows 1x5/100 1x5/110 1x5/120 1x5/135 1x5/145

Assistance: Good Mornings 1x8/135 1x8/140

12-20-2006, 09:49 PM

squat 1x5/140 1x5/165 1x5/190 1x5/190

millitary press 1x5/95 1x5/100 1x5/105 1x5/115 1x5/125

Deadlift (warmup 1x5/185) 1x5/215 1x5/245 1x5/275 1x5/300

Assistance: Hammer curl 1x10/35 1x10/35 1x10/35
BarbellTricep extensions 1x10/45 1x10/65 1x10/65
Behind neck millitary press 1x10/45 1x10/65 1x10/65

12-20-2006, 09:53 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/165 1x5/185 1x5/215 1x3/250 1x8/185

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/175 1x3/190 1x8/155

Barbell Rows 1x5/100 1x5/110 1x5/120 1x5/135 1x3/150 1x8/135

12-20-2006, 09:55 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/165 1x5/195 1x5/225 1x5/250

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/160 1x5/175 1x5/190

Barbell Rows 1x7/100 1x5/110 1x5/125 1x5/135 1x5/150

Assistance: Good Mornings 1x8/135 1x8/145

12-20-2006, 10:02 PM

Squat 1x5/140 1x5/165 1x5/195 1x5/195

Incline Bench 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/170 1x5/175

Millitary Press 1x5/95 1x5/100 1x5/115 1x5/130

Deadlift (warmup 1x5/185) 1x5/215 1x5/245 1x5/285 1x5/300

12-20-2006, 10:05 PM

Squat 1x5/140 1x5/165 1x5/195 1x5/225 1x3/255 1x8/195

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/160 1x5/175 1x3/195 1x8/160

Barbell Rows 1x5/100 1x5/110 1x5/125 1x5/135 1x3/155 1x8/125

Assistance: DB curls 1x10/35 1x10/35

12-20-2006, 10:09 PM


Squat 1x15/120 1x15/120

GM 1x15/95 1x15/95

Millitary Press 1x15/65 1x15/65

Calf Raise 1x15/200 1x15/200

Bench Press 1x15/110 1x15/110

Barbell Rows 1x15/75 1x17/75

Barbell Curl 1x15/45 1x15/45

Deadlift 1x15/175 1x15/175

Bench Tricep Dip 1x15/BW 1x15/BW

12-20-2006, 10:11 PM

Squat 1x15/125

GM 1x15/100

Millitary Press 1x15/70

Calf Raise 1x15/205

Bench Press 1x15/115

Barbell Rows 1x15/80

Barbell Curl 1x15/45

Deadlift 1x15/180

Bench Tricep Dip 1x15/BW +5lbs

The last 7 posts were done today as I have not been able to update my journal the last couple of weeks (busy). I started the HST program the last 2 posts. I know I shouldn't be changeing my routine every 2 weeks but I thought I would give this one a try. It is a 6-8 week at the minimum program so I will give it that long. If I don't like it I can always go back to the 5 x 5.

12-24-2006, 05:31 PM

5 x 5

squats 1x5/135 1x5/165 1x5/195 1x5/225 1x5/255

Bench 1x5/135 1x5/140 1x5/165 1x5/180 1x4/195 (couldn't get that 5th rep up)

Barbell Rows 1x5/105 1x5/115 1x5/125 1x5/140 1x5/150

12-25-2006, 08:56 PM

5 x 5

squats 1x5/135 1x5/165 1x5/195 1x5/225 1x5/255

Bench 1x5/135 1x5/140 1x5/165 1x5/180 1x4/195 (couldn't get that 5th rep up)

Barbell Rows 1x5/105 1x5/115 1x5/125 1x5/140 1x5/150

You shouldn't start this low on your weight.

Next squat session I think you should start out with 225 and try to get out five hard sets of five with that weight. You need to go heavy on every single set to see good gains.

12-25-2006, 09:36 PM
Thanks for stopping by Mike. So since I'm on the 5 x 5 rogram you think I should start out with 225 when my max 5 rep set is 255? Should I do:

1x5/225 1x5/235 1x5/240 1x5/245 1x5/255?

The bill starr program say I should take my max 5 reps and go down from there in 15% increments. Technically that would be:

1x5/102 1x5/140 1x5/178 1x5/216 1x5/255

I thought the rep scheme I was using was appropriate. What do you think? Thanks for any insight you may have.

12-25-2006, 09:44 PM
Thanks for stopping by Mike. So since I'm on the 5 x 5 rogram you think I should start out with 225 when my max 5 rep set is 255? Should I do:

1x5/225 1x5/235 1x5/240 1x5/245 1x5/255?

The bill starr program say I should take my max 5 reps and go down from there in 15% increments. Technically that would be:

1x5/102 1x5/140 1x5/178 1x5/216 1x5/255

I thought the rep scheme I was using was appropriate. What do you think? Thanks for any insight you may have.

My names jordan lol......

I'm not familiar with bill starr's program at all.......from what my last bulk has been it was always so much better for strength and size gains if every set was really hard. Not so hard that you fail, but hard enough that you have a good solid workout with no regrets.

It just seems that for you, it would be really easy to do the weight you are throwing up. Like, if you started out doing 102 pounds for five reps. on your first set, that should be REALLY easy if your last set is 255 for five reps.

Maybe you are misinterpreting it. Like, the program may be asking you to start out with 255 for five hard reps. and then taking it down.....

Again. I've never done that program but a strength program should never be easy on any set.....I would PM forum member "Sidior".

He knows more about it then I do....Good luck

12-27-2006, 07:04 AM
OK so I went back to the Bill Starr program page "Starting Strength" and here is what I found regarding the ramping up of weight.

Ramping Weights:

This is basically increasing your weight set to set like warming up. If your top set of 5 is 315, you might go 135, 185, 225, 275, and then 315 all for 5 reps. There are several reasons for this, you are warming up, getting a lot of practice and really groove the coordination of the lifts, and contributing to workload without raising it so high that fatigue overcomes you and you overtrain. If you do 315 for all 5 sets, workload is a lot higher and doing that a couple of times a week ensures that you won't last long on this program.

Typically jumps can be somewhere between 10-15% per set based on your top set (or 12.5% and round up or down). An easy way to figure this is to find out what 10% and 15% are for your top set and then track backwards into the other sets using the variance to round or help it make sense.


