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02-21-2007, 10:45 PM
Well, its lent...and i've decided to go back on the sweetass PSMF diet again...Actually I hate it but it worked so good for me last time that I can't resist..Other than the fact that I needed something to do for lent, spring break is also coming up and i need to look sexy so I'm killing 50 birs with one stone...sweet...

No, i've never read the book, but i think i did pretty good last time and I've gained alot of knowlege from reading up on other journals and such...

I go to school so it kinda sucks when it comes to being able to eat what I want but i'll try to take some some small stuff

I'll be trying to stay under 1,200 cals a day... I'll be using Universal Animal Cuts & Pak, some whey, fish, flax, and safflower oils..and of course solid food....It may seem like I'm throwing in a few more carbs than a regular PSMF but I practice hardcore for baseball 2 times a day...I can't wing it without them..1g/protein per lb

Lifting will be Mon/Wed/Thurs...heavy weight/low reps
I started today...plz critique..i think I did aight
Meal 1- 4 egg whites, 1 whole egg
Animal Cuts /Pak
2 Bottles of Water
3g Fish oil
Totals: 194 Cals / 42g protein

Meal 2- One can of Tuna in water (in between class)
2 bottles of water
Totals: 150 Cals/ 32.5g protein

Meal 3- 1 Cup of cottage cheese
2 bottles of water
Totals: 163 Cals/ 28g protein

Meal 4- 2 grilled salmon fillets (yum)
2 bottles of water
Totals: 200 cals/ 32g protein

Meal 5- baked cod from Long John Silver's
2 bottles of water
Totals: 120 Cals/ 13g protein

Meal 6- 1 Scoop of protein...
2 bottles of water
3g fish oil

Totals: 110 Cals/ 24g protein

All Together: 937 Cals/ 171.5 protein
****...the cals were too low...but i feel very full for some reason...it'll grow on me for sure...

starting weight- 195
target- 175-80...

good 1st day...I hope I can stay on this...keep me motivated guys!

02-21-2007, 11:00 PM
Thats alotta damn water. What is lent again? Please excuse my complete lack of knowledge. I know it's for a relegion.

02-21-2007, 11:04 PM
haha...its a 4 weeks period before easter...requires alot of fasting and no meat on fridays...im catholic btw...i dont know how many people celebrate it

02-21-2007, 11:06 PM
Oh I understand, diet looks good your trying to lose/maintain then? What are you going to do on fridays? Alot of whey?

02-21-2007, 11:09 PM
well, fish is fine...only red meat and poultry....but that does sound like a good idea...i will up the whey every once in a while for a change..

02-21-2007, 11:10 PM
Yeah id probably up the whey intake a little bit on fridays if you dont get as much protein as you do on a normal day, but im not really the diet master. Get built in here and she'll work it all out.