View Full Version : Phase 1 - no cardio

03-24-2007, 06:40 AM

Well, I am suppose to do(or was) cardio 2x a week MAX per my trainer......he said none, but I need a few for mentality....I skipped today and havent done it in 4 weeks.....what a slug.......cardio doesnt burn fat, it's does help the muscles recoop though....should I wait till 180 to do any type? I'm also training6x week, so it's more or less 2 crdio sessions....prob. worse, huh?

Last night , starving at 2am.......hugggge bottle of strawberry quick from the convience store and a entire box of fig newton...damn good....goota show it up today. You are doing no cardio either? How the f doe YOU stay so lean?

I got Bob evens in front of me, so while you sleep, I'm chowing on bzquits, eggs gravy and toast...arms tonight, then feast fest!! This is gonna succk! I need some EQ.....