Your top set is 100lbs

10% is 10lbs and 15% is 15lbs

Your 5th set is 100x5, 4th is 90x5, 3rd is 80x5, 2nd is 70x5, and 1st is 60x5

These are the minimum jumps of 10%, the math doesn't always look this neat but using 12.5% isn't as intuitively easy to see for explaining this.

Make sure this makes sense and you aren't so strong as to make the jumps ridiculous at 10-15%. But keep in mind, going 200, 205, 210, 215, and 220 is a lot closer to 220 for 5x5 and that's too much on this kind of frequency, it will fatigue you a lot faster (i.e. prevent you from progressing) and hurt your ability to get as much as possible with your top set.

So based on this I have been doing this particular program correctly. Hopefully this will helkp anyone reading my journal and on or thinking about starting the 5 x 5.

01-10-2007, 04:51 PM

Squats 1x5/140 1x5/165 1x5/195 1x5/225

Incline Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/170 1x5/180 1x15/135

Millitary Press 1x5/100 1x5/105 1x5/120 1x5/135

Deadlift (wu1x5/135) 1x5/225 1x5/250 1x5/295 1x5/315

Assistance: DB curls 1x10/35, Good Mornings 1x8/135, Close Grip Bench 1x8/135

01-10-2007, 04:55 PM

Squats 1x5/140 1x6/165 1x6/195 1x5/225 1x3/260 1x8/195

Bench Press 1x6/135 1x6/135 1x6/160 1x6/180 1x3/200 1x10/160

Barbell Rows 1x5/100 1x5/115 1x5/125 1x5/140 1x3/155 1x8/125

Assistance: Good Mornings 1x8/145 1x8/155, Calf Raise 1x10/205 1x10/255 1x10/305, BB curls 1x10/75

01-10-2007, 04:59 PM

My goals for the new year. Not to be confused with a new years resolution!

Squat 5 x 300

Bench 5 x 225

Dead 5 x 405

01-10-2007, 05:02 PM

Squat 1x5/145 1x6/170 1x5/200 1x5/225 1x3/260 1x2/260*

Incline Bench Press 1x6/135 1x6/145 1x6/165 1x5/180 (flat bench 1x3/200 1x1/200)

Barbell Rows 1x5/100 1x5/120 1x5/130 1x5/140 1x5/155

Assistance: Close Grip Bench 1x8/155 1x8/155

* I was suppossed to get the last set of 260 all at once for 5 reps. However on my 3rd rep I hit my saftey bars and it threw me off balance and I lost it. I guess I need to keep the bars a notch lower than they were.

01-10-2007, 05:43 PM

Squat 1x15/135 1x15/135

Bench 1x15/135 1x15/135

Deadlift 1x15/135 1x10/185 1x1/345 *PR*

Just wanted to mix it uop a bit and went with the higher rep stuff. It was great fun (sarcasm)

Happy about the PR dead though. I tried to hit 395 after that and missed.

01-10-2007, 05:44 PM

Squat 1x5/145 1x5/165 1x5/185 1x5/205 1x3/265 1x8/205

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/140 1x5/150 1x5/170 1x4/200 1x6/185

Barbell Rows 1x5/100 1x5/120 1x5/130 1x5/140 1x3/160 1x8/135

01-10-2007, 09:55 PM

Squats 1x5/145 1x5/165 1x5/185 1x5/205 1x5/265

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x5/165 1x5/170 1x5/200

Barbell Rows 1x5/105 1x5/125 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x5/160

Assistance Zercher Squats 1x5/135 1x5/185, Skull Crushers 1x10/35 1x10/45(plates)

01-11-2007, 10:56 PM

OK just got done with my "light" day on the Bill Starr 5 x 5. Some how a day when OH press and Deadlift are involved doesn't seem like it should be considered light! lol Anyway here it is:

Squats 1x5/140 1x5/185 1x5/205 1x5/205

OH Press 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x5/120 1x4/135*

Deadlift 1x5/225 1x5/275 1x5/295 1x5/325** 1x1/375***

*I have not been doing the OH press every middle day as the program says you can choose OH press or incline bench. In an effort to increase my bench I have been doing the inclines but I think I am gonna go back to the OH press (millitary) every middle day now. I have already done 1x5/135 previously but the lack of consistancy in them has me behind that now!:strong:

** Personal record at 5 reps.

*** Personal record at 1 rep max by 30 lbs!

01-15-2007, 06:22 PM

Warm up Zercher squat 1x5/135

Squat 1x5/145 1x5/165 1x5/185 1x5/205 1x3/270 1x8/225

Flat bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x/165 1x5/170 1x3/205 1x8/165

Barbell Rows 1x5/105 1x5/125 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x3/165 1x8/135

Assistance:Rack pulls 1x1/135 1x2/225 1x3/295 1x3/345 1x3/395 1x2/445

1x2/445 Rackpull (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=D1JtH_31ozk&mode=user&search=)

Killed my hand on the 445 rack pulls. Shane if your nice I may post a picture later. ok here it is: http://i136.photobucket.com/albums/q169/jaycarneygiants/IMG_6375.jpg

01-17-2007, 04:31 PM

I know this workout seems to be 3 days from the last but because of my work schedule I have only slept twice since my last workout so technically it was only a 1 day off time frame. This was a disclaimer because I felt like this workout blew. Though there was still some improvment from the last day, it was not the amount of improvement I was hoping for. Anyway here it is:

Squat 1x5/150 1x5/170 1x5/190 1x5/235 1x4/270 (should have been 5 reps)

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/150 1x5/165 1x5/175 1x3/205 1x2/205 (should have been 5 reps straight)

Barbell Rows 1x5/105 1x5/125 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x5/165 (these went smooth)

01-17-2007, 06:46 PM
Just a side note of an interesting routine


01-19-2007, 09:20 PM

Squat 1x5/150 1x5/170 1x15/225 "PR" for reps for the 225lb squat contest

OH Press 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x5/125 1x4/135 1x2/135*

Deadlift (1x5/135 WU) 1x5/225 1x5/275 1x5/305 1x5/330 1x1/380 "PR"

380 Deadlift (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=11dJcD_RTPo)

Assistance: Bench Press 1x1/225 "PR" 1x7/195 BW bench contest

225 1x1/225 Bench Press (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dDfsFLjjmB4&mode=user&search=)

195 1x7/195 Bench Press (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvnpnPSZD3Y&mode=user&search=)

