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03-13-2007, 10:58 PM
hey guys i have a question about daily protein consumption.\
i'm a college student and boy i tell ya it's hard to eat those 6-8 smaller meals a day evenly spaced out. if i'm lucky i get in 3 meals + a scoop of nitrean per day.

i don't know the nutritional content of the food i eat at school so it's kinda hard for me to know if i'm taking in at least 1 g of protein per lb of bodyweight. i usually end up training at night (past 8:30 PM) due to classes + the fact that the dining hall closes so early, so i try to get a healthy meal in before.

my sleeping isn't that great either. i usually get 4-5 hours per day sometimes less sometimes more. i heard 8 hours should be the minimum but that's almost impossible for me to do.

i have noticed some small gains in strength and size (+ a ****load in fat :cry:) in college but they're not too great.

so my question is, how important is getting 1 g of protein per lb of bodyweight for seeing gains + improvement? also, is 4-5 hours of sleep too little and detrimental towards my training? thank you

my daily diet usually looks like this:

scrambled eggs
bowl of cereal + skim milk
sometimes a small amount of fruit

2 chicken breasts
turkey sandwich

2 chicken breasts
sometimes a slice of veggie pizza

*hit the weights*

1 scoop of nitrean w/ water

03-13-2007, 11:26 PM
I wouldn't say that getting 1 - 1.5g of protein is mandatory to gain.
It's a set standard to see the quickest most optimal gains.

I would venture to say your not eating enough as it is now anyways..
I have to eat 4000-5000 calories a day to gain any kind of weight...
What your eating on a daily basis now is what you should be eating on a cut.

and about the sleep yes...4 - 5 hours is not enough...
You want to be FULLY rested the night of any workout..

8+ hurs Id say...

03-18-2007, 10:49 PM
thanks Auddasea for the helpful input!

i am not necessarily trying to gain weight, i just want to increase LBM and shed BF% while trying to stay around 155-165 at the moment.

i am going to start adding in some small snacks between probably around 2 or 3 (140 cal 10g protein snack bars).

so if i count each of these tiny ass bars as a meal, that's 5-6 per day for me.

i am going to make sure i consume at least 160 g's of protein per day.

03-19-2007, 11:36 AM
You should buy some protein bars and stick em in your bag. That way if you aren't around a good food source, just munch on those.

I set my phone to ring every time I'm supposed to eat. If I'm more than 15 minutes away from food, I grab a protein bar from my glove compartment, bag, or desk at work and munch on that. It might be a full meal, but it will still keep your metabolism going, and adding to your protien intake as well.

I have some carb/protein bars too (CLIF BARs) that I'll eat about a couple of hours before my workout if I don't have a meal prepared or am out.