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03-22-2007, 05:12 PM
Well im new here and saw that a lot of you guys had journals so i decided i would make one also i am pretty new to lifting an will be starting WBB1 soon to tell you a little about myself my name is Jameson and i started lifting last year around august and loved it every since then ive been wanting to lift all the time but then we went to the local gym signed up and all of that and after the second day i went there the lady said i couldnt lift there anymore because i am only 15 so from then on i have been waiting until im 16 which is only about 20 more days i bout a curl bar and 100 lbs in weights and have been doing what i can with that

before i quit lifting here were my max's ( i weighed 155 )

Flat BP - 190x1
Squat - 225x1
Clean - 135x4
Dead Lift- never done one before

Now here is my current weight and measurment:
Age - 15
Height - 5'9"
weight - 165-170

Measurements:in inches
Chest- 40.5 relaxed
Stomach(at belly button) 35.5 (i know im chubby) relaxed
Right bicep- 14.5 flexed
Left Bicep- 14 flexed
Right calve- 14
Left Calve- 14
Right thigh-(7 inch above knee) 21
Left thigh-(7 inch above knee) 21
Right forearm- 12
Left forearm- 11.5
Wrist - both 7 (wrist probably doesn't matter)

So theres my measurements and yes i know i need to work my legs when i first started lifting alls i did was my chest and arms so i have skinny legs (chicken legs) and when i can get back into the gym i really wanna work them and get my body looking more proportional. i will be doing WBB1 when i start again only 20 more days!