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Don Birnam
01-14-2007, 02:23 AM
Well I just finished a full week of the Ultimate Diet 2.0 and I realize that to execute this demanding and time-consuming program effectively a journal might really help me out. Ironically, I've decided to actually take a week off from the UD2, but I can still use the next week to write about how the last week went and how I will be approaching future weeks.

About me: I'm 23, 6ft.7, about 230 lbs. and roughly 15% bodyfat (this varies depending on which crappy BF testing gadget I am using but it is approx. correct). I am in Japan right now for a couple months, so I figured it would be a good time to try out the UD2. I'm staying with a girl and she goes to work during the days so I have a lot of free time. She also helps me make food etc. so it seemed to be a good time to get this going. I ordered a bunch of supplements online, got some good foods and started last Monday.

Don Birnam
01-14-2007, 04:02 AM
2 major things happened during the week: I developed a nasty head cold late tuesday evening, which I "feel" was largely because of the severely decreased calories I was consuming. I'm still fighting it to tell the truth and the idea of starting up another low-carb low-calorie period tomorrow is definitely not an exciting one.

The other thing was I strained my elbow doing the glycogen depletion workouts, I suspect on the crappy chest press machine my gym has. In 4 years of semi-consistent weightlifting I never had a serious injury until now... and I never used anything but freeweights with good form. The first week I get on the machines and bam, I have this nagging pain in my elbow! I'm not sure exactly what it is but I imagine it's tennis elbow or the like. When I'm relaxing at home the arm is fine, but when I start a workout it gets quite inflamed and sore. I actually finished all 4 workouts in spite of the pain (good? probably not eh) and I found that actually the arm was fine at times when I expected it would be hurting, like on heavy DB bench press and shoulder press, and it hurt when I wouldn't really expect it would hurt, like bringing the DB from the floor to my knee and holding it there before doing the set.

My worry is this- What I hope is that I haven't created a recurring injury that will follow me the rest of my life. I used to get really nasty shin splints in my jumping leg that kind of crippled my b-ball and high jump careers. They started in Grade 7 and people told me I would outgrow them.... But every year they came back. What would happen is when I would start playing b-ball or high jump, the first times I jumped would feel fine, but if I jumped too much or over successive days, I would get the shin splints. And then it would be like 2 weeks before my shins were ok again. So I could play b-ball and jump hard on my right foot say 15 times in a night. If I played again a week later, no pain. But let's say I played again the next night and took 15 more hard jumps... I'd feel the shin splints by the end. Then for sure a week later my shins would hurt from the first jump... maybe even 2 weeks later. I also have a very similar thing in my right forearm- I can't bear any weight in the palms-up position. So I do pullups rather than chinups, and Hammer Curls instead of palms-up bicep curls. If I do regular bicep curls, the first say 10 will be fine, but after that I will have "broken the seal" and my wrist will hurt very much on every rep for a couple weeks.

All in all this was quite a tough week, just as everyone promised it would be. It was made tougher by the head cold, the arm pain... oh, let's not forget the headaches I had almost every day, and I NEVER get headaches. Although, that could also be related to the fact that I'm sleeping like garbage since I've been in Japan as well as the low-calories and low-carbs. Green tea did make those headaches better for what it's worth. I think future cycles of the UD2 will be a lot easier because my body will hopefully have adapted to it and if I can solve the arm pain and avoid being sick I think this diet is easily accomplished.

Other issues- I missed dextrose as a part of the diet; like Lyle says, over and above the supplements you can get everything you need from the grocery store, well, in Japan grocery stores don't sell corn sugar. I've gone ahead and ordered some online so I will be ready for it next cycle. I had to substitute other stuff for the dextrose... I tried 900 ml of grape juice and like 80g of gatorade mix as a shake to kick off the carb-load but I'm under the impression that is a fair bit sub-optimal. Other than that I hit the diet pretty much spot-on. Thursday when you're supposed to look like crap... I didn't really think I looked that different. And Saturday when you're supposed to look full and lean... I didn't really think I looked that different. But that might just be the way my mirror is, who knows.

What else... I took way too long on almost all the workouts. Of course this is somewhat expected when you are trying a new routine but I mean these workouts were insanely long. So I have to work on smoothly going through the workouts at a proper pace.

The gym I'm working out at here in Japan is kind of a joke... a tiny little freeweight area in the corner behind a sea of crappy cardio and weight machines. Japan is like 20 or 30 years behind North America in fitness I guess- these people do all the wrong exercises, I mean 100%. I haven't seen anyone do a correct, effective exercise yet. Dumbbell tricep kickbacks, quarter squats in the smith machine, behind-the-neck everything... you would expect at least 1 person to do an effective workout but I haven't seen it yet. The equipment is also shoddy- no squat rack, no bench press setup either! On my life, one of the most popular pieces of equipment is the old-timey contraption where you have a band around your waist and it vibrates: good workout (http://youtube.com/watch?v=96LkiRQDk38) They have a barbell bar, a shorter straight bar and an EZ-grip bar. I jerry-rigged a bench setup by taking all the bars off the little podium they are on except the long one, put weight on both sides (oh, you have to put weight on both sides at the same time or the bar will tip over), put the adjustable DB bench against it and did incline bench this way. I can't really do squats on this program... well I can, I just have to do them on the smith machine which I personally can't stand and I have trouble putting maximum effort on. Even the machines are a mess- I easily max out on most of them, like leg press, lat pulldowns... for leg press I have started doing one leg at a time. So instead of a full-body squat the best I can do for legs is single-leg leg press! Definitely less than optimal. DBs max out at 30kg (66 lbs.)! As you can see this reduces my options but I still believe I can "make do" with exercise selection and barbell exercises.

01-14-2007, 12:58 PM
Looks like an uphill battle with the gym. I'm sure you'll make it work and I hope it's not long term.

I've done UD2 for 7wks and the first was the worst and the last one was soo easy.

I super setted opposite body parts and it seemed to work really well. I liked the diet and will use it once I start cutting.

Good luck and i'm going to follow along forsure!