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12-10-2006, 01:51 PM
Here we go...
I figure I need to start a journal to keep myself motivated. Alright...on with the current (read: weakling) stats:

19 year old male, 5'11, 135lbs (I swear I am built from bird parts). I have always been in pretty good shape. I do alot of freeride mountain biking so my cardio is quite decent, body fat is pretty much non existant (look at my weight!!) and I am built like a rail! I was never really uncomfortable with my size...but now I am starting to crave that extra bit of bulk. About 2 weeks ago I decided I am going for a total lifestyle change.
I am now currently eating 3000-3500 cal/day, I take in approx. 150g of protein/day and 2-3 liters of water. I am really limiting my supplment use as I seem to be able to get what I need outta whole foods. I am currently taking about 1-2 scoops of ON WHEY/day....but ususally I can reach my protein goals (seem like those are the hardest ones to reach) with whole foods alone. I am currently in Uni and I force down 6 meals a day.
I get plenty of rest (shoot for 8-10 hours a night).

After eating well and lifting hard I have really noticed that I feel GREAT! I have bounds of energy, I dont snooze in classes anymore, I just feel energized all the time!!! I am working out on the WBB1 and weigh in every 2 weeks, take measurements, and track everything that passes between my lips with fitday. I also track all my lifts weekly to make sure that I am progressing. Here are the current lifts (I dont have any 1 rep max's, as I have a nice little gym at home, and usually work out when I dont have my spotters around...I'll get some 1reps soon tho)...

(These are weights for 2sets of 6-8reps, also my bar is 15lbs....so add that to all the numbers below if you want the actual weight I lift)
BP - 90
DL - 70 (I know I can eaisly take that to 90...and today is DL day!!)
Squat - 90
Military Press - 60
Narrow Grip BP - 80
BB Curls - 50

These are just the ones that I feel were worth mentioning...of course there is alot more I do per day (the WBB1).

Anyways....enuff typing....back to eating!

12-10-2006, 09:29 PM
Wow. Shattered most of my regular lifts today!

I decided to really push myself hard! Even when I think I cant possibly take another rep, I just bit down and let er buck!
BP felt really light. I hit 8 on each set without much struggle so I'll definatly be upping that to 100 next week. Dips went up 5 lbs (I have parallel style bars and dip between them with the 15lbs attached to me) I am pushing really hard to get the 2 sets of 6-8 right now so will prob stay at that weight atleast till next time. Dead lift went up to 90 and still felt light...definatly increasing to 100-110 next time. BB rows went up to 90, and my shrugs when up 30lbs to 110. Will prob bring the shrugs up to 120-130 next time. Felt pretty light at 110.

What really suprised me is that I have made an approx. 1" gain on my chest, and a inch or so on the waist! WOW...after like 2-3 weeks "I" can notice the little things changing...really sparks your desire to go harder next time!

Anyway...back to eating for me

12-11-2006, 04:00 PM
Feeling much better today,
I was feeling a little shoty yesterday (no appite, low on energy)...but today it turned around. Felt pretty crappy for the morning so I was only able to scarf down a mulitgrain bagle and H2O. Got thru my lab I had to do today ( 90%...**** yeahh!) and then had my appite back with a vengence!!! Decided that my body needed grease and fat so I pounded back a couple of cheese burgers with bacon. ;) I'm only at like 1400odd cal's right now so I'll see if I can atleast crack the 2500mark. I feel like if I dont make my 3000 goal each day I shrink! Honestly...I have to limit my blinking! Stupid hardgainer ways......

I have a nice 1000 cal shake that I will prob throw back before I sack out (fueled by peanut butter, fruit, and milk), so hitting 3000 for today may not be that hard....I still have 6 or so odd hours left till sleep time for me! I really hate missing meals during the day tho!

12-12-2006, 08:14 PM
Leg Day,
Squats - light at 100

Hack Squats - light at 100

Leg Curls - only 10lbs increase to 80...may take another week at that before an increase.

Standing Calve Raises - 100lbs and light. Wish I had a machine for the caves. Currently just dead lift the weight and then put my feet on my calve rasing gimick. Works decent but I am limited to what I can deadlift...works for now tho...could probly go to 110-115 without to much fuss since I could crank out all my reps for each set....I like to be really really struggling for the last few reps!

At 2700 odd cal for today, will definatly be able to exceed my 3000 by sleep time.