Hammer Curls DB 1x10/35 1x10/35 1x10/35

Skull crushers 1x20/45lb plate 1x20/45lb plate

OH press 1x20/55 1x20/55

Good Mornings 1x8/145 1x8/145

01-23-2007, 04:31 PM

Barbell Curls 1x15/55 1x12/65 1x10/75 1x8/85

01-23-2007, 04:34 PM

(wu 1x5/135 zercher squats)

Squat 1x5/150 1x5/170 1x5/190 1x5/225 1x5/270"pr" for reps

Bench press 1x5/135 1x5/150 1x5/165 1x5/175 1x4/205 1x8/165

Barbell Row 1x5/105 1x5/125 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x3/170 1x8/135

Assistance:Barbell skull crusher 1x10/65 1x10/75 1x10/85
Weighted Crunch 1x10/BW 1x10/BW+25 1x10/BW+25 1x10/BW+25
1 Leg Squat (Right leg) 1x10/BW 1x10/BW

For the 1 leg squat I actually just step up on one of my benchs from the floor so I guess technically it's not a squat but for lack of a better name.

01-23-2007, 07:44 PM

Barbell curls 1x15/65 1x5/95 1x5/95 1x5/95

02-14-2007, 07:38 PM
Doing some log catch up work after the vacation.


Barbell Curls 1x5/95 1x6/95 1x6/95 1x6/95

Skull cruchers 1x10/65 1x8/85 1x6/95 1x6/95

Calf Raisers 1x10/135 1x10/225 1x10/295 1x10/295

02-14-2007, 08:13 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/225 1x5/225 1x5/275

OH press 1x6/95 1x6/115 1x5/125 1x5/125 1x5/135*

Barbell rows 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/170

*Left shoulder was having some pain when I tried to bench. Skipped the bench and went for the OH press instead. I thinkI will take a short break from bench to rest my shoulder.

02-14-2007, 08:18 PM

squat 1x8/135 1x8/185 1x6/225

barbell curls 1x10/45 1x6/95 1x6/95 1x5/100

skull crushers 1x10/45 1x5/95 1x5/95 1x5/95

Dead lift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/275 1x5/305 1x5/335


1 legged step ups on bench 1x10/bw+5 1x10/bw+5 (Right leg)
Weighted situps 1x10/bw+25 1x10/bw+25
Hammer curls 1x10/35 1x10/35

02-15-2007, 10:21 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/225 1x5/225 1x3/280 1x8/225

Bench 1x5/135 1x5/150 1x5/165 1x5/175 1x5/185

BB Rows 1x5/105 1x5/115 1x5/135 1x7/145 1x7/145

Assistance: weighted sit ups 1x10/bw+25 1x10/bw+25

Worked out at the Hickam AFB gym in Hawaii. weighed in at 199 in shoes

02-15-2007, 10:24 PM

Dips 1x10/bw 1x10/bw

Hanging crunch 1x15/bw 1x15/bw 1x15/bw

Hammer curls 1x10/40 1x9/40 1x8/40

French press 1x10/50 1x15/50 1x20/50

Weighted hypers 1x10/bw+25 1x10/bw+25

Worked out in Hotel gym. Not much available except machines (no barbells)

02-15-2007, 10:26 PM

Skipped a few days for a couple of reasons.

1. Crappy hotel gym.
2. Got the flu. (on vacation no less)

Dips 1x10/bw 1x10/bw

Hanging crunch 1x15/bw 1x15/bw 1x15/bw

Hammer curls 1x10/40 1x9/40 1x8/40

French press 1x10/50 1x15/50 1x20/50

Weighted hypers 1x10/bw+25 1x10/bw+25

Worked out in Hotel gym. Not much available except machines (no barbells)

02-15-2007, 10:28 PM

Back at home gym

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/225 1x5/235 1x2/280*

Bench 1x5/135 1x5/150

*I was very tired from my flight as I got in at 4pm this day after leaving Hawaii at 10pm the previous night. I think I was also still weak from the flu.

02-15-2007, 10:32 PM

Attempting to complete previous days workout.

Bench 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/185 1x2/205 1x1/205 1x4/185

BB rows 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x5/145

Assistance: Eazy bar curls 1x8/70 1x8/70

Picked up an eazy curl bar, some chalk, and 2 40lb dumbells $108 total from total fitness

02-15-2007, 10:35 PM

Squat 1x8/135 1x8/185 1x5/225 1x5/245

OH press 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x5/120 1x5/130

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 *

*I am still feeling weak. Not sure why at this point. Maybe lack of quality sleep as I am on a day schedule for training ay work. Maybe not getting enough protein. Also I stopped taking creatine completely. Hopefully I figure it out soon.

02-15-2007, 10:36 PM

Eazy curls 1x10/70 1x10/80 1x6/90 1x4/100 1x2/100

Skull crushers (bb) 1x10/45 1x10/65 1x10/75 1x6/95

Hammer curls 1x10/40

02-15-2007, 10:41 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/205 1x5/235 1x2/275*

Bench 1x5/95 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/175 1x5/185 1x2/205 1x2/195 1sx3/195

BB rows 1x5/135 1x5/140 1x5/145 1x5/150 1x5/155

Assistance: bbshrugs 1x10/155 1x10/175 1x10/175 1x10/175

02-20-2007, 08:24 PM

DB OH Press 1x15/35 1x10/40 1x10/40

1 Leg step up 1x10/BW +10 1x10/BW+10 1x10/BW+25 (right leg)

Standing Calf Raise 1x10/135 1x10/135

Standing 1 leg Calf Raise 1x10/BW 1x10/BW (200lbs)

Did the standing calf raise holding the barbell in my hands.

02-20-2007, 08:31 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/215 1x5/245 1x5/275

Bench 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/175 1x5/185 1x3/205 1x5/175

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/275 1x5/310 1x5/345PR

Assistance: BB shrugs 1x10/225

FINALLY! It's been almost 2 weeks since I was able to lift for real. I still didn't hit the 205 x 5 for bench but I was able to hit the 275 squat. I am actually still 5 lbs behind since hitting the 280 x 3 mark in Hawaii. Hopefully I can keep the come back trail blazing!

02-22-2007, 02:37 PM
My home gym. I would like to get more DB's and a pull up dip station.







