View Full Version : Shooting Starr!

Jeff Roark
03-25-2007, 08:56 PM

Safety Bar Squats- 255x7x5, 1x10
Bottom Position Squats- 315x3, 405x3, 455x1
Bench Press- 210x7x5, 1x10
Rope Pullups(Close-Med-Wide)- BWx6x5, BWx3x3
Hang Power Snatch- 135x5x5
Incline Situps- 67.5x2x10

Good to be back to bangin sets. This is just a pre-cycle week. Dad I will use the weights above for 2 weeks before increasing weight. Dad hung with me set for set of the SSB Squats with 255lbs at 52 years old. We only rested as long as it took the other to do their set. The Bottom Position Squats were not on the plan but Dad brought my uncle along with him and he wanted to see them after Dad told him about them. I attempted 475 and broke it off the pins a few inches but my legs were smoked. I managed to get 6 sets of 5 on rope pull ups and was going to try for 9 sets but the 7th found me only managing 3. Doing these on a 2inch rope is tough. Power Snatches were good. Good workout for sure and I am proud of my Dad for sure. Also weighed 188lbs yesterday morning.