Really pushed the legs hard today...stairs are going to be fun tommorow!:p

12-14-2006, 08:22 PM
Arm Day,
Nothing to earth shattering so I wont post specifics but I really pushed myself hard today! I remeber being back in highschool and struggling to bench what I now can military press! I decided to take a quick measurement a few days back to see what I have made in the 3-4 weeks and was stunned to see that I put a whole inch onto my chest! I put some size onto my stomach, arms, forearms (I notice those the most...they just feel stronger). Not much size, but enuff to measure.....still not enuff to really "see" tho...give it time, give it time;).

Tommorow is my last day for writing finals, then I can focus more on eating lots! Its getting bad now. I actually dont like sleeping in anymore since I miss breakfast! I am getting used to my 6+ meals/day.

12-16-2006, 12:56 PM
Well Finals are done!
With school outta my way I can really focus on eating proper for these next 3 weeks (minus NewYears.....think I can get my 3500cal from beer alone?:nod: ) Today is going to be as massive cheat day. I am having a massive massive supper, so I may not be able to get my 6 in for today.....more like 3....sleeping till noon kinna kills off breakfast meals too!:mad:

Back on the ball tommorow. Chest day tommorow so I plan on waking up early and really pushing myself these next 3 weeks. See if I can gain 2-3lbs.

One slight prob I am finding. My ON 100% WHEY seems to upset my stomach pretty good. I have been taking it with milk, a bannana, and some peanut butter (for the most) but have narrowed it down to milk+whey = sore.

Nothing major. Now atleast I know what is causing it and I can usually still force myself to eat even if I am feeling like crap. Only last a few hours after tho so I can take it.

12-17-2006, 06:59 PM
Back/Chest day. Was able to get my bench up to 100 (115 with bar) as of now 2*8. I think I will be reaching my goal of pressing my weight alot sooner then I thought! I can believe the strenght progress I am making! I have not made massive weight gains (thats going to change this month...more about that later). I have been uping the weight pretty much every week.

I finally found a combo of whey and mixer that is easy on my stomach and easy to down. I made some gainer brownies (PB, Oats, Honey, Whey). DELICIOUS! A 4"*3" brownie of this mix packs about 600-700cal and 35-40g of protein. Definatly easy to put 2 of those down in a day...thats a quick way to get 1300cal!

Going to go outta my way for these next few weeks to EAT! See if I can hit atleast 3500cal a day! Arms, forearms, chest, waist, everything is growing.....slowly but its coming. Trying to hit my goal of 160 by Aug....going to definatly need to eat more. As long as the strenght is going up I'll be a happy man.

12-19-2006, 02:47 PM
right on man. keep them calories up, bench looks good.

i'd like to up my calories but it's so hard when you're a vegeterian.

12-19-2006, 03:13 PM
Squat 110+ (need to increase weight)
Hacks 110+
Leg Curls 80 (need one more week at this weight)

I have been doing my best at eating and eating for these last few days. I definatly need to push my legs harder. I have been slowly increasing my squat weight so I could nail my form without injuring myself. Leg days are fun....but chest and arm days feel the best...soon I will love the squats as much as I love the bench....

I have been at abouts 3200cal for the last few days and been downing water like crazy! I have jumped up from 134 to 141 within about 3 days...its all water weight...but still feels good to see that scale move up for a change! Weight before I ate or drank this morning was 136. I dont really trust my scale all that much...but my chest size is up 2.5 inches from Nov. 25 and my strenght is increasing...so I must be doing something right.

I cant imagin trying to get my 3500cal in without meat! Definatly possible tho. I have tons of moose meat I have been eating lately...super lean, great source of protein!

12-21-2006, 05:51 PM
Was able to up my seated DB press to 1*7 @35, then 1*8 @25...really wish I had 30lbs DB's hard to make a 10lbs jump but my little split method seems to work alright. Narrow grip bench felt really nice @80, that can increase to 90 next time.
My french press seems to be giving me a little flack tho. I am fairly sure I am doing it right (I use my big hex weights, hold onto one side with my palms up, lower the weight as far as I can, then press till my arms are straight!)...seems like this destroys my tricepts! I felt like I could increase to 30ish...but after making sure I am getting full ROM on the press 25 did just fine!

Hammers need to go up, and my BB curl is on a 60/50 split like the DB press. Soon I'll be able to run the 2 sets with the 60.