02-28-2007, 09:13 PM

Close Grip Bench Press 1x10/115 1x10/125 1x10/135

Eazy Curls 1x10/70 1x10/70 1x10/70

Skull Crushers 1x10/70 1x6/95

BB Shrugs 1x10/225 1x10/225 1x10/225

Arnold Press (standing) 1x10/35 1x8/40 1x8/40

Standing BB Calf Raise 1x10/225 1x10/295 1x10/295

02-28-2007, 09:15 PM

Squat 1x7/135 1x5/185 1x5/225 1x3/280 1x8/225

Bench 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/175 1x5/185

BB Rows 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/135

DB Rows 1x12/40 1x12/40

02-28-2007, 09:31 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x4/280 1x1/315 1x8/225

Half Squat (rack squats) 1x11/295

Knee high rack pulls 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x2/365*

*these were done just below the knee

02-28-2007, 09:32 PM

Eazy Curls 1x5/70 1x5/80 1x5/90 1x5/105

Right leg step ups 1x10/bw+25

02-28-2007, 09:34 PM

Bench 1x5/135 1x2/205 1x2/205 1x3/205 1x15/135 1x15/135

OH Press 1x10/45 1x6/115 1x6/115

Eazy curls 1x5/70 1x5/80 1x5/90 1x5/105

DB curls 1x8/35 1x5/40* 1x10/40

Zerchers 1x10/115

*wrist were hurting a little from the BB curls

03-03-2007, 06:54 AM

Squat 1x5/115 1x5/185 1x5/225 1x4/280 1x1/300

1x4/280 Squat (http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q169/jaycarneygiants/?action=view&current=MVI_7240.flv)

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x5/350 PR

1x5/350 Deadlift (http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q169/jaycarneygiants/?action=view&current=MVI_7244.flv)

EZ Curl 1x7/90 1x4/110 PR 1x2/110

Skull Crusher 1x10/45 1x5/95 1x6/95

1x5/95 Skull Crushers (http://s136.photobucket.com/albums/q169/jaycarneygiants/?action=view&current=MVI_7247.flv)

Close Grip Bench 1x10/95 1x8/135 1x6/155 1x2/175

03-14-2007, 05:16 PM

New Routine Day 1

Weight 200

Bench 1x10/135 wu 1x10/165 1x8/175

Rack pulls 1x5/295 1x5/345 1x5/395

Shrugs 1x5/295 1x10/295 1x10/295

Sit ups 1x10/25 1x10/25 1x10/35

03-14-2007, 05:17 PM

Day 2

Squat 1x15/bw 1x10/45 1x8/225 1x8/225

BB Curls 1x12/80 1x10/80 1x10/80

BB Rows 1x12/80 1x10/135 1x7/135

03-14-2007, 05:19 PM

Day 3

incline bench 1x10/135 wu 1x6/175 1x6/175 1x3/185

Incline close grip 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x6/135

Sit ups 1x10/35 1x10/35 1x10/35

One leg step ups 1x10/25 1x10/25 1x10/25

03-14-2007, 05:22 PM

Day 4

OH press 1x10/45 wu 1x6/115 1x5/125

Deadlift 1x5/135 wu 1x4/315 1x4/315*

Calf Raise 1x10/225 1x10/225 1x10/225

* Worked out at Base gym. The BB was slick and I couldn't get a good grip on the deads hence the lighter weight than normal.

03-14-2007, 05:26 PM

Day 1

Bench 1x10/135 1x10/170 1x9/175

Rack pulls 1x5/295 1x5/345 1x5/405

Shrugs 1x10/295 1x10/305 1x10/305

One leg step ups 1x10/45 1x10/45 1x10/45*

Good Mornings 1x10/135

* Did the one leg steps instead of sit ups as I have a slightly injured neck from snowboarding

03-14-2007, 05:28 PM

Day 2

Squat 1x10/bw 1x9/225 1x10/225

BB curls 1x12/80 1x12/80 1x10/80

BB rows 1x10/95 1x7/135

03-14-2007, 05:31 PM

Incline bench 1x6/175 1x5/175 1x2/185 1x10/145

Close grip bench 1x6/135 1x8/135 1x10/135

Sit ups 1x10/35 1x10/35 1x10/35

Incline DB press 1x15/40 1x20/40

Squat 1x20/135

03-17-2007, 01:05 PM

OH Press 1x10/45 1x6/115 1x4.5/135 1x5/115

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/295 1x4/355

Calf Raise 1x10/295 1x10/315 1x10/345

BB Curls 1x8/80 1x6/95 1x6/95

03-17-2007, 01:12 PM

Squat 1x15/115 1x15/115

Bench 1x15/115 1x15/115

BB Curl 1x15/45 1x15/45

SLDL 1x15/95 1x15/95

OH Press 1x15/65 1x15/65

BB Rows 1x15/75 1x15/75

Calf Raise 1x15/225 1x15/225

CGBP 1x15/95 1x15/95

Hopefully I have the starting numbers correct.

03-23-2007, 07:19 PM

Squat 1x15/135 1x15/135

Bench 1x15/125 1x15/125

SLDL 1x15/100 1x15/100

OH Press 1x15/70 1x15/70

BB Rows 1x15/80 1x15/80

Sit Ups 1x15/BW+5 1x15/BW+5

Calf Raise 1x15/230 1x15/230

BB Curls 1x15/40 1x15/40

CGBP 1x15/100 1x15/100

Shrugs 1x15/250 1x15/250

Tricep Ext. 1x15/40 1x15/40

03-23-2007, 07:21 PM

Squat 1x15/140 1x15/140

Bench 1x15/130 1x15/130

SLDL 1x15/105 1x15/105

OH Press 1x15/75 1x15/75

BB Rows 1x15/85 1x15/85

Sit Ups 1x15/BW+10 1x15/BW+10

Calf Raise 1x15/235 1x15/235

BB Curls 1x15/45 1x15/45

CGBP 1x15/105 1x15/105

Shrugs 1x15/255 1x15/255

Tricep Ext. 1x15/45 1x15/45


I started tracking my calories. I would like to use Fitday to help me lose some fat. Not sure how much will power I am going to have to get this done, especially on my day off from work as I like to eat. Ice Cream and Pizza are my weakness. Well..........it is begining now 3/22/07 and I'm at 200lbs.

