View Full Version : ground turkey?

12-03-2006, 05:47 PM
For you that eat it what do you make it into? Any recipes? Thanks

12-07-2006, 12:30 PM
meatloaf, burgers, tacos... anything that you use ground beef with. I have 3 turkey burgers a day smothered in hot sauce. I think I will make one now. *mouth waters*

12-07-2006, 02:28 PM
Yep you can use it just like beef, like in the hamburger helpers boxes. Not that i do that I hate thoughs things but you get the idea.

All just search the interenet for ground beef receipes thats what I do when I need new ideas.

12-11-2006, 07:20 PM
Just a warning, ground turkey gives most people nasty stinky farts.

12-11-2006, 08:30 PM
Hamburger helper or burritos are great with ground turkey.

12-11-2006, 09:09 PM
Me and my roomates made tacos with ground turkey on staturday and every morning since then i have thrown a crap load in my omlelets. I am addicted now!

12-14-2006, 11:42 PM
mix it with a box of stouffers stuffing and bake... turkey meatloaf... its one of my favorite meals, its like thanksgiving dinner all year round... well kind of haha

12-15-2006, 01:48 PM
I'm a fan of making tacos with it, but generally, like many have mentioned, you can just subsitute it for anything that calls for ground beef.

01-14-2007, 06:07 PM
As far as taste, I always found it was too much, but one thing that works well for burritos, meatloaf, etc is a 50/50 ratio of ground turkey and beef.

Just a warning, ground turkey gives most people nasty stinky farts.

Damn, that's what happened last week

muscle chic
01-14-2007, 06:10 PM
I mix it with ground hot peppers and tomato...yummy!!