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03-20-2007, 02:58 PM
Hey guys

Here goes a standard story.

I need some advices / programs for getting in shape.

This is a quick rundown for my case.

At the moment I'm 6'1 and disgraceful 240 lbs.

4 years ago (18 yrs old) I was constantly playing basketball and some modest gym workouts.

Back then I had 198 lbs, but I really had speed and stamina, and I wasn't satisfied with my weight.

And then I got my drivers licence, job, well...just went in whole another lifestyle...

Which got me to current 240 weight.

My stamina is so bad I barely can last for one pick up one-on-one game...

I'm aware I need to start running, but I would also like to burn fat, all of it, get stamina, and get cut, if that's the right word.

I'm built medium thick, I'm not the skinny type but not a round mound type either.

I think my ideal weight would be somewhere about 190-200, and I will really strive for that.

I don't want to have a bodybuilders shape, I want to have athletic shape, since I don't need mass build up, I just need to define my muscles and look better...

So...enough with my talks...you tell me what to do...what to eat, what not to eat, when to eat, when to workout, should I just run or should I go to the gym (I DON'T want any extra weight on me, muscle or fat, I want to get down to 190-200 lbs of athletic muscle), should I use some L-carnitine or similar...

Much thanks to anyone that makes a input.


Mr. D
03-20-2007, 05:07 PM

As far as diet goes, start tracking what you eat on a daily basis on www.fitday.com. If you havent been gaining or losing weight with this, then thats your maintence. Take a 20-30% deduction off of this, depending on how aggressive you want to. (At your weight and bodyfat, you can handle a bigger caloric deficit) As far as food choices go, check out this link:


You should strive for 1/glbm of protein and 0.5g/lbm of fats. Fill the rest of your cals with protein,fat,carbs as you like.

LBM = bodyweight - bodyfat

03-26-2007, 10:28 AM

Well, today was a fresh start for me, since it's no use of starting "tomorrow" or "next week", I said to myself few days ago that I'll start working out this monday.

So I did, I planned to do it in the morning but since I got a lot of jobs to finish, I postponed it for afternoon.

I warmed up first, took some wrap foil and wrapped my stomach with it, and started with jog and then running...

Since I'm low on condition, I runned for about 5-6 minutes and fast walked for half an hour..

I know it's not much but It's important to start, I took this week for picking up the habit of running and then next week I should up the tempo.

Any ideas what should I eat, to keep my muscles and get rid of fat?

And do you recommend that I take L carnitine or something similar after or before runnings?

Mr. D
03-26-2007, 10:37 AM
In reality, supplements are not needed if your diet is in order. Once you get your diet down and if you still hit a plateau sometime after that, then consider adding supplements.

Your running plan doesnt sound the best.

Are you not lifting weights?Thats the best way to lose fat and keep the muscle and possibly even gain muscle since you are a beginner. Check out the routine linked above. For cardio suggestions, read this article (I would look into the sprints/intervals portion of this article) http://www.wannabebig.com/article.php?articleid=292

Did you read the article above about food choices? Please read this and make your diet with these foods using the intake requirements also outlined above.

03-26-2007, 11:06 AM
Ok so It's a must for me to start lifting weights...

This "program" isn't definite, it's just a way to get a habit of doing runs and working out, so I hope after a week or running I'll get my stamina a bit, just enought not to embarass myself in the gym :)

Mr. D
03-26-2007, 11:20 AM
Lifting weights will get you in better shape. Running is not neccessary at all.

I would suggest doing those workouts 3x a week, followed by a 20-30 minute fast incline walk (3.0-3.5 mph @ 5+ incline)

On 2-3 other days, you can peform cardio as outlined in the article.

Get your routine in order, get your diet in order, and it will all fall into place.

Give it time,patience and dedication.