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01-21-2007, 10:20 AM
Well we can all critique well but how about critiquing ourselfs? how does this look, just 225 x 3 on full squat (my hams are on my calfs trust me lol), 315 x 2 daedlift and 405 x 2 but it cut out the second rep, deadlifts were overhand grip.

i fly back kind of hard on the deadlifts but i was aiming for speed, i dont do that with 500 lol, at least that fast.


01-21-2007, 10:30 AM
squats look good stump! DL looks good too but try and keep your head up. i noticed u look down as you go down. I hurt my neck doing that before.

01-21-2007, 10:35 AM
thanks wow i didnt notice that lol usually look to the sky thanks man

btw sick lifts at your weight.

01-21-2007, 10:55 AM
squats look good stump. Deadlifts look good too but remember to keep looking up!

01-21-2007, 10:55 AM
sweet deal dude

01-21-2007, 10:57 AM
I think you are flying on those 2nd & 3rd squat reps too...
I know you are young and it was amazing in your 225x49 vid.. but I think if I bounced that fast in my ATFs, my knees would explode.. I know there are some OL coaches who say the bounce isn't bad.. but to do it every set & rep, I'm not convinced.

I'm also not staying to pause or anything at the bottom with heavy weight.. or to go extremely slow.. but I would slow down just a bit.

I think your first rep was good.. controlled on the way down.. explode out of the hole.

01-21-2007, 11:00 AM
sounds good bob will do, actually the first rep i got kinda messed up and hadda reset, ive gone just about this deep for 405 x 5 so i may be able to hit my 475 parallel goal for the meet.

01-21-2007, 11:44 AM
Form looks perfect on both. Except again, look up on the deads.

Other then that. Great job. I need to work on my squat form :(

01-21-2007, 12:01 PM
thx man work on it its very important IMO the most important technique to learn

01-21-2007, 01:27 PM
thx man work on it its very important IMO the most important technique to learn

I agree. Next to deads and bench.......squats are king to building muscle, strength and raw power.

01-21-2007, 01:28 PM

01-22-2007, 04:49 PM
anyone else

01-22-2007, 05:04 PM
I know the weight you're using is light for you so that may be the issue, but considering you were specifically THINKING about form execution, I would say speed control would be important. A nice, slow controlled down, preping muscles for an explosive yet controlled up. I realize powerlifting is going to be a little bit more "whatever it takes to get it up" mentality compared to bodybuilding, but that's what I noticed. Back looks great in both exercises, great control. One other thing I noticed was the extreme lean back on deads lockout, looked a bit awkward, but not injury provoking. Keep it up big guy, everything looking damn good.

01-22-2007, 07:53 PM
thanks jason, i know i leaned back alot because i was trying to pull fast haha.

01-22-2007, 08:39 PM
Good work man! You are unbelievably strong. Keep at it and I'm sure you'll be very competitive in powerlifting.

i may be able to hit my 475 parallel goal for the meet.

That's gotta be a record of some sort...

01-22-2007, 09:38 PM
the 198 squat record is 450 and i WILL crush it. thanks man!