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12-12-2006, 11:22 AM
Welcome to my journal , I started the WBB#1 yesterday after about a year of doing my own routine which did not seem to be giving me the gains I wanted. I was overtraining, with hardly any rest days, not a good combination. Anyways I wanted to try something new, so here we are. I am in day 2 obviously and thats a day off . That will be harder than going to the gym. Guess I will play a lot of video games today.

*Note1* I have been learning to play hockey(a lot of falling) and to make a long story short , one of my wrists is in poor shape. Any excercise where I have to push, causes pain when the wrists bends back, ie. dips, bench presses. I have been trying new grips and wrapping it , but have only found moderate success, work in progress I guess. So my numbers for chest are down. My normal #'s would be 210-220lbs for bench , L.I. BB. Press 75-80( haven't mastered the art of kicking the weight up to myself yet , if I do that will be higher as well), dips at body weight would be a lot probably 15+(normally would add weight, but because of wrist I barely could my body weight).

*Note2* Diet not nearly dialed in, the spaghetti I had blew up my Carbs a litle higher than I would have liked.

Flat BB BP______ 1x5,1x6 , 185lbs
Low Incl BB Press 2x8 , 65's, 70's
Dips___________ 2x8 , Body

Chin Ups_______ 2x6 ,Body (First Palm Out, Then In)
Deadlifts_______ 2x8 ,Bar, 95lbs.
Dumbell Shrugs__ 1x10 ,80's

My Weight (bedtime)__176.2lbs.
________________ % Macros
total Fat___49.3g____6.53%
sat Fat____9.7g
cal 3234
BMR- Maintence 2850-3163

12-12-2006, 11:38 AM
Here is a picture , It's in b&w because that's the only way I could get it to fit in the 100kb rule.

12-12-2006, 04:29 PM
I failed to mention any goals so here are a few.
Short Term
BP- 225lbs
Long term
Weight: 190lbs

*Never really have done squats except on a Smith machine or using dumbells. I can do 5 reps with 90lbs dumbells. So I assume using a barbell I could do roughly the same weight. Not sure what my max for 1 rep would be though. So lets say a short term goal of 200lbs , and long term 275lbs.

*Just started doing deadlifts , but mainly trying to get my form right before I attempt any serious weight. So I won't even throw out a long or short term goal yet.

*Just started back on creatine yesterday

12-12-2006, 05:23 PM

I am such a ******, finally figured out the picture thing.

12-13-2006, 12:31 AM
My Weight (bedtime)__177.2lbs.
________________ % Macros
total Fat___102g____13.63%
sat Fat____42g
cal 3464
BMR- Maintence 2850-3163

Rested today, it was tough not to do anything. Numbers for food intake look better, got more fat in my diet. Thanks to Natty Pb and some whole milk.

12-14-2006, 12:18 AM
squats (dumbell)______ 2x6 , 90's
Hack squats__________2x8 ,95,125 (learning form)
Leg Curls____________2x6 , 140lbs
Straight Legged DL's__2x8 ,135, 150 (learning form)
Standing Calve Raises_2x10 ,50, 65lb's (misread my sheet next time 4x10)

My Weight (bedtime)__177.2lbs.
________________ % Macros
total Fat___139g____17.97%
sat Fat____42g
cal 3821
BMR- Maintence 2850-3163

12-15-2006, 12:05 AM
My Weight (bedtime)__177.6lbs.
________________ % Macros
total Fat___141g____20.75%
sat Fat____62.5g
cal 3420
BMR- Maintence 2850-3163

*This might be a little..errr. "anal" , but I had 3 homemade cookies and some spinach dip tonight at a party. Not sure of the caloric information. The above numbers are without. Guessing I would have to say more fat and carbs than protein.

12-15-2006, 12:16 AM
Looking good man. Best of luck with your goals.

12-15-2006, 06:28 AM
Looking good man. Best of luck with your goals.

Thanks , I appreciate it. Well got to go , I need more food!

12-16-2006, 11:32 AM
My Weight (bedtime)__178.4lbs.
________________ % Macros
total Fat___135g____16.31%
sat Fat____52.5g
cal 3920
BMR- Maintence 2850-3163
31years old , 5'10" , 176lbs
- Fail to Plan , Plan to Fail

12/15/2006__ Sets__Reps__Weight
Narrow Grip Bp__ 2__ 6,4__ 135,150
French press____ 2__ 5,4__ 95,90

Barbell Curls__ 2__ 6__ 100,95
Hammer Curls__ 1__ 7__ 32.5

Ps. My Noob skills took over and I forgot to do shoulders yesterday. When I was going to bed I thought to myself, "when do I do shoulders?". Looked at The WBB#1 routine again and low and behold it was today that I was supposed to do them. Good Job!! Anyways I will have to do them today.

12-17-2006, 09:09 AM
My Weight (bedtime)__178.2lbs.
________________ % Macros
total Fat___127.5g____16.46%
sat Fat____53g
cal 3701
BMR- Maintence 2850-3163

MP Rack___2x6__135lbs
seated Db press___2x6__70,65
Standing lateral raises____1x8,1x7___20,22.5

12-18-2006, 09:14 AM
12/17/06__ Rest day
total Fat__119g_17.62%
sat Fat__44
Carbs__ 309__45.74%

Weight 178.6

12-18-2006, 11:40 PM
Flat BB BP______ 2x6 , 205lbs
Low Incl BB Press 2x8 , 70's
Dips___________ 2x8 , Body

Chin Ups_______ 2x8 ,Body
Deadlifts_______ 2x8 ,Bar, 135,155 (still trying to gain form)
Dumbell Shrugs__ 1x10 ,85's

My Weight (bedtime)__178.4lbs.
________________ % Macros
total Fat___110g____14.74%
sat Fat____48.5g
cal 3621
BMR- Maintence 2850-3163

* Had a good workout session today. Finally got my wrist wrapped up so that I could do decent amount of weight on the bp. Deadlift #'s can and will be a lot higher once I get my form where I like it. Have put on roughly 2Lbs in the week I have done WBB#1.

01-15-2007, 01:04 PM
Been about a month , thought I would put in some new numbers. I haven't really maxed anything out yet , however I am doing much more weight then I was at the beginning , especially deadlift and squats, which I really had never done before.

Bench Press - 210 x 4
Squats- 185 x 6
Deadlift- 205 x 8

New Short Term Goals:
Bench Press - 225 x 1
Squats- 200 x 1
Deadlift- 250 x 1