Ate like a horse the last few days...weight is fluttering right around the 138-141 mark. Biggest change I am noticing are my shoulders! They definatly have more meat on them! Tri's also feel bigger....nice to lay on the floor and feel some meat to floor contact....instead of bone to floor contact.

Anyway....I need to go back to making my gainer brownies....I swear I am fueled by peanut butter and oats! Nothing like cresting 1000cal before breakfast is over.....and half that time thats just from the liquid portion!

12-24-2006, 03:34 PM
Back and Chest,
Bench is now at 2*8 @100...almost solid. I could prolly jump to 110 next time....well see how I feel next back day. Low incline DB press...I finally had to "engineer" some heavier weights...I now have 44lbs DB's....bar and weight locks are the extra 4lbs. Pushing really hard with these....I like it.

Deadlift is going insane! I am increasing every single week! I only at 110 now...but I'll definatly be going up to 120 next week....could prolly even make the 130 mark without difficulty...but I'll go slow, try and avoid hurting me self.

My dips are now at 20lbs+bodyweight. I think I may have either wacked my arm sometime...or strained something because it seems the tendon that crosses on the inside of my elbow is hurtin a little. Will have to see how that feels in the next few days before doing any more dips or skull crushers (they are the only ones that seem to make it hurt).

I am actually looking forward to squats on boxing day! Squats and DL's are starting to become my fav's! The increasing weights on those are more then enuff to motivate me! Beats the hell outta trying to catch sales in local malls! I'll squat thankyou!

12-26-2006, 12:02 PM

Starting Stats (1 Month Ago):
Chest - 32.75
Stomach - 28.00

bicep(R) - 10.75
Bicep(L) - 10.25

Bicep(R) - 12.25
Bicep(L) - 11.75

Current Stats:
Seated (relaxed)
Chest - 35.00
Stomach - 29.00

90 Degree bend (no flex)
Bicep(R) - 12.25
Bicep(L) - 11.75

90 Degree bend (flexed)
Bicep(R) - 12.50
Bicep(L) - 12.25

Midway (standing, relaxed)
Right Thigh - 19.25
Left Thigh - 19.00

Seated (relaxed, thickest)
Right Calf - 13.00
Left Calf - 12.50

I am kicking myself in the ass right now for not taking starting measurments on my wheels! The first measurments were taken back in the day when all I wanted was to curl and get big...aint gonna work like that. I would have included my weight...but it seems my scale fluctuates all over the place. Going to return it for a better one (prolly analog). Seems that I have only put on about 2lbs since I started, but I am assuming that is mostly muscle since my chest has increased big time, and my strenght has really shot thru the roof, but that is just an oppinion...I dont have a BF% to work with. I still cant really notice anything in pictures yet. Tri's and lats are definatly a little bigger, but most of the size is around my chest (prolly split with some girth on the bac, sides, and pecs).

Neat thing is my bi's have not really increased too too much, but the left is really catching up to the right! Prolly taking more of the brunt in things like MP's and curls.

These arnt massive measurments by any means, but its an increase from what I was at and as long as I can keep throwing on the muscle I will be a happy happy man. I am already excited at the progress I made...I am just excited I am making progress! So long for now...its squatin time. There will be another one of these on the 25-26 of January. Stay Tuned...

01-01-2007, 07:41 PM
Nothing to fantastic to report for the last workouts...was able to up the hammers, narrow grip BP's. Also able to up the DL...really really like the feeling of deadlifts now. Definatly feel it in the back (in the muscles...not in pain).

Ate kinna crappy the day of my back/chest workout and wasn't able to giver as hard as normal. Now with new years outta the way (Happy New Years People!) I can get back down to business.

Tommorow is leg day! Squats here I come!

01-01-2007, 08:27 PM
Your measurment increase is very impressive

01-02-2007, 02:28 PM
Thanks man, I think the arms may be a little optimistic since I couldn't remeber if I had them straight out, or bend when I first measured...so I just gauged it off the flexed size. Still an increase.:nod:

There is definatly no BS'ing on the chest tho! I am really suprised at the amount I have gained there. Anyways time to hit the iron.

01-02-2007, 11:46 PM
Squats felt really really good today. I made sure I went parallel with each one and am keeping my sets spaced at about 1min to a min and a half apart...feels like I am getting more outta the muscles. Figured out a way to set up my bench so I can use part of the equipment to work as a stop to keep me from hurting myself if I cant make it out of a deep squat. Now I can really pile on the weight without worrying about being stuck at the bottem of a squat.