03-23-2007, 07:38 PM

Squat 1x15/145 1x15/145

Bench 1x15/135 1x15/135

SLDL 1x15/110 1x15/110

OH Press 1x15/80 1x15/80

BB Rows 1x15/90 1x15/90

Sit Ups 1x15/BW+15 1x15/BW+15

Calf Raise 1x15/240 1x15/240

BB Curls 1x15/50 1x15/50

CGBP 1x15/110 1x15/110

Shrugs 1x15/260 1x15/260

Tricep Ext. 1x15/50 1x15/50

03-29-2007, 08:43 PM

Squat 1x15/150 1x15/150

Bench 1x15/140 1x15/140

SLDL 1x15/115 1x15/115

OH Press 1x15/85 1x15/85

BB Rows 1x15/95 1x15/95

Sit Ups 1x15/BW+20 1x15/BW+20

Calf Raise 1x15/245 1x15/245

BB Curls 1x15/55 1x15/55

CGBP 1x15/115 1x15/115

Shrugs 1x15/265 1x15/265

03-29-2007, 08:46 PM

Squat 1x15/150 1x15/150

Bench 1x15/140 1x15/140

SLDL 1x15/120 1x15/120

OH Press 1x15/90 1x15/90

BB Rows 1x15/100 1x15/100

Sit Ups 1x15/BW+25 1x15/BW+25

Calf Raise 1x15/250 1x15/250

BB Curls 1x15/60 1x15/60

CGBP 1x15/120 1x15/120

Shrugs 1x15/270 1x15/270

Finally finished the 15 rep 2 week portian of the HST routine. I feel like it is going well so far. However I am currently trying to cut cals and lose some fat. Not sure if this will effect my overall growth from this routine. I am trying to keep my protein up high but not always doing it effectivly.

04-07-2007, 01:49 AM
Well it's been 16 days since I began my "cut" (whatever that means) 3/22/07. Just trying to lose some fat around my midsection. My goal was to lose about 1-2lbs a week but for I ended up losing 10 lbs in 16 days. It was too quick for my liking since I am trying to keep the muscle I built up over the winter. So I'm gonna try getting more calories everyday. I have averaged 2293 cals during the last 16 days. Gonna try to up that a couple hundred a day from this point on and see how it goes. The goal is to get to 175 but still be able to complete my current PR's.

04-08-2007, 06:08 PM

Squat 1x10/175 1x10/175

Bench 1x10/150 1x10/150

SLDL 1x10/125 1x10/125

OH Press 1x10/90 1x10/90

BB Rows 1x10/105 1x10/105

Sit Ups 1x10/BW+20 1x10/BW+20

Calf Raise 1x10/255 1x10/255 1x5/305

BB Curls 1x10/60 1x10/60

CGBP 1x10/125 1x10/125

Shrugs 1x10/275 1x10/275

04-08-2007, 06:10 PM

Squat 1x10/180 1x10/180

Bench 1x10/155 1x10/155

SLDL 1x10/125 1x10/125

OH Press 1x10/95 1x10/95

BB Rows 1x10/110 1x10/110

Sit Ups 1x10/BW+25 1x10/BW+25

Calf Raise 1x10/260 1x10/260

BB Curls 1x10/65 1x10/65 1x10/65

CGBP 1x10/130 1x10/130

Shrugs 1x10/280 1x10/280

04-08-2007, 06:14 PM

Squat 1x10/185 1x5/185 *(lower back is hurting)

Bench 1x10/160 1x10/160

SLDL 1x10/135 1x10/135

OH Press 1x10/100 1x10/100

BB Rows 1x10/115 1x10/115

Sit Ups 1x10/BW+30 1x10/BW+30

Calf Raise 1x10/265 1x10/265

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x10/70

CGBP 1x10/135 1x10/135

Shrugs 1x10/285 1x10/285

04-08-2007, 06:21 PM

Squat 1x1/225 *(lower back is hurting)

Bench 1x10/165 1x10/165

SLDL 1x10/140 1x10/140

OH Press 1x10/105 1x10/105

BB Rows 1x10/120 1x10/120

Sit Ups 1x10/BW+35 1x10/BW+35

Calf Raise 1x10/270 1x10/270

BB Curls 1x10/75 1x10/75

CGBP 1x10/140 1x10/140

Shrugs 1x10/290 1x10/290

04-09-2007, 03:27 AM

BB cruls 1x10/75 1x10/75 1x10/75

Hammer DB curls 1x8/40 1x7/40

One leg step ups (r) 1x10/45

Squat 1x10/135 *** back felt a little better, but still not good enough to do real weight

09-07-2007, 05:48 PM
Damn it's been awhile since I have updated this thing! I haven't stopped lifting just stopped with this journal. I have been writing down all my lifting in my notebook at home.

Well while I've been away I went on a cut. I did it the wrong way though. Not enough protein and the weights were to light. I did manage to lose 20 pounds and I am down to 180 at this point. My lifts have plumetted though. I am getting back to a real routine with heavy weights.(although they are not so heavy anymore) I wouldn't say I am "bulking" but I am not trying to lose any more weight. Just trying to get back to the lifts I was doing when I was 200lbs but I want to stay at 180lbs.

09-11-2007, 04:09 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x10/190

Bench 1x10/170

SLDL 1x10/145

OHPress 1x10/110

BB Rows 1x10/125

Sit Ups 1x10/bw+40

Calf Raise 1x10/275

BB Curl 1x10/80 1x10/80

CGBP 1x10/145

Shrugs 1x10/295

09-11-2007, 04:10 PM

BB Curls 1x10/80 1x10/80

Sit ups 1x10/bw+40 1x10/bw+40

09-11-2007, 04:15 PM

Squat 1x3/135 1x2/185 *hurt back*

Bench (1x2/135 1x3/155) 1x10/170 1x10/175

Calf Raise 1x10/280 1x10/280

BB Curl 1x10/85 1x10/85** done to failure**

Shrugs 1x10/300 1x10/300

Hurt my back on my squats today. It's not the first time I have hurt myself either. Must have had bad form. Could not complete workout.

