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12-05-2006, 03:21 AM
Sorry, i cant seem to find the exsact numbers for this recipe. Each cup of salmon(baked) is supposed to have 32g protein/233 cal , and I figure I eat about 2 cups after all is said and done. This is something I came up with a while back, but its so good it wouldnt suprise me if its been done before.
1# salmon fillet
brown sugar

Place salmon in baking dish. Using fork, poke holes in fillet to allow lemon juice to get inside. Use your fav "salty" type of seasoning(I use a peperblend, its got parsley, salt, peper, etc... in it) and pour over fillet. Next take honey and pour it over salmon. Bake on 400 until done(usually about 20 mins, depending on size of fillet, important not to overcook the salmon or dry it out). Once done, melt brown sugar in butter and pour over entire fillet(start out with a light coating, its up to you how much you want to add, i like a lot). Cut into 2 servings and enjoy. Total cost for 2 is about 8 bucks at most.

I usually serve it with a baked sweetpotatoe and wholegrain bread w/ a big glass of milk. I actually took some pictures the other night when I made it, and will upload asap. The idea of adding the honey glaze came because in my experience, anytime you mix sweet and salty, it turns out delicious(no jokes please :swear: ) I figure the entire meal is pretty close to 800+ cals and 75+g of protein. I dont have the numbers so I cant verify(but will look into it more). Might wanna use fatfree butter and honey or whatever, Im sure my way can be perfected and made more healthy.
Hope someone gives it a try