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03-09-2007, 04:51 PM
Hi everyone, just joined up. This looks a fantastic forum with a good atmosphere.

I discovered this site when i searched for chris mason, he posts on another forum i am a member of. He has submited some good posts so i thought i would see what else i could find.

Bit of background : Had some eating problems (still around to a degree) a few years back and got as low as 8 stone or 51kg (not a good look) after this i got into endurance sports for another while. More recently i have been into weight training, i have now got up to almost 80kg (still a long way to go!)

I have used bill starr 5x5, ABBH and now wsfsb's

My question is: I have become a lover of the OL lifts recently as my uni has weight lifitng platforms. I want to continue with some other weight training stuff too untill i get to a weight i am happy with. I am having problems setitng up a solid routine that combines both.

atm i am using Joe Defrancos westside for skinny bastards and finding it fantastic, best gains i have had so far have came from it! For this reason i would like to stick to the principles of this program.

here is one of my ideas, how does this look?

Snatch grip deads - work up to 3-5rm
BB lunge - 3x12 per leg
Reverse hyper - 4x12
snatch - 10x2

Front squats - 4x12
SLDL - 4x12
Step ups - 2x12 per leg
Cleans - 10x2

Jerk - work up to 2rm
DB Bench - 4x12
Chins - 4x12
Snatch from blocks - 10x2

Dips - 3xmax
Chins - 4x12
Rope pulls to neck - 4x12
Clean from blocks - 10x2
Military press (mabey??)

this may be dreadful, i feel like im going round in circles,lol. I know it would be better to stick to one goal - build my physique or OL lifintg, but i enjoy both and want to continue with the hope of eventually switching completly to OL.

sorry this is pretty long folks

all the best


03-09-2007, 10:41 PM
OLY is the way to go. I've had the most fun in my life doing OLY weightlifting. I got 4th @ last years school age championships (woulda got 3rd, but I had hurt my back a couple weeks before, so I missed the jerk, and I NEVER miss the jerk), and went to Junior Nationals. Couldn't qualify this year cause I killed my knee and couldn't clean.

Anyways, your reps are way too high, and you have way too many sets for cleans. If you want a workout you can pick and choose from my journal. Right now I'm in high school weightlifting season (bench and C+J) so things are a little different because of meets and stuff.

03-10-2007, 06:15 AM
Hi mate, thanks for the reply.

I know high reps are no good for ol lifitng but i have gained better than ever from 4x12.

As i said i do intend to switch to completly OL in a few months but for just now i want to do both OL and more bibng type stuff



chris mason
03-10-2007, 08:37 PM
Welcome to the board!


03-11-2007, 09:13 AM
thanks Chris.

The board seem like it has a friendly atmosphere and a good place to post