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01-31-2007, 07:03 AM
As a new years resolution i decided to get myself back to the gym full time. i'm more of a lifter than a cardio guy. so January 1st rolls around and there i am at the gym lifting away. i end my workout and hop on the scale. 233lbs! whoa! what happened? i'll tell you what happened. i drank so much beer and ate so much ***** in three months... enough to gain 33 lbs!
ever since then i decided i will not lift until i reach my goal weight of 200lbs. so i've been going to the gym 4 to 5 times a week doing nothing but cardio / rowing / elytpo totaling about 40 - 50 minutes per day.
something else i tried was the "lemon aide" diet. i lasted 4 days and i actually felt good. i had to stop because i came down with a nasty sinus infection and needed to take my antibiotics with food. those 4 days were plenty. it was a good start to cleanse my system. i have also chose to give up meat. it isn't as big a deal as i thought it would be. i've been keeping a log of how many drinks (if any) i have per day and how much cardio (in minutes) i do a day. to say the least, i've been doing very well with the drinking and excersise. i'm pretty psyched for myself.
so my ultimate goal right now is to slow down on the booze, do more cardio, lose more weight! i will worry about the lifting aspect when i reach my goal weight of 200lbs.
i plan on weighing myself about every month or so to se how i'm doing. i will post the date and how much i weigh each month.
next weigh in will be friday the 2nd of February.
any tips, tricks, suggestions are welcome.

Thank you!

here's a rough guide to what my eating schedule is like

breakfast: 1/3 cup of raw oats mixed with 2 scoops whey protein and water

get to work: 2 cups of black coffee

lunch: veggie soup or a salad

gym time: 40-50 mins. cardio

get home from the gym: small salad

dinner: organic black bean borrito or a bocca burger with loads of spring mix lettuce

02-01-2007, 07:46 AM
i bought a weight / BMI scale from walmart at the beggining of the month. it's the kind that you step on. does anyone know how accurate these things are?