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12-03-2006, 04:32 PM
So I'm going on a new lifting diet... I'm going to be cutting from now until late in May (sometime near the 20th), and then maintain my weight but continue lifting. I'm probably going to end up starting up a new fitday to keep track of it (last cut, although a bit sparractic, lost me 60 lbs in 6 months or so).



2 Eggs (either in pita bread or with a little honey, like I usually have them)
Yogurt (mixed with fresh fruits)
1 glass of milk or water (maybe sometimes a fruit smoothie)


Can't really control this seeing as how I am at school, but usually it's going to be:

Salad (lettuce, tomato, carrot, with a little lite ranch dressing on top)
Baked Potato (maybe a little cheese on the top, other than that it's plain)

Snack 1:

Turkey and cheese sandwich on pita bread
1+ glasses of water
Small fresh fruit salad
Handful of cashews/nuts


Baked Chicken in honey mustard sauce
some form of bean or green
2 glasses of milk

Snack 2:

Banana and peanut butter sandwich on pita bread or baked apple
glass of milk

I'll usually drink a few glasses of water in between meals and working out. I'm going to HIIT before dinner (after snack 1) and going to weightlift after dinner. I'll also have gym class after I eat my lunch and we usually either play football, soccer, or lift weights.

HIIT will be on M/W/Fr and workouts will be on T/Th/Sat with Sunday being a rest day. As I last did HIIT, I have a 10 minute duration before I get tired enough to stop running.

Lifting will probably be on 2x3 and will probably do half of these at school and the other half at home:

Oh, and I haven't fully decided what I'll be doing so I'm just putting the exercises somewhere. I'll probably work legs/back tuesday, shoulders/chest thursday and work the rest saturday.


(BB) Military Press
(Smith) Neck Press
(BB) Upright Row
Curls (might do some reverse curls too)


Bent-Over Rows
Pull Ups (might go 10x2 on these)
(BB) Bench Press

Saturday (easy day since I'm usually busy every Saturday):

Weighted Sit-ups

Critiques or suggestions?