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03-16-2007, 07:15 PM
i will be doing my first meet ever june 9th of this summer for the USPF california powerlifting fed and am hoping to give a run at a state record and a national record. I also will do one more meet on september 9th( i turn 20 on september 20th) to try break those same records or to break my own records if im successful on june 9th.

I have some questions on preparing for the meet and some questions regarding bench shirts. in the federation im lifting in they allow single ply shirt but i only bench raw, so i will need to learn to bench with a shirt,will this help my max only a little and do i need a long time to learn how to bench in my shirt????

these are some of the records that are currently held and im a little confused on how weight classes are set up??

for the 198.2 lb class the bench record is 402.2
for the 220.2 lb class the bench record is 435.6
for the 242.2 lb class the bench record is 402.3

for the 198 lb class the dead record is 524
220 lb class record is 529
242 lb class record is 507

i weigh 208 ( ive got the stomach flu now so ill be lucky if i weigh 200 now...) and am assuming im in the 220 lb class???? or would i be in the 198 lb class and i can be as heavy as 220.1????

right now my raw lifts, no belt, no wraps, no nothing, i can bench around 350 with a pause, and deadlift around 500-510.. i feel these lifts will increase because i just started addressing speed work and started doing ME days( i was just doing bodybuilding type stuff up until the point i found these records out..

03-16-2007, 07:21 PM
you would be in the 220 class. you would need to weigh under 198.4 to be a 198'er