View Full Version : Pasquale's Anabolic Solution

01-10-2007, 07:48 AM
Has anyone tried this diet/book and what kind of results have you had? It seems like this would be the right kind of diet for me, so I'm trying to do some research and get some feedback from people that aren't paid to say what we want to hear. Built, if you check this post out, let me know what your thoughts on the subject. I know Dr. Pasquale is highly regarded in bodybuilding/powerlifting circles, but do the results back up the claim. I train for powerlifting, but would like to drop some unwanted fat in order to bulk up with a better looking physique. I'm currently 5'11" @ 245lbs, 19.5% bodyfat, so I was hoping to slim down to 215-220, and then increase caloric intake in order to bulk cleanly up to 230+. I lift in the 242lb weight class, and would like to keep it that way, as the competition is usually good. By the way if it makes a difference, I'm completely drug free, and plan on staying that way. Thanks for the feedback guys. Peace