09-11-2007, 04:16 PM

CGBP 1x8/150 1x7/150

BB Curls 1x8/90 1x8/90

09-11-2007, 04:17 PM

BB curls 1x9/90 1x9/90

CGBP 1x9/150 1x6/150

09-11-2007, 04:23 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/215

OHPress 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/105 1x6/115

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x6/80 1x5/90 1x5/100

09-13-2007, 07:53 PM

DB Bench Press 1x5/35 1x5/40

BB Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/165 1x4/185 1x5/185

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x5/295

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x10/70

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

09-13-2007, 07:56 PM

Squat 1x10/45 1x5/135 1x5/205 1x5/225

OHPress 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/105 1x6/120

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/80 1x5/90 1x5/100

CGBP 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x10/135

09-13-2007, 07:58 PM

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/165 1x5/185 1x5/195 1x2/195 1x2/185

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/80 1x5/90 1x4/105

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x1/345

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

09-13-2007, 10:05 PM

Squat 1x10/45 1x5/135 1x5/205 1x3/255 1x5/205

OHPress 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/105 1x5/125 1x5/115 1x10/95

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/80 1x5/90 1x5/105

CGBP 1x10/135 1x5/155 1x5/155 1x5/155

Hammer Curls 1x10/40 1x10/40

09-13-2007, 10:08 PM

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x4/195 1x1/205 1x5/185

Deadlift 1x1/135 1x2/225 1x5/295 1x1/345

09-13-2007, 10:28 PM

Squat 1x10/45 1x5/135 1x5/205 1x1/255 1x4/225

OHPress 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/105 1x5/130 1x5/115

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/80 1x5/90 1x4/110

CGBP 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/160 1x5/160

Hammer Curls 1x10/40

Squat Extra 1x10/115

09-13-2007, 10:31 PM

Bench Press 1x10/135 1x5/135 1x11/175

Deadlift 1x5/225 1x5/275 1x5/295

09-13-2007, 10:32 PM

Bench Press 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/185

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x7/90

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/205

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25

09-13-2007, 10:33 PM

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x2/295

BB Curls 1x4/70 1x7/90 1x7/90

09-13-2007, 10:37 PM

BB Curls 1x7/90 1x6/90 1x6/90

Incline Bench 1x5/135 1x7/155 1x3/175 1x3/175

09-13-2007, 10:42 PM

I guess I went a week without lifting. At this point (9/14/07) I can't remember why I did that.

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x5/90

Icline Bench 1x5/135 1x5/175

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/185

It seems as though I was doind alot of BB Curls during this time. I remember being frustrated with my squats and being tired alot. I wonder when I will kick it back up alittle?

09-13-2007, 10:43 PM

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

Incline Bench 1x5/135

Apparently this workout was unsuccessful at best.

09-13-2007, 10:45 PM

Another extended period between lifting.

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

BB Curls 1x7/90 1x8/90

CGBP 1x10/135 1x5/135

09-13-2007, 10:47 PM

Squat 1x5/135 1x2/225 1x4/205

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x6/100* 1x5/100*

Sit Ups 1x10/bw+50 1x10/bw+45

*The last reps on these curls were done to failure.

09-13-2007, 10:47 PM

Bench 1x10/135 1x2/185

09-21-2007, 07:17 PM

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x5/100 1x3/100

Tricep Ext. 1x10/40 1x10/40 1x12/40

Sit Ups 1x10/bw +25 1x10/bw+25

Weight = 180

09-21-2007, 07:19 PM

OHPress 1x10/45 1x10/95 1x5/115

Squats 1x5/115 1x5/155 1x5/205

BB Curls 1x7/90 1x4/100 1x5/100

CGBP 1x8/135 1x6/155 1x3/175 *

*semi close grip

09-21-2007, 07:20 PM

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x3/295

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x5/100 1x4/105

Tricep Ext. 1x10/40 1x10/40 1x12/40

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

Weight = 181

09-21-2007, 11:00 PM

OHPress 1x6/45 1x10/95 1x3/125 1x4/115

Squat 1x5/135 1x5/205

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x4/105 1x3/105

CGBP* 1x8/135 1x6/155 1x4/175

*semi close= edge of black tape (inner)

Weight = 179

09-21-2007, 11:02 PM

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x5/100 1x5/105

Tricep Ext. 1x10/40 1x10/40 1x12/40

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

weight = 180

09-21-2007, 11:04 PM

OH Press 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x3/125 1x5/115

Squats 1x5/115 1x5/135 1x5/185

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x5/105

CGBP 1x8/135 1x6/155 1x4/175

Good Mornings 1x8/95

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

09-22-2007, 06:36 PM

Flat Bench Press 1x8/165 1x5/170

Incline bench Press 1x8/135 1x7/140

Deadlift 1x7/225 1x5/275

BB Rows 1x8/95 1x8/105

Srungs 1x10/225

Since I am updating this journal now in Spetember from all the way back in July I can't say for sure why I skipped almost 3 weeks of workouts. dog days of summer I guess but I appear to be back trying again at this point in July.

09-22-2007, 06:38 PM

Squats 1x6/45 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x2/225

Front squat attempt 1x3/135 *

Good Mornings 1x8/95 1x8/100

SLDL 1x8/225 1x8/225

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25**

*Can't seem to figure out how to grip these comfortably
** The weight is held on my chest in front

09-22-2007, 06:41 PM

OHPress 1x8/95 1x8/100 1x6/105

CGBP 1x8/135 1x8/135

French Press 1x10/40 1x10/40

BB Curls 1x6/90 1x5/95

Hammer Curls 1x8/35 1x4/40

Not sure why I skipped another week. My 31st birthday was July 18th...maybe I was depressed? ....actually I think I was away camping this week. I seem to remember spending my birthday with my in laws in New York!:alcoholic:

09-22-2007, 06:43 PM

Flat Bench Press 1x7/165 1x4/170

Incline Bench Press 1x8/135 1x1/170 1x7/140

Deadlift 1x2/135 1x5/225 1x5/295**

BB Rows 1x8/95 1x8/115***

DB Shrugs 1x10/40 1x10/40

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+35

**Off Lower rack pins
***Supinated grip

09-22-2007, 06:45 PM

Squats (warm up) 1x8/135 1x5/185 1x5/205

Good Mornings 1x8/95 1x8/105

SLDL 1x8/225 1x6/245

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+35

09-22-2007, 06:59 PM

OH Press 1x8/95 1x8/100 1x5/110

French Press 1x10/40 1x10/40

4 days in a row. I must be back....although this particular workout seemed a bit weak.

09-22-2007, 07:04 PM

Incline Bench 1x10/135 1x4/155

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x6/90

French Press 1x10/40 1x10/40

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

OHPress 1x8/95 1x6/110

Hammer Curls 1x10/35 1x10/40

BB Rows (pronated) 1x8/110 1x8/120

I know it was 14 days between workouts. I went on Vacation for 8 days to North Carolina. I didn't lift any weights but I did swim every day and walk alot. So it's not like I sat on my ass for 2 weeks but still no weight lifting.

