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01-15-2007, 03:11 AM

i started WBB1 today and thought i better start one of these so i can track things. bit of background, about 2 years ago i was a very unfit fatass, i started about 100kgs and through a mix of boxing, weights and running i got down to 75kgs - i started slowly bulking about 6 months ago and cut back the cardio to concentrate on weights - i'm currently 82kgs.

BB Bench - 10 x 60kgs, 2 sets of 6 x 85kgs
DB Incline - 10 x 20kgs 8 x 25kgs, 6 x 27.5kgs (my left arm only managed 4) - still trying to find the right weight on this one... i think i'll start next week at 27.5 and do less than the 20 on the warmup.
Dips - BW x 10, 11 & 8
Pull Downs - 10 x 30kgs, 2 set of 6 x 60kgs
Deadlifts - 8 x 60kgs, 2 sets of 8 x 90kgs
Bent over row - 10 x 20kgs, 10 x 40kgs, 8 x 50kgs (finding the weight on this one too, starting on 50kgs next week)
Shrugs - 10 x 60kgs

I look forward to sharing my progress with you, I'll see if I cant get some pics up soon. Any advice would be much appreciated.


01-17-2007, 02:27 AM
Leg day today, I didnt think it would be as taxing as it was. I have done plenty of squatting before but I'd never done that much leg work in one session, it was really good - took the dogs for a walk after I worked out for a cool down and I was exhausted.

Squats - 10 x 60, 10 x 90, 10 x 110 (concentrating on depth, I think I might go with only a 100 next week and try and get really deep - any thoughts on this?)
Hack Squat - 10 x 40 and two sets of 8 x 70 (I did this on the machine because I wasnt confident enough to try them normally yet, maybe next week)
Leg Curls - 10 x 25, 10 x 35, 6 x 45
Straight Leg Deads - 10 x 60 and two sets of 8 x 70
Calf raises - 10 x 40 and three sets of 10 x 55

It's the middle of summer here and I am whacked...

01-19-2007, 03:34 AM
Just finished my first week of WBB1 with arms and shoulders, the easiest day by far. I can barely walk, my hamstrings are killing me... i have done plenty of swuatting before but I've never targeted the hamstrings like the leg curls did.

Looking forward to next week, I know my weights now and can really begin to push it out.

im still 82.5kgs, ill have to eat some more next week

01-24-2007, 03:05 AM
Leg day today, I did chest and back on monday - was okay. I dont feel as sore as i did last week, which makes me think i didnt work hard enough i did the same amount though...

Legs were really good today though, I did proper hack squats and really liked them. kept the same weights as last week except for squats which i did at 100 and went right down - it was good but i think i can do more

01-29-2007, 03:20 AM
Been a little while since I updated, did another arm and shoulder day on Friday and then again on Sunday because I got cut off half way through Fridays session.

Today was back and chest, I upped it to three sets (2 x 10) and then till exhaustion for a change.

BB Bench - 2 x 10 @ 80kgs, 13 @ 60kgs
DB Incline - 2 x 10 @ 22.kgs, 15 @ 15kgs
Dips - 3 x 10 @ BW
Lat Pull Downs - 2 x 10 @ 52.5kgs, 15 @ 37.5kgs
Dead Lifts - 2 x 10 @ 90kgs, 15 @ 60kgs
Bent Over Row - 2 x 10 @ 40kgs (plus bar), 15 x 20kgs (plus bar)

I've been eating pretty clean, going to try and cut back on the carbs a bit. I cant really track it in fitday because my gf cooks all my meals and makes most of lunches etc. the only thing Im definite on is my Nitrean!

Feeling good at the moment, I am going to be sore tomorrow I know it.