View Full Version : Mike Loves journey to 235

03-13-2007, 10:31 PM
whassup guys my name is mike, Mike Love for the ladies. I had a journal before but I wanted a new start. I have just recently started getting back into weightlifting after my senior basketball season and now have aspirations to play college basketball. I am 6-5 214 right now and I am looking to get to about 235 while improving my overall atletic ability as far as quickness/agility and all that. I am hoping to be in the 225-230 range by the start of the summer. I feel if I can achieve these goals while improving my overall basketball skill, I have a chance to make a big impact at whichever school I end up going.

I will start recording my progress after tommorows leg workout. hopefully I will also have some pictures. Thanks in advance for followoing my progress and feel free to offer some advice.

03-14-2007, 03:50 PM


Squat 205x6, 205x5

Dumbell lunges 50sx6, 50sx4

Leg curls 140x6, 140x4

Str8 leg dead 195x6, 195x4

Calf raises 110x10x3, 110x8

Notes: First day ive done squat without a box and they really kicked my ass. good overall session, it seems like I am seeing good strenth gains but Im not putting on any weight, just need to eat more .