09-22-2007, 07:05 PM

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x5/90

Good Mornings 1x8/95 1x8/105

French press 1x10/40 1x10/40

Squats 1x8/105 1x5/140

The French press has been limited to 40lb db's becuase that is the heaviest I own. I hope to fix that issue at some point.

09-22-2007, 07:07 PM

Incline Bench 1x10/135 1x6/155

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x5/90 1x5/100

French Press 1x10/40 1x10/40

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

09-22-2007, 07:09 PM

OHPress 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x6/110 1x5/115

BB Rows (supinated) 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x5/125

09-22-2007, 07:11 PM

Good Mornings 1x8/95 1x8/110

French Press 1x12/40 1x12/40 1x20/40

Squats 1x6/110 1x6/150 1x6/145

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x5/100 1x4/100

Sit Ups 1x30/bw

09-22-2007, 07:13 PM

Incline Bench 1x10/135 1x6/160

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x10/70

French Press 1x15/40 1x15/40

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+25

09-23-2007, 03:44 AM

OHPress 1x5/45 1x6/95 1x6/115 1x4/120

BB Rows 1x8/95 1x5/120 1x5/130

Hammer Curls 1x8/40 1x8/40

09-23-2007, 03:46 AM

Good Mornings 1x8/95 1x8/115

French Press 1x12/40 1x12/40 1x20/40

Squats 1x5/115 1x6/155 1x5/175

BB Curls 1x6/90 1x5/105 1x4/105**

Sit Ups 1x15/bw

** Used momentum on last rep.

09-23-2007, 05:06 PM

Incline Bench 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x5/165

French Press 1x12/40 1x15./40

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x10/70

09-23-2007, 05:11 PM

OH Press 1x6/95 1x5/115 1x5/120

BB Rows 1x8/95 1x5/135 1x5/135

Hammer Curls 1x8/40 1x8/40

09-23-2007, 05:17 PM

SLDL 1x8/135 1x8/135

Bench Dips 1x12/bw 1x12/bw 1x12/bw+10

Squats 1x5/135 1x5/160 1x6/185

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x15/bw+30

09-23-2007, 05:36 PM

Icline Bench 1x6/135 1x4/170

Bench dips 1x10/bw+25 1x10/bw+25

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x4/105

09-23-2007, 05:37 PM

OHPress 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x4/125

BB Rows 1x8/95 1x5/135 1x5/135

Sit Ups 1x15/bw

09-30-2007, 09:10 PM

SLDL 1x8/135 1x8/205

Bench dips 1x12/bw 1x12/bw+25 1x12/bw+25

Squats 1x5/135 1x5/135 1x6/185 1x3/205

10-01-2007, 04:16 PM

Incline Bench 1x8/135 1x4/170 1x2/175

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x6/90 1x7/90

Bench Dips 1x12/bw+27.5 1x12/bw+45

10-01-2007, 04:18 PM

OH Press 1x6/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x5/125 *

BB Rows 1x5/95 1x5/135 1x6/135

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+25 1x10/bw+50**

*First Rep was done with Momentum
** The weight is held on my chest at this point

10-01-2007, 04:19 PM

Squats 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/205

Bench Dips 1x10/bw+45 1x12/bw+45

10-01-2007, 04:20 PM

Incline Bench 1x8/135 1x5/170

BB Curls 1x10/75 1x5/95 1x6/95

Sit Ups 1x20/bw

10-01-2007, 04:21 PM

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x2/295 (off lower rack pin)

Sit Ups 1x20/bw

10-01-2007, 04:24 PM

Arnold Press 1x8/35 1x8/40 1x8/40 1x6/40 1x6/40 1x5/40

OH Press 1x8/45 1x6/95 1x5/95 1x4/95 1x4/95 1x3/95

BB Rows 1x8/95 1x8/95 1x8/95 1x8/95 1x6/95 1x8/95

10-01-2007, 04:28 PM

Squats 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/205 1x3/225 1x3/225

Good Mornings 1x5/45 1x6/95 1x6/115 1x5/135

Bench dips 1x12/bw+45 1x12/bw+45 1x8/bw+70

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x6/90 1x6/90 (close grip)

BB Calf Raise 1x10/135 1x10/135 1x10/225 1x10/225

Incline Bench 1x8/135 1x4/170 1x3/170 1x4/170 1x5/165

DB Curls 1x10/40 1x8/40 1x7/40

Incline DB Press 1x10/35 1x10/40 1x10/40

Weight =185 @4pm

Clearly I was off from work on this day so the weight would not be a "morning" weigh in.

10-01-2007, 04:30 PM

Deadlift 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/275 1x5/295

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+5 1x15/bw+10 1x15/bw+12.5*

* Weight held behind head and not on chest. It seems much more difficult this way thus I am able to use less weight.

10-01-2007, 04:32 PM

OH Press 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x3/130 1x10/95

BB Rows 1x8/95 1x5/105 1x5/115 1x4/135 1x5/135

DB Rows 1x8/40 1x10/40

BB Curls 1x5/90 1x5/90 1x4/105 1x8/70

10-01-2007, 05:08 PM

Squats 1x5/45 1x/135 1x4/205 1x3/225 1x1/225


JBN= 36/7/8 relaxed 35 7/8

10-01-2007, 05:10 PM

Incline Bench 1x6/135 1x4/175 1x3/175 1x5/155 1x5/155

BB Curls 1x10/70 1x5/90 1x4/105 1x3/100

DB 1x8/35 1x7/40

Skull Crushers 1x10/65 1x10/65 1x6/65

10-01-2007, 05:12 PM

Deadlift 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x3/315 1x3/315**

Sit Ups 1x15/bw+5 1x15/bw+10 1x6/bw+20*

*Weight held behind neck
** last set off rack

10-01-2007, 05:14 PM

OH Press 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x5/130 1x10/95

*BB Rows 1x8/95 1x5/105 1x6/135** 1x5/135

DB Rows 1x10/40 1x10/40

**Done with momentum
*pronated grip

10-01-2007, 05:16 PM

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/90 1x5/100 1x5/105

JBN=36 1/2

10-01-2007, 05:17 PM

Squats 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/205 1x5/225

Good Mornings 1x6/45 1x6/115 1x6/135 1x6/145

Quick treadmill run

10-01-2007, 05:20 PM
Start of New routine...or jus a routine since my last few months have been unorganized at best.

