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02-10-2002, 03:18 PM
ok, this new diet is for my girlfriend.

she is 5'5" 135lbs, and her main goal so to say is to loose bodyfat while gaining muscle, toning her body.

we need to know what you think about this diet and if it looks alright.

breakfast - 1 serving of oatmeal + 2 whole eggs + 1 egg white

snack - 1 sandwhich on whole wheat bread with: 2 slices of turkey breast + mustard and ketchup + pickles

lunch - 1 can tuna + 1 serving of cottage cheese

before workout - 1 banana

after workout - 1.5 scoops of whey mixed in water + 1 bagel with jam

dinner - whatever her mom makes or 1 chicken breast + 1 serving of rice

1 hour before going to sleep - 1 scoop of whey + 1 tablespoon of flaxseed oil.

i think that this might be too little calories and she thinks its too much, so i dont know.

we need :help:

02-10-2002, 05:35 PM
how many calories is it?

what's the macro breakdown?

it looks pretty good to me, but i would like those details.

also..why are there no vegetables in this diet? (pickles and ketchup do not count)

02-10-2002, 06:14 PM
how many calories is it?
i'm not really sure, but 1000-1500 sounds about right.
what's the macro breakdown?
macro breakdown?
it looks pretty good to me, but i would like those details.
it looks good to me, too!
also..why are there no vegetables in this diet? (pickles and ketchup do not count)
well yeah theres vegetables in there...like in the sandwhich and at dinner.


02-10-2002, 06:26 PM
According to my calcs -- 1662 calories + whatever is in a tablespoon of flaxseed oil
Macro - 161/40/167 (protein/fat/carbs) + whatever is in a tablespoon of flaxseed oil.

There you go. And give the girl some more veggies then that. They promote general health and all.

02-11-2002, 07:42 AM
alright Nights "little smurf" thanks for the info.

hey tryska so what do you think of the diet?


02-11-2002, 07:46 AM
a. i don't think she needs to be dieting at all.

however, 1700 cals is good, 1800 would be better. Make sure she gets adequate fresh vegetables. and otherwise, it's pretty good.

actually lower the carbs a smidge and increase the fat some.

02-11-2002, 07:50 AM
dont worry tryska she is not going on a diet, when i said the word diet i meant what she is going to be eating, but its not a diet like normal people who dont work out would think of.

anyways, what do you mean lower the carbs?? and how do you add more fat? from what??


02-11-2002, 08:00 AM
in the post workout meal, skip the bagel+jam, and mix the whey in milk. she doesn't really need the anabolic effects of sugar and protein, is she's cutting or whatever.

02-11-2002, 11:58 AM
Originally posted by Tryska
in the post workout meal, skip the bagel+jam, and mix the whey in milk. she doesn't really need the anabolic effects of sugar and protein, is she's cutting or whatever.


i guess we can take out the bagel+jam postworkout but doesnt she need the simple sugar for an isulin spike??

and also she works out right after school without going home so she cant drink milk postworkout....cause it would be all warm and nasty!

hey guys can you help me out here??


02-11-2002, 11:59 AM
hey nights what do you suggest i should do??

02-11-2002, 02:05 PM
EDITED: Damn.. my opinion. Ratio is 40/40/20. Now that I look at that again, I'd say that the ratio is a little low on the fat side, and I'd definitely sacrfice a few carbs to up it (in other words, what Try said..)

Odd as it might sound (and I might get some disagreements here), if you want to up it, keep the insulin spike and lower the carbs.. put a chocolate bar in place of the bagel and jam. I liked Tryska idea of milk instead, but it would only up it by 1g of fat, and lower the carbs by 5. Not really a lot. And if you did want the spike after workout, then that doesn't work for you.. And I can't see anywhere to add fat/lower carbs, really..

The chocolate bar (done with a snickers) change would give you: 1677 cals with a ratio of 159/50/148g or 38/27/35% (protein/fat/carbs).. Tryska's turn. And anyone else on the chocolate...

Ooh, and I think we've said it a few times, but here's yet again.. Veggies.

02-11-2002, 05:13 PM
like i said erlier...i don't think she really requires the post workout insulin spike, however if you absolutely must have it, make sure it's JUST protein and sugar. you don't want any fat in their at all, and bagels contain a good bit of fat. which is why, as much as the chocolat eidea appeals to me, not for that post-workout spike.

you could add mayo to that turkey sandwich. and/or cheese.

you could also skip the rice at the dinner meal, and have some veggies with olive oil.

you could also add olive oil to one of the tuna meals.

you could also have whole milk alongside that pre-workout banana.

02-12-2002, 05:29 PM
(Feel kinda stupid for not seeing at least half a dozen places to put little extras that add up now.. thanks T.) Just one question, why don't you think she needs the insulin spike postworkout? And the reason for the lack of fat within that time.. or is that just because the body is more willing to absorb it then?

02-12-2002, 05:57 PM
well the insulin spike is so that protein floods the muscles while they can soak up the nutrition. however, if cutting, the insulin response also puts fat-burning on hold for a bit in favor of fat storing. which is why you don't want fat with a simple sugar like that. it's gonna get stored alongside the protein in the muscles, or fat cells for that matter.

02-12-2002, 06:14 PM
Interesting. Isn't the fat going to get stored no matter whether an insulin spike is brought upon or not? Stored, then used, I mean.

And even when cutting, and the fact that fat burning is put aside for a few, wouldn't you still want the muscles to absorb the protein (that way they get some)?

02-12-2002, 06:38 PM
they'll get some regardless. if your muscles need protein and protein is available to be had...your body will take it there.

and the fat will get stored no matter what IF you are eating more calories than necessary. however....

well..time for the insulin lecture again.

insulin is a storage hormone. it's purpose is to take sugar out of your blood and put it away for safe keeping.

when you eat sugar there is a ride in blood glucose. this rise signalrs the pancreas to release insulin. insulin then hit's recpetors in glycogen stores and fat cells, opening them up to store this sugar that is in your blood and bring blood glucose levels back down to a level your body is more comfortable with. in doing this, it also prevents anything from leaving the cell.

now..the purpose of the insulin spike is to set off this storage mechanism 9quickly) so that whatever other nutrients are in the blood (preferably protein) piggyback into the cells along with these sugar molecules.

it can serve some purpose if your bulking i think....however when your cutting....nurteints that are necessary will get to your cells in due time. the drawback to insulin is that it stays in your blood (simplified explanation) for something like 2-3 hours after ou set off a spike.

so....you've jsut finished training...your cutting, you are already riding a metabolism high, for the next 2-3 hours that you can take advantage of calorically, but, you can't actually mobilize any fat to use for energy during that time, because you have insulin floodign through your system. you see my point? it's not very economical, imo.

02-12-2002, 11:37 PM
I don't think my hs biology teacher explain it half as well.. or maybe I just wasn't paying too much attention. Either way, thanks.