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11-17-2006, 01:16 PM
1st Annual NASA Pro Championships - March 2008


$15,000.00 in Guaranteed Prize Money:clap: :clap:

Awards DUPLICATED for Curl, Bench Press, Deadlift and Total!

Individual Awards by Coefficient for each Lift Full Meet, Over All Highest Total in Lbs
Place Amount Place Amount
1st $1,000.00 1st $200.00
2nd $750.00 2nd $175.00
3rd $500.00 3rd $150.00
4th $400.00 4th $125.00
5th $200.00 5th $100.00
6th $150.00
7th $100.00
8th $75.00
9th $75.00
10th $50.00

Rules: Standard Power Sports Rules© will be used.

Going Pro: Go Pro in NASA, as most organizations, will have NO effect on your over all status in NASA as far as competing in regular PS, Powerlifting, Bench only and Push Pull events.

1st Annual Pro Event: This event will be held in conjunction with the 2008 Power Sports Nationals, on the following Sunday. The event will most likely be held in Oklahoma City since it is centrally located.

Prize Money Payments: All Pro Power Sports prize money will be held in an escrow account and all prize checks will be awarded immediately following the competition. All lifters that are tested at the event will receive their checks as soon as drug testing is complete, usually 1-2 weeks. All prize Money is guaranteed by NASA.

Highest Total in Pounds Awards: These awards will based entirely on the Total in lbs, regardless of the lifters coefficient or bodyweight. The highest Total, in pounds, will win these special awards.

NASA Pro Card: All Pro Power Sports Lifters will be required to be registered as Pro Lifters. Pro Cards are $75.00 from on Pro Meet to the next. This Pro Card will be good in ALL NASA meets for that time period. Pro Cards MUST be purchased no later than 9-1-07 if the lifter plans to compete in the First Annual Pro Power Sports Championships in March of 2008. Pro Power Sports cards are good for all Power Sports entries ONLY in all NASA meets. Cards purchased in Jan & Feb ’07 will be good until the pro Meet in ’08.

NASA Pro Power Sports Card Application

NASA Membership: If you plan to compete in other NASA meets in Powerlifting, BP Only, Push Pull, you will be required to purchase a regular membership card along with a Pro Power Sports Card. These are two distinctly different events and portions of NASA. All Pro Power Sports memberships are directed to the Pro Event.

Sign Up Deadline: The deadline for all lifters to register as a Pro Power Sports Lifter will be 9-1-07. Once the lifter has registered as a pro he will be required to attend a minimum of 2 NASA Events for competition in Power Sports between his date of registration and the Pro Championships. This is mandatory and no exceptions will be allowed under any circumstances. All Pro Competitors MUST notify the meet director at any meet he attends that he is a Pro Power Sports lifter and present himself for testing at these meets. In the event that a lifter tests positive for anabolic steroids in any meet he shall forfeit his Pro status for life.

Divisions & WT. Classes: There will be only one division and no weight classes in the Pro Division. This event is for only the Best of the Best in Power Sports. Awards will be made according to the lifter's coefficient in each portion of the meet that the lifter chooses to enter. Men's Division Only. To compete for the awards in the Total Division a lifter must be entered in all for categories, Curl, BP, DL & Total. The lifter will then be eligible for awards in all 4 events.

Coefficient System: Please visit our Coefficient Page on our web site for more info on the complete process.

Drug Testing: All lifters are subject to Urine Testing. All lifters that are tested will not receive their Awards until the results of testing are complete. Top Lifters in each division of the meet WILL absolutely be tested according to NASA Standards. All lifters are encouraged to visit NASA's Banned Substance page on our web site at www.nasa-sports.com

Entry Fee's: $75.00 per division entered. Curl-$75, Bench Press-$75, Deadlift-$75, Total- $75. Separate prize awards will be paid in each Division. To be eligible for the Total Awards the lifter must be entered in all 3 portions of the meet as well as the Total. The lifter will be competing for over $4,200.00 in Prize money for a $300 entry fee.

Add On Prize Money: There may be special sponsors that will provide "add on" prize money to lifters such as Over-All Top M-2 Lifter, Over-All Teenage/Junior Lifter, Over-All Police, Fire and Military Lifter. these awards will be announced as the meet draws closer.

Warning to potential Pro Lifters: Please be advised that some of the Top PS Lifters will not be attending this event due to distance, time, etc. Please don't be discouraged by your ranking in the Top 100 lists. W can assure you that many of the prize winners in this event will be lifters not ranked in the top 40.

Success of this Event - Support: The 2008 event is already financed. Whether we continue this event will depend entirely on the turnout and interest the lifters show in this 2007 event. If you plan to compete in this event later in your career and not in 2007, you may want to join as a pro and support the program and event so it will continue for you and others when you are ready to lift in it.

Future Pro Events: If this program is accepted and used by our lifters, it will continue. If it is a huge success the prize money will grow and there may be added divisions in later meets. The choice is yours, the lifter.


11-17-2006, 01:52 PM
so nothing for lightweights :(
jsut the big guys?

11-17-2006, 02:12 PM
Why is "curl" becoming a competition lift?

11-17-2006, 03:14 PM
There are no weight classes. So, a lightweight or heavy weight lifter can win, but it's based on a coefficient. http://www.nasa-sports.com/olcoef.htm

Curl competition has been around for several years. Nearly 10 different federations offer curl competition.