Day 1

Incline Bench 1x10/45 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x4/175 1x5/155 1x5/155

BB Shrugs 1x10/95 1x5/135 1x5/205 1x5/255 1x6/255

Decline DB Press 1x10/35 1x10/40 1x10/40

Extra work:
Incline DB press 1x10/40

HIIT 5 minutes of 20/40 run/walk finish w/40 second sprint

10-01-2007, 05:23 PM

Day 2

Deadlift (sumo) 1x5/135 1x5/225 (1x5/295 1x5/315 regular)

Tricep Ext. 1x10/45 1x6/65 1x5/75 1x4/85

Sit Ups 1x10/bw+10 1x10/bw+10 1x7/bw+20 **


** behind neck

10-01-2007, 05:25 PM

Day 3

OH Press 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x3/135 1x10/95

Upright Rows 1x8/70 1x5/80 1x5/90 1x5/100

BB Rows 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x5/135 1x5/140

10-01-2007, 05:29 PM

Day 4

Squats 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x3/230 1x2/245

Good Mornings 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x5/135 1x5/145

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/90 1x5/100 1x3/110 1x7/70

HIIT 5 minute +40 second sprint

10-01-2007, 05:33 PM


Incline Bench 1x10/45 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x3/180 1x2/175 1x6/155

BB Shrugs 1x10/95 1x5/185 1x5/205 1x6/235 **

Decline DB Press 1x10/35 1x10/40 1x10/40 1x10/40

** last set was alternated grip (deadlift style)

10-01-2007, 05:36 PM

Day 2

Deadlift 1x5/95 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x4/325 1x1/345 fail

Tricep Ext. 1x5/45 1x5/65 1x5/75 1x6/85 1x4/90

Sit Ups 1x10/bw+10 1x10/bw+15 1x10/bw+20

Extra work:
DB Curls 1x10/35 1x10/40

W=36 3/4 ->36
LT=25 1/4
RT= 24 1/4
LA=14 1/3
RA=14 1/3
CH=40 3/4 -> 42 1/3

10-06-2007, 09:22 PM

Day 3

OH Press 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x3/135 1x7/115 1x3/115

Upright Rows 1x5/70 1x4/80 1x5/90 1x5/110 1x5/115

BB Rows 1x5/115 1x5/115 1x5/135 1x5/145*

*used momentum

10-06-2007, 09:28 PM

Day 4

Squats 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/235 1x1/250 (fail)

Good Mornings 1x5/135 1x5/140 1x5/145 1x5/155

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/90 1x5/100 1x5/110

Extra= Right leg bench step ups 1x10/bw+35 DB

Later that day I did my routine for Day 1 becuase I was not able to lift on 10/4/07 so I just completed the workout a day early


Incline Bench 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x2/185 1x1/185 1x5/155 1x5/155

BB Shrugs 1x7/135 1x7/185 1x5/205 1x6/235 **

Decline BB Press 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/165 1x3/175 1x8/135

**Alternated grip

10-06-2007, 09:32 PM

Day 2

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x5/335 **

Tricep Ext. 1x5/45 1x5/65 1x5/75 1x5/85 1x5/95

Sit Ups 1x6/bw 1x10/bw+10 1x5/bw+25 1x6/bw+25*

close grip BB curls 1x10/70 1x10/70 1x10/70
Reverse push ups 1x10/bw 1x7/bw

*weight is held behind head
**done off 25lb blue plate (about 1.5 inches)

10-06-2007, 09:34 PM

Day 3

OH Press 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x4/135 1x2/140

Upright Rows 1x5/70 1x5/90 1x5/110 1x5/120

BB Rows 1x5/115 1x5/115 1x5/135 1x5/135*

*last 2 reps were not quite up all the way to the chest

10-16-2007, 03:04 AM

Day 4

Squats 1x5/BW 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x3/240 1x1/250 1x5/185

Good Mornings 1x5/135 1x5/140 1x5/145 1x5/160 1x5/155

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/90 1x5/100 1x4/115 1x2/115

Extra=Right leg step ups 1x10/40+bw

10-16-2007, 03:06 AM

Day 1

Incline Bench 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x2/185 1x2/185 1x10/135

BB Shrugs 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x5/225 1x6/245 1x6/255

Decline BB Bench 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x5/155 1x5/175 1x6/175

10-16-2007, 04:30 PM

Day 2

Deadlift 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/295 1x3/345 1x2/345 1x5/225*

Tricep ext. 1x5/45 1x5/65 1x5/75 1x5/85 1x4/100 1x5/85**

Sit Ups 1x6/bw 1x10/bw+10 1x5/bw+25 1x7/bw+25

*off 10lb blue plates
**Flat bench

10-16-2007, 04:32 PM

Day 3

OH Press 1x5/45 1x5/95 1x5/115 1x4/135 1x1/145

T-Bar Rows 1x5/45 1x5/90 1x5/135 1x5/145 1x6/160

Upright Rows 1x5/70 1x5/90 1x5/110 1x4/125 1x3/125

10-16-2007, 04:33 PM


Squats 1x5/45 1x5/135 1x5/185 1x2/240

W=37 1/4

10-16-2007, 04:35 PM

Day 4

Squats 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x1/255 1x1/265

Good Mornings 1x5/135 1x5/175 1x2/185 1x2/185

BB Curls 1x5/70 1x5/90 1x5/110 1x2/120

HIIT= % minutes of 30/30 followed by 2 minutes of walking cool down.

10-23-2007, 04:36 PM

Flat Bench 1x5/135 1x4/185 1x3/175 1x4/165 1x4/155 1x6/145 1x5/135

BB Shrugs 1x5/135 1x5/225 1x5/275 1x6/275

Decline Bench 1x5/135 1x5/155 1x3/165 1x6/135

Plate flies 1x10/10 1x10/20

HIIT = 6 minutes of 30/30 + 2 minutes walk + 1 min run

Rack Pulls 1x5/135 1x3/225 1x3/295 1x3/345 1x3/395 1x2/415

10-23-2007, 04:39 PM

Deadlift 1x5/225 1x5/275 1x5/295 1x3/345 1x8/225

Skulls Crushers 1x5/45 1x5/85 1x3/100 1x5/95 1x5/85 1x10/65

Sit Ups 1x5/bw 1x10/bw+10 1x6/bw+25 1x8/bw+25