Anyways...its late, time to sleep. Got just shy of 3000cal today (made a shake that I just couldnt stomach...nose plugged I still couldnt drink it...was a choco-rasberry-peanut butter-milk mix.....bitter rasberries made it taste like feet!).

01-03-2007, 08:26 AM
keep on truckin!

01-04-2007, 05:05 PM
Lat raises @ 15lbs solid now...adjusted my form a little and now I can feel them in the proper muscles.
Narrow Grip BP sitting at 90lbs...I cant just crank out 7,6 on my 2 sets. Increased to 90lbs 1 week ago so hopefully I can break 100 in a week or so.
60lbs BB curls. Man these feel great! I remeber the days back in highschool where I'd warm up with bench presses of 50lbs...
Hammers are up to 35 but that is quite the fight for me. Will prolly need a few weeks at this weight.

Ate like a horse yesterday and was able to clear 3300 cal! Ate a ton of carbs yesterday...just seemed like I was hungry all day after lunch (lots of rice, veggies, and chicken). I am going to try and eat lots and lots of carbs as they seem to really spur on my hunger without really making me feel stuffed (like fats do)!

01-05-2007, 01:28 AM
everything's lookin real nice man, you seem to be progressing faster than i am. aha must be the food though i've been slacking during these holidays, hopefully when school starts i'll get back on track.

keep it up

01-06-2007, 03:22 PM
Thanks exactly what I was thinking...back to school on monday where I can get my 6 meals and 3500cal a day! None of this sleeping late and missing meals deal!

01-07-2007, 08:51 PM
Another week, another increase
I was able to get my bench feeling better at 100 (plus bar = 15lbs). I will need another week at 100 but then should be able to up it to 110. DL has increased to 130 (+15 for bar...I always leave the bar weight out). Uni gets back into full swing tommorow. I have a nice 3500cal/day meal plan all set out and plan on sticking to it as close as I can untill summer time. I have been getting my 3000/day for the most part on vacation here...but I am doing it from noon to bedtime...will be nice to be up at 6 again, easier to break up my cal requirments.

01-09-2007, 08:16 PM
Alright! Back on track!
I got about +3600cal yesterday and will be pulling in at about 3500cal today! Now I am eating! Stick with this for a few months and I should definatly see some serious increases. Today was leg day, and is offically the day I ran outta weight at home :) . I will prolly start using the school gym soon enuff.....looks like they have a nice rack!

Anyway, squats went up to 130+bar, hacks felt fine at 150+bar...going up. I can only put 150 on my bar at home so its time to go use the olympic bar at school.

According to my sketchy scale I am at about 139-141...I just cant seem to break 141! I dont know what to set my goal at for the end of school. I was hoping to be up to 160-180 by Aug...and am I ever going to try and make that!

01-09-2007, 09:56 PM
Hmm are you using a standard Olympic bar?

01-10-2007, 06:49 PM
Hehe....I dont know what I have at home...its definatly an el cheapo 1.5" bar or something. I had some old school plastic weights and a whole stack of 10lbs weights (about 20plates or so). I will be using my school gym from here forward and then join a local gym once summer rolls along.

I mean I can only physically fit 150lbs on the bar.....it'll take more...if it was longer. Will be nicer to work with better equipment too...plus I got a few of my buds coming along (and guess what....they squat...going to have to introduce them to DL's tho) so I will have nice spotters.

Eating good today too! Already cleared my 3000cal! I still have a 800cal shake in a few hours to down!

01-15-2007, 04:28 PM
Chest Day,
Had to move my workouts to go around my school gym...but it is mucho nicer! I went nice and easy today for back day to get used to the new weights...plus I didnt want to get pinned under something...olymipic bar weights 40...that I remembered.

They have a brand new smith (shudders) but they have a nice old power rack that is free...all the time! I like it already. I have a nice corner where I can DL and squat with no waiting for anything. Very few people in that place are using the free weights so its a nice place to be :).

Wednesday is leg day and I am really going to kick my ass. Now with a nice safe power rack I have no choice but go for broke on my squats!

01-17-2007, 06:28 PM
Got up at o'dark thirty to get my workout in at school. Pretty much everyone is on a machine so its pretty sparse in the free weights area. Got a few looks when the tall skinny kid got into the cage to do some squattin.

