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02-16-2007, 05:50 PM
Iv been reading this forum for a little while now and would like a little help with my diet and calorie count. Im 5'7 152 with about 14-15% bodyfat (reading from a BF scale).

Four months ago I was up to around 160 after a short, and my first, bulk. I have for a couple months been trying to get down to around 148 as I train BJJ, and this is my weight class. I know this isnt a huge drop, and im looking to bulk after this. So I want to make sure im doing this more or less correctly.

For the first couple months I wasnt tracking calories and was generally screwing around but for the last 2 1/2 weeks Iv really tried to do this correctly and use Fitday, watch my macros, etc. However I seem to bounce around from strict dieting to 300 cals over what im shooting for. Iv seen my weight drop from around 155 to 152 so I have seen progress. Mirror wise I seem to be retaining my LBM. I feel stronger and lighter and a general well being. I do however feel like my recovery has been affected as well as being hungry pretty much all the time. Today I really went off the wagon and ate a huge meal as I was very hungry. Im worried im eating too low an amount of cals, but am not sure.

I used a calorie calculator at first that told me to get around 1580 cals per day. After reading this forum I know calculators are sketchy and one of the ways to get an idea for your cutting cals is to do maintanience for a week, average your cals, then cut them by say 20%. I need some advice on finding your mantinence, do you eat to satiety? Or find a general #, say 2300 cals, eat there then watch your weight for a week?

I am also looking for some criticism of my diet, and some advice on the amount of calories I should be looking for. I have been aiming for a 60/130/150 fat/carb/protein split. I am mostly vegan, while I supplement with whey and casein/milk protein as well as fish oil.


as you can see today (02/16/07) I kinda screwed up. while yesterday I feel was a very good day for me

any help is appreciated!

02-17-2007, 06:55 PM
The only way to determine maintenance cals is not gain or lose weight over a period of time. I would say eating for satiety would be the most logical way to do this.