View Full Version : My diet Today

02-11-2002, 08:54 PM
Imin wrestling season right now so i need a sufficient amount of carbs..im also trying to lose some body fat.

1 T flax
morning run
meal 1- 2\3 serving triple threat

Meal 2- 4 slices turkey lettuce and 2 carrots

Meal 3- Pumpernickle bagal w\ creme cheese. 2 slices of turkey
apple juice-carrots and celery in about 1\2 T of peanut butter

Meal 4- Orange and fruit cup

Meal 5-whey protien gatorade

Meal 6- 1\2 turkey sandwich 1\2 pastromi sandiwch

Meal 7- chinnese foodi rice chicken and milk.

Is all chinnese food bad? i figured it was because i consider ne take out food bad..ne way what do u think.. i didn;t bother posting every day because they are usually similar.

On days i have matches and kno morning practice i have 2\3 serving triple threarm 3\4 cup oatmeal in milk and 2 T of flax

If theres ne thing i could add or subtract from my diet let me kno...

i eat allot of turkey and cheese sandiwches. I recently tried to cut down on bread so i juts have the turkeyb rapped up.