Heres what we got for today:
Squats - up from 130 to 140.
Hacks - up from 160-170
Leg Curls - sitting at 85 for now....have to get used to the schools eqipment...way better then mine!

Calve machine is very nice to have! Can definatly feel it mucho more! Pretty fun negotiating stairs afterwards.

Still experimenting on what to eat pre workout to get some energy, and not feel stuffed. Went with one of my 800cal shakes today. Worked good, but I'll have to drink it a little sooner as I had a bit of a grumbly stomach on my last sets. Loads of energy tho!

I may try and up my calories to 4000.....I seem to be getting stonger, but I am gaining very very very slowly...I'll see if I can eat 4000 a day...I dont think I am getting enuff on 3500......we'll see.

01-20-2007, 03:45 PM
Week one at my school gym done! I pretty much uped all my big compounds by 10lbs or so....better equipment makes it much easier to work out with correct weights. DL's are going up, Squats and prolly my bench.

Went out last night....had my cals for that day....but with a little recovering today (:alcoholic ) I will be eating shy of 3000. Definatly not going to make or break me.:p

Drinking my shake a little earlier worked out nice tho...had lots of energy to work off, and didnt get a upset stomach. Cant wait for my monday DL's! Great way to wake up in the morning!

01-23-2007, 07:47 PM
Chest and Back Yesterday,

Bench felt way to easy at 100lbs....will definatly up that to 110 or 120 next time. Everything else felt really soild and smooth...DL are definatly feeling better at 140 now. Muscles are actually sore the day after....at least I know I am pushing them hard.

Still expreimenting with the food in the AM tho....I seem to get a little grumbly in the stomach (little light headed) in my last 10min or so. I am currently eating about 800cal about 1-2 hours before I lift and try to get 16oz of water in me too before lifting (I workout at 7am...up at 5am). May have to tweak what I am eating....gatorade? Looking for something that I can chug down to help ward off the ugly feelings.....maybe I just need more water. I'll have to experiment.

Went on a huge shopping trip to buy my bulking foods....aiming for 3500 - 4000cal / day. I am at 3100 as of this minute...and I have a 800cal shake to down before bed....I think that should do fine for today....considering my apparent maintence is like 2200. Wasnt gaining much at all on 3000.

01-24-2007, 07:43 PM
Today was one of the best workouts yet! Still experimenting with what I am eating before lifting...I found a large bagle, cup of milk, and scoop of whey, and 16oz of water makes for a kick @$$ boost and dosnt upset my stomach!!

I easily squated 140, and hacked 170 (hack squat). After the hacks and leg curls I had sweat dripping of my nose! I couldn't believe the intensity I could work at! Definatly trying this again on Friday to see if I have the same kick as I did today!

Just shy of 3000cal at the moment...but I have that lovely 800cal shake to knock back yet. I am really forcing myself to eat and eat now! Trying to come close to 4000 a day.

01-24-2007, 08:04 PM
Its almost that time again...measurments!

Last Month:
Seated (relaxed)
Chest - 35.00
Stomach - 29.00

90 Degree bend (no flex)
Bicep(R) - 12.25
Bicep(L) - 11.75

90 Degree bend (flexed)
Bicep(R) - 12.50
Bicep(L) - 12.25

Midway (standing, relaxed)
Right Thigh - 19.25
Left Thigh - 19.00

Seated (relaxed, thickest)
Right Calf - 13.00
Left Calf - 12.50

Current Stats:
Seated (relaxed)
Chest - 35.00
Stomach - 30.5

90 Degree bend (no flex)
Bicep(R) - 12.50
Bicep(L) - 11.75

90 Degree bend (flexed)
Bicep(R) - 13.00
Bicep(L) - 12.25

I am realizing that taking measurments every month isnt quite a long enuff time period. I will prolly move it up to every 2nd month. I am also going to have to use picture reference for my legs. "Midway" isnt a very accurate way of measuring (hard to find the exact same spot) and I am not going to see measument increases that are large enough to notice (my measuring technique has too high of a source of error).....from now on I will stick with chest measurments, arms, and waist....everything else I am documenting in pictures.

I have looked back at my pics from 8 weeks ago, but their isnt to much of a shocking change. My tri's are larger, bi's stick out more when relaxed, and back has gotten alot stonger (I feel some muscle covering my bird like frame..lol) but nothing to earth shattering.

