View Full Version : How many calories does it take to build 1 lb of muscle?

03-13-2007, 04:50 PM
So we all know it takes roughly 3500 calories to burn/gain a lb of fat, but what about muscle? right now Im eating around 3000 cals a day (have only been bulking for the last few days) and I believe my maintenance levels to be around 2300-2500 (on my cut I stopped losing weight after a while and had been eating 2300 the whole time so I assume my maintenance calories lowered to 2300).

If they are 2500 then right now Im eating 500 more which would put me in a caloric excess and so I should hope to put on some muscle. But its easy on a diet to estimate how much fat will be lost (eat 500 calories less every day which adds to roughly 3500 calories = 1lb lost a week) but how can I estimate how much muscle will be gained?