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02-28-2007, 05:05 PM
Well here's the deal. I AM A NEWBIE TO CUTTING. I have went from 215 down to 194 since November to now (16 weeks) I have been stuck at 194-197 lbs for the last 3-4 weeks,, I have been very strict. So i have started cardio 15 min 4x a week. I have cut out my sunday cheat days. I have dropped my calories 2 times in 16 weeks. I am currently at 1950-2000 calories a day!!!
132G of carbs

I recently cut out an orange and an apple on my last calorie drop to get to my current calorie intake. I often hear people preaching about fats on this forum??? I have kept my protein the same (219g) since i started the diet at 215 lbs.

My questions are,,,, Would it be alright if i cut some protein calories,,say to down to around 190g of protein instead of carbs???? I feel i am on the verge of losing energy if i lower carbs anymore right now,, until depletion time.

Or should i cut some fat calories which i haven't done of yet from my start of 215 lbs(56 grams) I do work a rather sedentary job,,,however aren't these calories kind of low??? I seem to have just enough energy,, my strength may at the most went down only 5-10%?

I do work a rather sedentary job,,,however aren't these calories kind of low??? I seem to have just enough energy,, Some people say ,,just do some more cardio,,,I say,, isn't this the same as cutting calories which are already low??? My current bodyfat is around 13-14% I am trying to get down to 178 lbs.

02-28-2007, 05:30 PM
Hit cardio first thing on an empty stomach. Your prolly gonna need more than 15min sessions. What kinda cardio are you doing? Your diet needs a little tweaking, your body adjusted but the cardio may bring it out. Have you tried carb cycling? 1 day no carbs/ high fat, 1 day medium carbs, 1 day high carbs/ no fat. I noticed you said depletion time, what are you getting for?

02-28-2007, 05:43 PM
The whole reason i am cutting is because i have become bored with just going to the gym and lifting. I needed some more goals. So i've implemented cutting and clean bulking for the first time in my life. It really has sparked my motivation. Basically i am just wanting to take some pictures to keep forever. That way when i'm 80 (hopefully) i can see proof of what it was like to be in shape "back in the day" I am currently just riding the stationary bike. I figured since my calories are already "seemingly low" i would start out out slowly.
I was wanting to do my own experiment with cutting bodyfat along with some carb/sodium loading/depleting along with some water manipulation. JUST to see what i look like lean for the first time,,, then do a clean bulk.

I do not cycle carbs,,, the only thing i do on NON-training days is eliminate a baked potato that i normally eat after workouts. I was hoping not to restructure my whole diet,,, since they say the "calorie is king"????