Definatly sticking with my 3500-4000 cal requirments and kicking my ass in the gym. If I still am not able to pack on a pound a week.....I'm eating more!!!! Since I have started (9 weeks ago).....I have went from a dry weight of 133-134 up to a weight of 139-141....not bad....but I can do much better. I still have a negitive gut :p so I am taking on the new "eat what I see" diet approach!

See you in 2 months time.

Hit 150lbs by march 24th!

01-27-2007, 02:03 PM
Yep...my bagle milk and whey combo is treating me good. Lotsa energy and no sore stomach. Anways,

Military Press - 115 (its on a machine....:mad: ...prolly why its soo much higher!)
Seat DB's - actually dropped 5 lbs (to 30lbs) since the MP's really kill the muscles.
Narrow BP - is up 10lbs to 100.
BB curls - 60lbs...did a 55 this week...going to have to hit up the 60's next week...55's are definatly going alright (2*8 without to much shakin)

Back to eating for me....3500cal dosnt come easy when you sleep in...getting more serious now about what I eat....actually keep a container of peanuts in my truck...and one next to my bed....:nod: .

01-30-2007, 08:16 PM
Bad news,
Ended up ****ing up my shoulder pretty good on the weekend....so I am giving it a solid week of rest before doing any dips or Military Presses (I imagin they would hurt like crazy!). Felt like DL'ing soooo bad on monday....mehh.....tommorow is leg day so I can still do all of my leg stuff without stressing myself.

On a good note tho, I ate about 3800cal yesterday, and will easily clear that today....got more meat then you can shake a stick at here so I have been eating tons!!!

02-04-2007, 05:06 PM
Arm is feeling much better now. Had one of the best leg days yet on Wednesday and finally get to jump back into DL's tommorow! May sit out on the Dips for another week yet....I'll see what the 1st set feels like tommorow.

02-05-2007, 08:12 PM
Chest and Back,
Very soild effort today. After not touching my back for a week it felt really nice to jump back into lifting.

Bench - 100 up to 110
DB Press - Better at 40lbs DB's
Dips - 1 set...dont want to overdue the shoulder just yet
Deads - 140 up to 150
BB rows - 100
Shrugs - 140 up to 150

Really a nice workout today. Really upping my gripping strength too with all these lifts! Forarms were killing me after the deads rows and shrugs....definatly feeling stronger. Soon I'll be repping out my BW for bench.

02-10-2007, 12:46 PM
Felt a little off on wednesday so I decided to skip out on the leg workout...make sure I was feeling better for the next one. Seemed to work out fine and was able to get in a solid Arm day.

Got my Narrow Grip BP up to 100, everything else was pretty much the same...still favoring my shoulder a little. BB curls up to 60lbs...skull crushers felt kinna light at 30....I see a 35 pounder coming soon..tri workouts seem to feel the best!!

02-13-2007, 07:13 AM
Chest and Back

Flat Barbell Bench Press : 110 up to 120
Shrugs : 150 up to 160

My incline DB press also is going up 2.5 lbs or so next time. Prolly need one more week at my 100lbs rows...then they are going up too. I cant wait till I am repping out my BW for bench!

Been forcing myself to eat for the last week or so and have put on about 1-2lbs. See if I can keep the rate of 2lbs/week...back to my food now.

02-21-2007, 11:18 AM
Reading week as of now so I am not going to my school gym. Still lifting at home tho. Kinna funny as I only have up to 150lbs at home....4 months back I never thought I would see all the plates I own on my bar. :D :strong:

It was back/chest day monday and leg day today, but since I lack the poundage for my squats I will have to just deal with my 150lbs....better then nothing...back to the nice school gym next week tho.

02-27-2007, 08:50 PM
Back to the grind,
Started with a chest/back day. Didnt increase my lifts all that much since I just did a little light lifting at home with what I had for a week. Back into the swing of it now tho.

Still upped my bench to 125, and up the deadlift another 10lbs. Got a nice new power rack at my gym so I am able to DL in this one. Makes it a slight bit easier as the bar is about 1" higher off the ground when it is resting on the supports (as opposed to resting on the plates)..amazing how much eaiser it gets when its just a smidge closer.

Wheels tommorow.

03-01-2007, 07:22 PM
No Wheel work yesterday. Caught a bit of a cold or something (throat more sore then anything!) so decided I wouldnt push it and just eat well and try to kick the bug by the weekend.

