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03-09-2007, 08:32 AM
Hello. This is my first attempt at keeping a decent journal. I don't have time to update it with everything right now, but my general plan is to cut for the next 2 months, losing 8 lbs. I'll update once I get a chance. Let the cut begin...

muscle chic
03-09-2007, 08:37 AM
Good Luck !! Always good to see a new journal!!

03-09-2007, 03:39 PM
Thank you much. Ill start posting little tid bits of info once i get to the gym. Perhaps some pictures of me over the past few months. Today I am real busy getting some deadlines done, so I might be another day or two. Thanks for the post :)

03-10-2007, 12:37 PM
Just got done with my first workout since starting my cut yesterday. My routine is Bill Starr. I also just bought some nitor for the first time. I like it a lot more than thermocin. I didn't have crazy energy after taking my first pill like most people said, but i did have energy throughout the day, which was nice.

Anyway, here is how my training went today:
Every last set is a new PR (for deads + mil. press) for me since week 6 is where i set my 5 rep maxes to occur in the program, and today is part of week 7.

1: 70x5
2: 100x5
3: 125x5
4: 125x5

Squats were very easy, but i felt like i was using my right quad way more than my left. I think i have some flexibility issues to workout and also a few lagging body parts

standing Military Press:
1: 45x5
2: 60x5
3: 75x5
4: 85x5

military presses felt better than last week. i worked on getting my left shoulder more into the press by focusing on keeping the bar as straight as possible, and also by exploding the bar up. i also using a more narrow grip and kept the bar as close to my body as i could, which helped a lot since last week i felt i might stall in my pressing progress


deadlifts were ok... they all felt pretty easy, except my left knee would turn in slightly and i felt my right leg compensating too much. i took a more narrow stance towards the end which helped a lot i felt.
as i was taking the plates off from my last deadlift set, i noticed i forgot to put 5 lbs on the left side. oh well heh... not that big of a deal i guess

all in all, i was pretty pleased with how easy todays workout went. the nitor and the fact i started taking creatine again a few days ago probably helped a lot. the only thing i wasn't satisfied with was i didnt keep an even distrubution of load on my left and right body parts for some exercises. im wondering if its due to my flexibility, or if because a slight injury i had with my leg in the summer. the weird thing is the body part that got injured was my right leg, and it almost seems like my body has compensated and it is now much stronger than my left...

hopefully my body strength becomes more symetrical, because right now i have a lot of differences. my right lat is stronger and more developed than my left. same thing with my quads. my left pec is larger than my right... im focusing hard on trying to keep good form recently.

im going to try and keep a log of my protein intake to make sure i get enough.

pwo shake: 50g
brunch: ~20g
shake w/ fiber: 25g
half can of chicken: 35g
rest of chickeb: 35g

total thus far: 165g
my first weigh in will be monday morning. i figure i would let my body lose whatever water it will lose over a few days in the beginning that way i dont get huge fluxuations in my first few weigh ins.

03-10-2007, 12:45 PM
as far as future plans go, i want to cut for 2 months and then whever i am at, ill take a week or two maintenance break. i want try kelly bagget's no bull program that i bought for christmas over the summer. ill be shopping for my own food instead of eating cafeteria food, so im pretty excited about having complete control over what i can eat and planning out every days meals

im a tard in the kitchen though, anyone who reads this know of a cook book that has high protein recipes, possibly more catered towards weight lifters?

03-12-2007, 03:39 AM
5:30 am-weight: 169 lbs after a piss and eating 2 slices of bread
goal by 3/19: 168 lbs.

todays workout:
1: 70x5
2: 100x5
3: 125x5
4: 150x5
5: 185x3
6: 125x8
Squats went real well today. Much better than last time. I really focused on sticking my ass out as far as I could for the first time, and I felt my quads/hammys being activated much more. Only thing that dissatisified me was on the 5th set, the last 2 reps I found it very hard to suck in air. I think I need to strenghten my abs a lot more. I typically neglect abs since i have too much bf to see them, but now that I am getting into heavier squats, I see the need for strong abdominals.

1: 55x5
2: 80x5
3: 100x5
4: 120x5
5: 145x3
6: 100x8
Bench seemed pretty easy today. My main focus was
a) driving with heels
b) "air humping" with my hips (hehe)
c) keeping shoulder blades together
d) and finally, squeezing the bar
I am still trying to get my technique down, but these really helped me today and I am going to try and make them 2nd nature
Funny thing happened while i was benching (for me atleast). While I was resting, I saw the guy a few benches down from me failing on a set w/o a spotter, so I had to run over and get the bar off him. I did another set, and I look back over at the same guy and he is rolling the barbell off his chest down to his legs since he pinned himself again. His next set, he finally asked me for a spot:zipit:

1: 45x5
2: 65x5
3: 80x5
4: 100x5
5: 120x3
6: 80x8
Row technique seems to be my real weak point in all of my training. I've never really felt like I wasn't favoring one side or another and the lift just never seems to "flow" like i think it should. I recently switched to pendlay rows
I do mine a little different. I let my arms drop as low as they go and let my upper back bend. this is when i can feel my lat full stretched out. I then slowly start to lift the bar, and then accelerate it up as fat i can. this seems to help me distribute the work evenly to all parts of the body. although it still doesnt feel 100%, this way has felt the best for me thus far. I just need to keep practicing.


protein log:
pre workout: 10g
post workout: 50g
breakfast: 10g
lunch: 65g
dinner: 70g

total thus far: 205g

Hunger so far hasnt been a real issue as of yet during my cut. Nitor is very helpful in that department. I think I may up my dose to 2 pills in the morning, 1 in the afternoon.

03-14-2007, 07:43 AM
9:45 am
weight: 168.4