Felt awesome today so I hope to hit the gym hard tommorow. Did make some new protein brownies tho...definatly taste just as good as I remeber them.:burger:

03-06-2007, 09:13 PM
Monday morning deadlifts,
Thought that my form may have been a little off so I dropped my weight by 10lbs to really watch my form. Once I remebered to throw the a$$ out and chest forward I was lifting with a nice straight back. Back to increasing again next week.

Dipped as low as I could go on the parallel bars....definatly feel that today! Kicked my a$$ really hard (plus lack of sleep and a proper breakfast) made me cop out early (didnt get to my rows :( ). Anywho, legs tommorow!!!

03-08-2007, 10:28 PM

Squats up 10lbs more
Calve raises up 10lbs also
Hacks...increase them 10lbs too :D

Very good workout. Had to go a little later on (11am as opposed to 7am) and the gym was way more busy (not my style) but I was still able to get in an amazing workout. Sticking with my early time tho, definatly like the no line approach to the mornings ;).

03-17-2007, 03:31 PM
Been working my ass of in the gym lately (I think I've missed all of 1 or 2 workouts since I started....only because I was sick). I can definatly say that I am hooked for life on this!

I havent been updating this as I update my little lift schedual that I have on my computer (just a text document) to make sure I am constantly increasing weight and challaging my lifts. Over these 4 months I have seen a noticable gain in the width of my back, size of tris, and legs feel bigger but without pics to base it on its hard to tell.

My back is really starting to grow now (pictures in the members picture forum) and thats just the motivation I need to try harder and harder!

05-09-2007, 01:41 PM
Still chompin at the bit,

Schools out and working commences. Was planning on getting a gym membership but decided I am going to use my home gym. Split is as follows:

Monday (chest/back)
Weighted Dips
Dead Lifts

Squat (ATF)
Hack Squat
Calve Raise

Friday (Arms)
Military Press
Lat Raise
Close Grip Dips
Skull Crushers
BB Curl
Hammer Curl

I had to make a custom Dead lift/ Squat bar as my older one isnt large enuff to hold 200lbs worth of plates (El Cheapo version...new one looks like it was made in Poland!).
I also dont have a bench so bench presses are out for the time being. I tired to hit the same muscles tho with the weighted wide grip dips so we'll see how that goes.
Just started my 1st week on this routine and am going to stick with it for 8 weeks and see what I like about it and what I dont...its pretty much the WBB1 with some slight tweaks to use what I have at hand.

05-09-2007, 02:18 PM
Nice progress so far. Keep at it. Eat, lift heavy, sleep, repeat.

08-28-2007, 08:58 PM
Well it has been a fun summer. Worked my a$$ off, made some coin and now I am ready to step back into the gym after my few month break. I wanted to continue to lift all summer....but I figured with a good long rest I should have more the double the determination to start back up properly....that and beer and parties seemed to creep up on my list of importance.:nod:

01-01-2010, 03:57 PM
A few weeks ago I picked up a kettle bell and it felt really good. Its has been a while since I was serious about the gym but that little kettle bell reminded me how good lifting iron feels...

December 20th I started lifting (I needed to beat the new years resolution crowd) and eating seriously again and I cannot tell you how amazing it makes me feel. I'm done with school, have a great job and now have the same motivation I had back in university to start lifting.

I didnt want to post here until I saw a change on the scale and as of a day ago my empty morning weight went up about 1-2lbs from a week prior so we are off again!

I am working out at home (newly purchased weight set) with the WBB1.1 routine, eating 3500cals/day (still monitoring...might need another 500 cal increase...I'll know in the coming weeks) and feeling great again.

Sadly my BW has dropped back down to ~130lbs. Thats unhealthy for my size which fuels my motivation. A simple goal for me:

HIT 160LBS BY AUG 5 2010

Thats a more "healthy weight" for my size. I want to beat that goal before then (my birthday), but its a reasonable goal I can achieve.

01-01-2010, 11:45 PM
Thought I would drop by, no doubt that you can get your goal weight.

I used to do alot of freeriding/dh racing etc as well but recently have gotten out of it, partially due to moving to a place with pretty poor riding and taking up powerlifting. Just sold my satna cruz v10 a few weeks ago, still have a pretty nice DJ/street bike though. Anyway, good to see a rider on here although i love powerlifting I think about biking every day. :D

01-01-2010, 11:59 PM
Thought I would drop by, no doubt that you can get your goal weight.

I used to do alot of freeriding/dh racing etc as well but recently have gotten out of it, partially due to moving to a place with pretty poor riding and taking up powerlifting. Just sold my satna cruz v10 a few weeks ago, still have a pretty nice DJ/street bike though. Anyway, good to see a rider on here although i love powerlifting I think about biking every day. :D

V10:drooling::drooling::drooling::drooling: I am lucky to live 15feet from a nice little ravine which lets me get my riding fix in during the summer months. I ride a Specialized bithit comp so its mostly free ride and DJ for me...although I am sure the bike will take more then I will.

Thanks for encouragement, also nice to meet people that know freeride is a style, not some beatnick way of transport. :hello:

01-02-2010, 12:40 AM
V10:drooling::drooling::drooling::drooling: I am lucky to live 15feet from a nice little ravine which lets me get my riding fix in during the summer months. I ride a Specialized bithit comp so its mostly free ride and DJ for me...although I am sure the bike will take more then I will.

Thanks for encouragement, also nice to meet people that know freeride is a style, not some beatnick way of transport. :hello:

The V10 was a nice ride. I worked at a shop so it was fully loaded. I was lucky enough to be able to get to quite a few cool places (north shore multiple times, nelson, kamloops, moab, and through socal). If I could go back to being 17 years old, having a bike that must have cost me $4k and a car I bought for $500 I would do it haha.

01-11-2010, 10:14 PM
Still working away with the WBB1.1 routine. I changed it up a bit so I could focus more on big compound lifts...doing lunges right after doing heavy squats wasn't working for me.

After eating 3800cal average for the last week I decided I need to up the cals to make my goals. I am more or less maintaining right around 3500, I will eat 4000cal this week and see where that puts me. I dont seem to have a problem putting 3500cal down per day...if I start the day off with a PB and honey sandwich, 2 cups of milk, and a bit of granola (200cal worth) it nets me nearly 1000cal and I have no issues eating it, add on a smallish lunch, a heavy supper (huge appetite after lifting) and a 1000cal bedtime shake and 3500 cal is a cake walk...I'll keep bumping up the cals until I see steady gains.

I also figured I better find a way to do squats at home so I grabbed 20bucks in lumber and fashioned myself a nice little power cage. Its nothing super fancy and if you type in homemade squat rack on google you'll see other have done the same. I need to refine the design a little more, but its more then strong enough to take what I can drop on it. A nice steel rack is much nicer to use, but I could not justify the cost for what is essentially a big strong box.:)

01-18-2010, 10:32 PM
Well it looks like 4000cal per day is starting to work...for how long I dont know but I am gaining! I am up about 6-7lbs from when I started (I now weigh in right when I wake up). When I was working out back in school I was weighing in after supper time so my weights were always higher. I have moved from an empty ~128lbs to 134lbs as of this morning...so I've gained about 6lbs in the span of 30days...not to bad considering I was slowly ramping up my calories for that time period.

I cannot begin to explain how nice it feels to see the scale moving back upwards!

I've also tweaked my routine a little more, I've dropped the sets/reps down from 6 / 6 to 6-8 / 3. If I can do 8, 8, 8 then I bump the weight up. If I cant make 6, 6, 6 then I know I've added to much. I'll run with this and see how I like it but I am always adding weight to the bar so thats a good sign. My squat weights are actually quite a bit lower then they were when I was in school...but then again I am doing full ATF squats now (in school I was going parallel).

Now I just need to eat, sleep and lift to break 140lbs! I've never seen my scale move over 142lbs so its a new frontier for me!

03-07-2010, 05:50 PM
Finally spring is near!

Still working away. Recently took a few weeks off for a little vacation time down south in the warmer weather. I tried to maintain my eating habits while away and was able to hold my weight right in the mid 130's. Now I'm back home, back to lifting and back to eating! Off I go to break that magic 142 number!

05-07-2010, 08:44 AM
Spring is here and I have become quite active with parkour now that I have found a good local group. I try and run atleast 2 times a week with the odd saturday thrown in...being that parkour is a pretty draining activity I have changed my lifting schedule again.

I run minor alterations of this 3 times a week:

5x3 - Bench
5x3 - Squat
10x3 - Pullup or Chinup
On wednesdays (or the mid week workout) I will swap in 5x1 deadlifts over the chins.

I have been neglecting my diet but the weight is still sticking to me, which is a good thing! I have been making nice linear progressions with all my lifts and now need to buy more weights!